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01-26-21 02:01 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - It's Football Season, Boys!
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It's been a while since the Grey Cup ended. And can you guess who won? Probably not. It was the Eskimos. I could care less who won it, I like the Stampeders, but let Grey Cups be Grey Cups.

Posts: 563/3807
My response to the ending of that game:

*does slow no elbows or knees standing off couch*



*is weaing Vader Mask*

Damn Texas Rebels...The Eagles are dying.
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Last. Night. Cowboys came back from a 20-7 deficit with 3:42 left in the 4th, to win it 21-20 against the Eagles.

First, they got the ball down in their possesion for a touchdown. Making it a one possesion game. Then during the Eagles next run, Mcnab throws a horrible interception, where the runner (forgot his name =/) took it 46 or something yards for the winning touchdown.

The Eagles tried for a 60 yard feild goal, but came short. What a finish.
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Lmao. You're still. But you didn't answer my question. I'd look in hte newspaper for stats, but I don't know how to decipher them. O.O *sob*
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Whoop, there goes my "I don't like those guys" meter. The Redskins. Damn them. I just don't like them, naturally. I guess it just runs through. Also, their uniforms are ugly.

Not the best reasons to dislike a team, but yeah. And besides, they're a total rival to The Cowboys. Cowboys and Indians? Get it? omfg rofl
Posts: 525/871
Woo hoo!!! Go Niners!!!

How about hte redskins? I like them too. LoL.
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Alrighty. Cowboys are 5-3. They had a Bye Week this past Sunday. The Raiders, are 3-5. Oh dear. And as for your psychadelic Niners, they currently sit LAST in their division with a 2 and 6 record. They're tied with the Cardinals.

And there you have it!
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*sigh* I haven't been watching foot ball because of work. *cries*

Anyone want to update me on how the Niners are doing? Also, just for fun, Cowboys and Raiders, since we all know I love them so much?
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Terral Owens was suspended by his team. The jerk.

Cowboys had a bye week this week so I instead watched the Stampeders beat the Eskimos, making their way past them and getting in 2nd place. For those of you that are ignorant to it, I'm talking about the CFL.

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Ugh, I am an Eagles fanboy...and they suck this year.

My blood flows green, yet Terrell Owen, the injuries of Donovon McNabb, and the fact EVERY team got better doesn't help. We went TO THE SUPER BOWL, THE SUPER BOWL LAST YEAR. THat didn't happen in 20 years. And this year, we are haunted by bland mediocricity. It drives me and my cheese-steak filled corpse aflame with rage.
The Magical Being
Posts: 12/38
" The Vikings are like getting kicked in the nuts " Cyro I completely agree with you It's just to bad that they're your home team *laugh*
Cyro Xero
Posts: 979/1778
Well, I'm pretty sure they're doing better than the Vikings. I don't watch a whole lot of football as I mentioned above, but when I hear that the Vikings are doing bad it disappoints me. And right now they doing a bit bad. It's like when a guy sees another guy getting kicked in the nuts. It wasn't him that got kicked and he is not related to him in anyway, shape or form and can't read his mind and probably even hate the guy, yet he feel sympathy pains and grabs his own nuts. That's what it's like with me and the Vikings.
Posts: 423/871
I didn't watch the game, but I was informed niners won their game... who were they playing.. the Buccaneers? I beleive. Anyway. Woot. My team is like half suck, half ok this year. LoL. Typical niners for you, huh?
Cyro Xero
Posts: 968/1778
Thomas we let your silly little Vikings win . We felt bad for Dante so we gave you the game . Don't get your hopes up for this month . I'm sure the Packers wont be feeling as generous this time around . And if you want a bet ... bring it on honey .

Alwayz & Forever ,
Posts: 666/1555
The Dolphins are my team. ...We'll have a good year soon enough..

I"ll always be a dolphin fan at heart, because I grew up watching them every Sunday in this sports bar called Cirravellos in Long Beach.

All I have to say ricky run
Cyro Xero
Posts: 946/1778
Heh, I don't know if any of you are from Wisconsin, or if anybody watched the Vikings/Packers game on the 23rd, but man we kicked some major booty in the second half. Go Minnesota!!! We really turned things around at half time, grabbing what little points we could. And then the 56-yard field goal to win was just unbelievable. I'm not really into football that much, but that game was something I really enjoyed.
Posts: 16/639
Cheifs beat the Dolphins on the first NFL Friday night game 30-20.

Update: Steelers beat Bengals 27-13
Posts: 2319/11731
I stayed home sick today, and well the Cheifs are playing ... guess I'll probably watch it.

I can't rememeber who they're playing though.
(guess I'll find out)

I watched a little bit of the Chargers game last night at my grandparents, from what I saw there, Giants were getting smacked.
Posts: 440/2999
Dallas played the 49ers today. They won.

What was pretty funny though was Larry Allen getting pissed at Cortez for missing the extra point kick Confronting him and grabbing him by the mask.
Posts: 182/871
Hehe. I was born in Hayward, CA. Right across the bay from San Fran, so they're my team. My half-sis was born in Oakland, so it's fun to hate her team and bash on them. LoL. Yeah. I guess the Raiders are ok, but you gotta stand by your team, ya know?

Something about the Cowboys pisses me off. But they have hawt cheerleaders. *drool*

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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - It's Football Season, Boys!

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