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02-27-24 04:30 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Random photos thread
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Originally posted by Rogue
OK, more:

Hahaha! Does anybody know how much that is?
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OK, more:

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Because this is simply too funny not to post:
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Originally posted by Elara
OMG, the Fluffy one was awesome! The traffic cam one... wow... that is sad. *snickers*

This is one of my favorite pics, all hail the sniper kitty!

Oh my God. I found this same exact picture on the internet like 2 years ago. I forget what I typed in but I got this. I didn't know anybody else had ever seen it. Its still sitting in my photobucket.

Heres one of my favorites:

I typed in "colors" in the google image search for an art project a year ago and this is one of the images that came up. Very disturbing.

And of course the Pinky Demon:
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Sent to us recently by the boss-man:

Hello Vader

P.S., I've turned off my layout, and deleted the code. So, if you still see it, turn off your auto-updating of layouts in your options (Edit Profile).
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Yes, this is an actual calendar. Each month page is a various naked, hairy man with his dog.
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The grandma is too drunk. She looks like she's constipated and smokes pot.

This is a good one to sabatoge MySpaces with.

Dark Luke
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Don Vito?
Master Naruto
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Um....too drunk? When do you know when to stop drinking?..... When you start to look like ....Don something off of Bam Margera. I forgot his name.
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Not meaning to double post, but these just popped up recently:

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This was actually found in Iraq:

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I Lol'd...thats all there is to it...
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Found these in a LiveJournal:

And then, out of sheer randomness:

20 Monkeys wearing Hats (and one squid)
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Hahah XD The good ol dropping the soap saying. That one made my day, lol.
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**giggles** Ah..a favorite pastime of mine...looking up pointless images. Lol, I love these picys you guys posted.

Handsfree cell phone...don't you leave home without it.
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lmao, THAT's great, Rogue. It's funny on it's own, but the fact that you can barely see the extra pair of feet... priceless.
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Hehe, just had to post this before I go out tonight.

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Something I made...
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Still think you can beat the heat?

(resized picture)
The Accidental Protege
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Random photos thread

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