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06-27-22 05:19 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Two close milestones
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Well I really like this message board so i'm going to posting in here for a long time to come yea but now we got to go for the 1,000,000 veiws. We passed 990,000 today! So were getting close.
Posts: 145/871
Yay! Well, congrats Syntax on the free pizza. ( I don't like pepperoni though, so I guess it's a good thing it's not my pizza).
Posts: 598/11900
And mind you, we've had to start over a few times.

Cheers, comrades.
Posts: 2285/11746
As you wished Syntax:

Errr ... yeah, almost every single pizza image I saw actually looked gross.
Posts: 176/310
Can you say 30,000 POSTS! OMG I WON. I got the 30,000 post.

I'll get proof

OMG 30,000!
Posts: 492/2724
Originally posted by XeoLord


  • We've been hacked before ...

Multiple times, I think... I should know, being framed for one of them (and damn, some people here sure are gullible)... wasn't there a hacking incident before that, though..? Erm, I think you mentioned one in AIM, Xeo, between MoD's problem and the recent hacking? Shoot, I can't remember. All I can remember is that this place has had too many problems to count, enough that most forums wouldn't survive, and yet because of your stubbornness (and the fact that we won't let you give it up ), we're still here.

Yay Xeo?
Posts: 171/310
What about if they already have a custom title. Maybe some free pizza?
Posts: 2282/11746
Well, I don't know ... any ideas?

A custom title I guess, if they don't already have one that is.
Posts: 170/310
Well it's bound to be higher with this post, so is there anything special for the 30,000 poster?
Posts: 2278/11746
As I see it now, we're at "29969".
Posts: 169/310
Well you can check the index page where it says "total amount of posts"
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 570/4539
I...used a calculator to add up the posts?

OF course, I wasn't able to count any of the staff forums for obvious reasons, so it could be only a few until 30000
Posts: 17/26
2498 posts? Where did you get that number?

With this post, it should only be 67 posts until 30000.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 569/4539
As of now, we only have 2498 posts left, and then we will have reached 30,000!

So, I must say that this is good work, almost all the sections have over 1000 posts.
Posts: 132/871
I'm happy to be back to be able to see this. Prizes for the 30,000th poster? Just messin'.

Congrats you all.
Posts: 568/1461
Wow, 30,000! How close are we exactly? That's a lot of post. It's great to see our board so active. I'm so proud of the board and everyone actively contributing towards it.
Posts: 2271/11746
Originally posted by T.R.O.M.
I've seen way too many boards die over the years...either they become inactive, or some idiot hacks the board just for the hell of it.

Well, not that it's the best thing to bring up, it's no lie that this place has had it's rough times ... more than once.


  • I've had server hosting issues in the past years, so I had problems with this and had to re-create (basically) this community up to 3 times.
  • We've been hacked before ...
  • I gave out special access to certain things a few years ago to a certain people, and that turned out to completely ruin Masters of Darkness (1 and a half ago)

It's not like this is an issue now though, really:

  • Good hosting (that I've had for over a year now). We haven't gone down / moved since.
  • Got a domain ( We've had it for over a year.
  • Myself and another admin make backups of the boards data, just in case a hack attempt or something flares up again, we wouldn't lose much.

So yeah, that's some history in a nut shell. But trust me, this place is / has been in good hands for awhile now.
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I've seen way too many boards die over the years...either they become inactive, or some idiot hacks the board just for the hell of it.
Posts: 2270/11746
Heh, and it's only been a little over a year. For a smaller community, I'd say that's pretty impressive here.

Congrats to everyone.
Posts: 14/26
30000 posts. Wow. I don't think any of my boards have ever had more than 300 posts.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Two close milestones

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