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08-17-22 03:51 AM
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Kaijin's a sandwich artist?


Sorry about the mass suckage. I know how that can be... most of my jobs have been no pay, and though I still do them, I still think about getting job with actual pay and where the employees are treated better. *shrugs*
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Holy shit. Kai works at subway.

Welcome to hell, eh? I'm a not-so-proud subway employee myself.

$6.40 an hour...yes, for all that bullshit. But if you think it's bad now..wait until you start opening/closing. Or opening..AND the same day.

Do they make you close alone? Hmm. My subway does. And open. Bastards.

Want to hear something that will make you REALLY sick? 7-11 employees start out at $7.15+. I have a friend at MCD who makes $11. Drive-through.

If you want ways to fuck over annoying customers, PM me. And those disgusting fat-free brownies/overcooked cookies to women WILL get you tips.

There's no shame in being a whore. With cookies. Even though, as a subway employee, you CANNOT LEGALLY ACCEPT TIPS.
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Big mistake.

As your first job, you really want to keep it for at least a month. It will look like crap on your next application that you only worked a week or two.

Try to tough it out. You'll appreciate it A LITTLE more once you're away from it, but look at the upside. You're getting paid. You get free food.

Uuuhhh... you get free food.

Hey, food is good. And Subway's pretty healthy for you. Just try to stick it out a little bit. The jobs you're more interested in (computer stuff and the like) will look at you more seriously when they see that you've held a job for longer.

Sorry I didn't stop by and bug you today.
Kaijin Surohm
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Ive been working my ass off thus far. Its gotten a little better, thought the Money is really not worth it ;
I'm looking for another job right now x-x.
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Dude that realy sucks. It will get better eventualy (or so I hope for your sake) Just think about the money, whenever you get pissed just remember the money.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 785/1852
Today sucked ass >.< First day of the job and everything goes wrong.

First, My manager never even gets me a Worker Nubmer so I have nothing to clock in and out with. Then she, and the assistant leave for some damn reason, and leave me with the most bitchy of women that ever graced this face of the eart! God >.<

I get throw into a mix of costomers, and my training starts at LUNCH HOUR. It was a fucking rush, and I had to serve people that I didn't even know how to help >.<

Worked 4 and a half hours, no fucking break, my feet hurt, and all my mom can fucking say when I first get into the goddamn car is "Wheres your Samitch"

No, not a Sandwitch, but a fucking SAMITCH. GODDAMN SHE PISSES ME OFF> >.< learn to talk Mother!

No, not "How was your day" or "Did it go well" its. Wheres the food! Fucking selfish bitch >.>
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As for my favorite sub place, Quiznos takes my vote. They have awesome combo's, and the way they toast the subs is just awesome.

Way too expensive though ... like, $8+ for a good sub.
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The working world sucks. But it's one of those little torments we humans have to deal with. Don't worry about it too much. Just do the best you can, just like with any other job really.

Pay attention, learn fast and work your ass off that's the best way to go.
Cyro Xero
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One of my best friends works at Subway. He's been there for a couple years now. I go to visit him from time to time. Congrats, and welcome to the working world. Unless you've already been introduced.
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*evil grin* hehe... I'm gunna come bug you every day. But you should have gotten a job at the Subway by the Walmart I work at, that would be awesome. LoL.

Congratulations. You'll like it for the first month, then you'll most likely hate it, but keep in mind it's money (Think ahead and save up to get away from your parents, which means opening a bank account and don't blow it all on games), and you get free food (even when you're really not supposed to, they let you anyway).

I kinda miss quiznos in that aspect. *thinks about free sandwiches, chocolate bundt cakes, cookies, and soda* Hmm.....

You needa talk to me about the stresses of working in a sandwich shop, gimme a call.
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I prefer the subs from Sheetz... but then, their hot subs aren't great. It's their cold subs that are really good. Thinking about them makes me hungry.

But congrats, Kaijin. Now you, too, get to suffer and become (more) bitter, due to the torture of dealing with moronic customers!
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I prefer the oven roasted chicken myself... it's so yummy with ranch on it!

Anywho, congrats on getting a job Kaijin, I am really happy for you! Bleed them for all it's worth and I hope you do a great job!

Just remember, don't let their sandwich sit there for 5 minutes and then go back to help them... the new chick at the Subway I was at on Sunday did that to me and I wanted to backhand her. Toasted sub was nearly ice cold before she even asked if I wanted lettuce on the damn thing.
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Congrats! I love Subway. Especially the sweet onion chicken teriyaki. It's like an orgy in my mouth.

Anywho, I hope you like working there. I've heard it can be annoying though. Good luck!
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 783/1852
Heheh. I have nothing else to do with my free time, so I plan on bleeding this job for 40 hour weeks. Weekends too if need be

And no, your not getting a free sub, lol. I'm going to do paperwork for the job in half an hour, and tomarrow I start
Posts: 2354/11746
Welcome, to Hell.

Well kind of, it depends on how you go about your job ...

Me? I like the money, so I've continued to work about 25-30 hours a week, even during school.

And thus, my freetime has been destroyed.
Posts: 567/1858
Congratulations. *Throws confetti*

The chicken teriyaki with sweet onion sauce is glorious.......send me one for free.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 782/1852

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