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12-02-23 09:23 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - 4 Years Ago
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When this happened I remember being woken up and told about
it, but I was still half asleep when it happened so it toke
a while to really sink in. But once it did I found out
really quickly that it was a terrorist attack, no confusion
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Originally posted by Cyro Xero
but I plan to enjoy having it as a relic until then.

That's sick...
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Ah. Yes. That.

I didn't read all the comments above, so please forgive me if I'm re-stating anything.

I think they should just *excuse my language* Shut the fuck up about it already. People die in every country, things like this happen. Whoopdie fuckin-doo.

It's ok to mourn for a month or two, but for four freaking years bringing it back and rembering all the bull-crap is starting to piss me off.

*sighs and looks off in silence* I know it must be hard to lose people you love, but everyone has to go through it at one point in their life. So your husband got blown up in a plane-tower accident.... I'm sure mine will die in a car crash with the way he drives... but just because yours died in a mass killing?...

Ok, that last paragraph was pointless, but I'm tired and I have a headache.
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Originally posted by Cyro Xero
As some of you have already noticed, today is the anniversary of that so very special day.
I was thinking today, in the "discussion with oneself" kind of way. I think best in that way, and sometimes end up debating with myself, but that's not the point.

What made this day so special? The number of deaths? There've been worse. The fact that famous buildings were destroyed? It's happened before, IIRC. So what's so important?

It happened to us. And this is why we cared about it. Let's say that it happened to England... wait, something did happen there. Did anywhere NEAR as many Americans show their support? Nope. After all, they're not us, so they're irrelevant, right?

I had hoped someone would wake up and smell the arrogance. I just hoped it'd be us before our enemies. The various "America Bless God" stickers I've seen are gross examples of such arrogance, unless I'm simply misinterpreting them, and with a wording like that, how could it be misinterpreted?
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I was in fifth. When i woke up and saw it on the news, i just thought something along the lines of "Meh. Just another bombing.". Like most others, i feel sympathy. However i think it's horrible to value one person's death over another. I don't think 9-11 should be too big a deal when probaby that many people or more die per day. Like I say "All things are the same at death."
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I was in ninth grade at the time. I was in science class, my first class of the day, trying to catch up on some assignment or other. Some students had a radio on and they were listening to it. I wasn't paying much attention to the radio, so I wouldn't have noticed if they changed from music to "OMG LIEK THIS IS A SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN" etc.

But at some point, people were all yelling and screaming about stuff. They were trying to watch the TV news and get in the Internet. I wondered what the hell was going on. People were saying stuff like "A plane crashed into the Empire State Building!" "A Plane crashed into the White House!" All the wrong stuff, basically. It took a while for me to find out that it was the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that were attacked.

It didn't affect me much at all though, at the time. For all that class period and the next, we just watched the news on TV. I was somewhat offended by someone starting an organized Christian prayer in class, because I'm not Christian and I don't think organized prayer should be in a public school. I basically lived my life though, the emotional effect it had on me was non-existent. I noticed a change in the world around me though. A lot of people were affected greatly for a few days. The U.S. went to war once again. And don't even get me started about the Patriot Act. (Why do people always want to put Patriot Act in ALL CAPS?)
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I was in my senior year of high school the day it happened. My sister called our house at 6 in the morning and woke us up. I was the one that answered the phone. She told me to turn on the news and that terrorists had attacked the Twin Towers. I woke up my mom and turned on ABC. I watched the second plane hit live on tv. I felt bad for a spilt second, then I didn't care.

I went to school, not caring. I actually wrote this poem/song about not caring. We did no work at all that day in classes. Some teachers had the tv on and we watched the events unfold and talked about it. In our Civics class we talked about what we would do to the terrorists. After that I just watched everyone around me turn suddenly patriotic. It was sickening. It's still sickening. I see these people with flags and "God Bless America" stickers and all this shit... and those damn ribbon magnets for their cars... and all I can think of is "posers, you weren't like that before".

I was known for not saying the Pledge in school. I had to be forced to sign a contract to get me to stand for it on the penalty of expulsion. I have my reasons, but I have no respect for America anymore. That is just my feelings, and I don't feel like getting into them. Yes, I feel sorry for the lives lost at the WTC, but it's been 4 damn years, move the fuck on!
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I was in 8th grade. I had P.E. first period and we were all sitting in the Gym in front of a TV watching our principal anounce what happened and I was curled up in a ball rocking back and fourth freeked out as hell and sacared thet they were going to bamb my school (yes I was extyremely naive, especialy considering I live in the bay area about an hour away from SF in a little hic town). I was sad and scared, I still am, but I mourned for thoughs who died and let time take the pain away, as I have now done the same with thoughs who died in the huricane, though that has taken a considerably shorter time to recouperat from seeing as I no longer fear death as much as I used to and I have adjusted to the fact that somewere people will always be dying and suffering, all you can do is help if you can and then move on.
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I was in Grade Five when this happened, so me, with my young naive ways, didn't think much. I was disturbed at the images, but otherwise, I just moved on. Even now though, I've stopped thinking about it. It's never in my head, until of course, someone brings it up.

I'm just not too affected by the whole thing either. It was tragic, but it's been 4 years now. Time to move along the railroad tracks. It's different coming fro mme, sicne I'm in a different country, but when something happens in the states, it's an international event.
The Accidental Protege
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I thoguht it was a hoax to get everyone riled at first. When it was found out that it was real, I was like, "Oh. That kinda sucks."
I was not affected. I was sure that President Douchbag would drop the bomb on whoever did it. I was wrong.
Still... I am tired of hearing about it. Ok. It happened. You grieved. 4 years later.... it's over. Mourn for the hurricane victims (even though my time of pity and sympathy for them has come and passed with the first hour). I'm just sick of hearing about it. Call me insensitive, call me an asshole. I call it "moving the hell on".

@Shanan: In 20 years, everything will go wrong. The energy crisis will cripple the American economy.
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I remember being scared. We were hearing rumors of planes coming to L.A. and I was frightened. That night, I heard a plane overhead that was nearer to the ground than it should have been and I couldn't sleep.

It was a rather stupid idea for me to have. Who would want to run a plane into my house? (For the record though a commercial liner has crashed near my neighborhood, but that was an accident and a huge grisley one at that)

I've since looked upon the event as something that politicians milk for sympathy from voters and so on. It's really stupid how people are about it.

Yes, I know, time to look back with reverence, but are you serious?

Did it affect you personally?

Did you really lose someone?

I'm betting you were just a flag-waving trendy patriot otherwise.
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I was in 8th grade that years... Of course, whether I knew it "would happened" or not, I didn't feel anyone about the horrible feeling I recently obversed during that moment. Of course, that was when I finally developed a "sixth sense". A kind of sense that allow me to predict somewhat in the way for the future.

But my god... Man, I was like freezing like a naked man at North Pole. Then I felt a ton of unpleasant feeling, like it telling me that everything will go wrong. Well, not EVERYTHING but something will go wrong. And probably 3 days later, I got home from school.

So, while I was hoping to watch another cartoon, the news interrupted the episode of Pokemon and then I switched to UPN 50 to watch the Simpsons. They still display the same events.

While this was true, I just look and watched what happened. At first, I thought it was a joke. But when my mother told me it was real, I didn't care after that. I thought I was cold or something... Then I hated myself but I realized...

"That unpleasant feeling was a signal."

Yep, life goes on. Tough life event is bound to make you feel worse but... That's the way of life... You can always expect it to be cruel and it may sound cold, but it is a hard slap in the face. I kinda agree with Tamarin and Pockets on this as well.
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Like Tamarian and Pockets have previously stated, I too just don't care. Yes, its too bad that a lot of people died, but time goes on.
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I thought the pilot was just drunk at first.

The following copied from my reply to a similar topic at Acmlm's...

I won't deny that it was a major event, but no event is important enough to dwell on year after year after year. I mean no disrespect to those who died or lost loved ones, and their grief is understandable (if still a little prolonged), but life goes on and on until we die and if we keep our heads up our pasts it'll leave us behind.

End Copy-Paste

heh, one of my classmates was talking about the US going into anarchy, another was pacing around nervously, the teachers were silent most of the day... and I was just playing with the K'nex, building miniature spacecraft like I always did as soon as my work was finished - quickly, as always. After that, I had an unscheduled week off thanks to mom, which I spent none of worrying, and all of which I enjoyed. Really, like Pockets, I didn't care then and I still don't now. I mean, yeah, it's a shame about the deaths, but... hey, most of these self-proclaimed 'patriots' are also self'proclaimed 'Christians'. So why don't they just look at it as their loved ones going to a better place?
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I was a senior in highschool and I didn't care. Still don't really. I didn't know anything had happened till I was at school and somebody said that it was bombed and at first I didn't have any idea what the hell they were talking about.

My only emotion is being sorry for those that died but that's as far as it goes. I'm not proud of this country or anything. Americans really are pretty damned stupid. We kill each other more than any terrorist action, the terrorists just do it all at once instead of spread out over several months.

I think it's hilarious honestly that Americans go on about being patriots and being proud of their country and all that shit and it takes over 6,000 people dieing before they actually fucking ACT like it. Then they go right back to killing each other and stealing an rapeing and all the other shit people do to each other. Human kind on the whole is a lot like a cancer except cancer cells don't kill each other, just healthy cells.
Cyro Xero
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Sounds like you had it rough, Zero. I didn't think you'd be someone to react that way. You certainly don't seem like it.

I was at work in the warehouse of a hearing aid company (still employed there). I started at 8 a.m. and was going about my business when one our co-workers came out about 25 minutes later and announced to us that a plane had struck one of the buildings. I was thinking, "What the heck?" It sounded strange to me. How the heck would a pilot manage to fly straight into a building like that? Was it out of control? Was he an idiot? It wasn't until I watched footage on the news that realized how serious it was.

Holy crap! A plane had actually crashed into a building! How the hell did that happen? I thought it may have been some huge accident. Maybe there really was something wrong with the plane. Or the guidance systems. Then I eventually learned it was the work of terrorists. "Why?" ran through my head many times. Who would do something like this, and why? I went from office to office throughout my company to watch the different news broadcasts that others were viewing. A few people I knew were crying. I didn't know whether to feel sad or what. I was a bit confused. I went home for lunch at around 11 and turned on the TV. Just about every channel had been interupted by broadcasts of the crashings. I though it was bad, yes. However, I also thought that it was something that could be repaired. I figured, "Hey, they'll be able fix it. It may take a long time, but they'll repair all the damage."

Apparently not. I watched replay after replay, with different angles, of one tower crashing to the ground. I couldn't take my eyes off my TV. How could this have happened? Why did it collapse? A building is thousands of times heavier than a measley plane, no matter how big. So how did it collapse? I remember hoping, while staring at the remaining tower, that it would stay up. I was hoping that it would have the same fate as its twin. One tower is better than none, I though. I'd feel satisfied if it remained. Then they could repair it. Then it happened. I guess it was inevitable. The second tower came crashing down. I watched I as the very top disappeared into the dust-filled streets. I felt really bad. Two majestic towers were now gone. No more seeing them. At the time I wasn't even thinking about the lives lost, just the structures themselves. I didn't like it at all.

I saw various footage on the ground. One particular shot, which I never saw anywhere else, showed people literally sprinting up the street toward the camera. Behind them, a wall of dust and debri pushing itself in between the small buildings. It was like something out of a movie- the brown cloud rushed forward and one by one, people disappeared. Everyone had been engulfed, including the camera. It went dark and the transmission was cut off from there.
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Well, i was a sophmore in high school when it happened. I recently moved from nyc actually to michigan my freshmen year, we lived right down the street...well a few blocks down.... from where it happened, and according to my dad the building was destroyed but salvageable. I lived there my whole life, and my dad used to work for the big company that was lost in the first...or second building (cant recal teh name). I remember when i was 12, he took me to his office building for the first time, one of the toppest floors....the view was remarkable, you could litterally look on forever...

When 9.11 hit, i was in my english class talking about the Red Wings and their success for the current season. (the would go on and win it all). our school sheltered it alot, and cut the channels throughout the whole district, but our teacher was some 1337 hacker and put it up through his tv. I saw the second plane hit, and the first one fall, and i broke down. Everyone knew me as the "new kid" since it was my second year in michigan, and i immediatly ran out, and collapsed...I was later pulled out of class the rest of the day, and was basically the principal's aide for basically that day and most of the entire week. I didnt want to be social with anyone, because of how they were treating me...more or less like a handicap person because i lived there for so many years. I would have my homework sent to the principals' office and i would work on it there.

it was hard.
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(I moved this to General. It didn't seem that "Crazy")

Honestly I was just a naive Freshman when the event occured. Some kid ran into my class screaming "THE WORLD TRADE CENTER HAS JUST BEEN BOMBED!" I was puzzled to what the hell he was screaming about. His words didn't effect me because I had no idea what the WTC was. My teacher sighed and said "It's happened before" and went back to teaching class.

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I think that i might have the news paper that was put out the day after or something like that... I think that it's cool how there trying to do things to honor the dead and stuff... but I also think that they need to lay it to rest... I mean I turned the tv on like 2 day's ago and they had already started showing special's about it... I the more you bring it up the more bad feeling's are going to be brought up...
Cyro Xero
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As some of you have already noticed, today is the anniversary of that so very special day. What are your thought on what's happened since then and on the progress of various issues? What do you think of the Freedom Tower being put in place of the two towers? Please share anything that you have to offer.

I still have the Time magazine of the attack. I bought it at Wal-Mart only a couple days after the event and keep it in a plastic bag. I know one day it'll eventually wear out, but I plan to enjoy having it as a relic until then.
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