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01-17-21 05:09 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Kid vs Alex
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Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 698/1852
Schala quickly brought out both hands, and threw them up. Using her magical force, she gripped a large section of ground, and pulled up a 10x10ft wall.

The flaming earth shards slam into Schala's earth wall, stopping them on spot. She chuckled slightly as thi happened. She quickly placed both hands on the wall, and prepaired for a double wammy.

She forcfully used her magic to send the wall at Alex at blinding speeds, all the while moving her hands, and chanting, readying her next spell.

Suddenly, a 50 foot radius around Alex began to form. A Circle of teeth rose from the ground, in a perfect 50 foot radius. As soon as the teeth appeared, they launced up, revealing that they were connected to a massive Venus Fly Trap, that rose from the ground to a clear 100 feet.

Carnivore - A massive Venus fly trap rises from the ground. Its monsterous size makes it seem impossible to have been underground, and makes it even more difficult to get out of. Due to the fact it is made of magic, the Carnivore spell is acctually immune to fire, since it is not acctually a real plant, thought it will still try to crush the opponent, and devoure their life force.
Posts: 1055/-3459
Alex squats a bit, his legs apart, knees bent, and throws his arms out to the side. A square of earth beneath each of his hands rises from the ground. Alex claps his hands together, and both squares collide together and form into a ball infront of Alex. His right fist bursts into flames, the aura surrounding him flipping about violently. "HEEYAH" cries Alex, as he punches the rock hard enough to shatter it into 100 pieces of sharp jagged stone while covering each one in flames. The bits fly at Kid at high speeds.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 695/1852
Schala looked at her opponent, that fire spelling taking quite the effort to do. She smiled when he resembled Crono though, due to the fond memories she held.

Regardless, she didn't intend to make life much easier on Alex.

She waved her hand and chanted slowly, and shortly. One she opened her eyes again, her very aura began to glow a faint blue.
Posts: 1053/-3459
Alex's face switched from a cocky bastard to a smile that would get any other man thrown into a room with padded walls. Alex carelessly discarded his pick behind him and slammed his fists together. His guitar whirled around to his back, orangish red wings shot out from it, sprouting red vines which wrapped and intertwined to make a large net at Alex's back. The net moved through Alex to his front, to make some sort of a shield to defend against the flames, but that wasn't the case. On contact with the fire, the net filled Alex with energy, with heat. Alex's heartrate, and body temperature skyrocketed. His hair which was once multicolored, was no all red... ironically enough, it made Alex resemble Crono. Hendrix changed from it's Yellow and Blue coloring to a Red and Black. Hendrix spun around back to Alex's front, the net unwound itself and shot back into the guitar. Alex stood there the way he was before, and softly smiled, his turn spent.

Flame Enhancement-- Even the slightest spark could trigger this tech. Basically Alex steals some energy from a flame attack, and uses it to transform into his Flame form much quicker than usual (which normally takes a turn to charge) (can only be used while in neutral)

Form Switch-- Alex takes the form of a different element, boosting and

Flame Form-- Increased speed, attack. Lower Defence, Fire Elemental attacks, resistant to fire, weakened by ice.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 694/1852
Schala immediatly closed her eyes and began to chant, one see saw the dry ice mist.

She moved her hands on a few spirling motions, speaking an ancient chant, and only moments later, do the effects happen. The dry ice looking mist that was comming at her slammed into a wall of fire, and vanished due to the heat. The Fire then quickly spiraled around Schala, letting the infernal swirl about her at intense speeds.

The Tornado of flames became solid, leaving no visibility of Schala left, but Schala was not the problem, it was the fire. The Tornado quickly expanded, and only in a short second, will the tornado expand to the size of the arena, burning everything in it's path to a crisp.
Posts: 1052/-3459
Alex grinned raised his hand up into the air and brought it down, snaping his fingers again. A green pick labeled "Life's refreshing breeze." striking it down against a string on his guitar. A shrill screech rang out, a blast of wind that seemed to just fly out in all directions rather than whirl around in a vortex, blowing the mist away before it got a chance to turn into ice. Alex struck again, sending another blast of wind time freezing cold and visible to the eye, like dry ice, right for Schala. Alex stood there, holding his ground.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 693/1852
Schala had little time to react when she noticed Alex moved before the lightning bolt had time to attack the ground alex last was on when she chanted. She kept her eye on him while he flipped to the side, and she wint into motion.

She quickly jumped backwards when Alex began to throw the band, but unluckly, she wasn't fast enough, as the band slashed up her cheek, leaving a small cut up her right cheek.

When the band was still stretched out, she turned quickly, backing away from the weapon, and held her right hand out towards Alex. Quickly, a thick 20 foot shroud of mist formed around Alex. That was his only warning of an attack, for not a second later, it solified into a massive block of ice.
Posts: 1051/-3459
Alex grins big, the point on the end of the EsperBand connects with the solid rock "She" created infront of it. It bends and twists around flipping around his back to reconnect to the guitar allowing it to hang from him again. Alex switched directions, and cartwheeled around to Kid's right fast enough to dodge the lightningbolt (!), one handed. The EsperBand stiffened so not to allow Hendrix to be swung around. In this same motion, with his right hand the gray guitar pick labeled "Heaven or Hell" appeared with the snap of Alex's fingers. Alex shot it at Kid with a flick of the wrist at over 100 miles per hour, however it's light mass wouldn't allow this to 'cause any damage beyond a papercut from a manilla folder severe enough to draw blood.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 686/1852
She stood completly still, and kept her soft smile on, even thought Alex was looking her up and down. She knew full well what he was doing... It was no suprsie to her. She was use to it by now.

She turned effortlessly around to him, letting the cloak and hair glide around her like the wind. Her dull eyes seemed to competly contradict themselves, being dull, but full of life.

She had a good feeling along the lines of what Alex was beginning to do, when she noticed the belt strap begining to swing. So instead of worring, she brought her left hand up. A cluster of rock below her launched up from the air just in time to meet with the sharpend belt strap, deflecting the razor away from her.

She was whole heartly amuzed. She couldnt help herself, since her ego was carved from Kid. She brought her right arm out, as it began to charge up, and bolts of energy began to swarm around her hand. She held her hand up towards the air, her knuckles facing Alex, as her palm clenched her finger closer together, with them pointing up towards the air, like a drill.

She closed her eyes, and her smile left her face as she began to chant a few soft words of an unknown language. Suddenly the skies began to darken, and without another warning, a bolt of lightning instantly struck the ground from which Alex last stodd.
Posts: 1050/-3459
Alex tapped the pointless yellow spike of his hair as through it were the rim of a hat. In a matter of seconds he flipped his guitar from hanging off the end of his backpack to infront of him. The EsperBand automatically clicked itself from two corners flipping around Alex's back so Hendrix loosely hung from his shoulders. Alex stood up straight, his legs apart, turned sideways, his left to Kid. "Allright then..." He started slowly circling her, eyeing his opponet up and down, as though he was sizing her up, but in reality he was checking her out.

Without warning Alex flipped off the clip on the top end of the the guitar, the EsperBand straightened and stiffened into a sharp edge and point like the blade of a sword. Grasping the neck of the guitar Alex stabbed quickly at Kid's chest with the sharp tip.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 685/1852
She smiled softly as she turned around, looking behind her. She wore her blue dress, the one that clung to her curves, and had no sleeves. Her ponytail glided around her softly as she looked up, towards her opponent. Its been a while since she has seen a fight, not since she was defending her self against the Mystics... monsters... She brought her rought hand up to touch her left shoulder, making sher her cloak was still drapped around her neck.

She smiled once more when she noticed a resemblence on people she knew when she looked upon Alex. She was in for a few suprises, she could tell... Good. She needed a good challenge anyway.

"Whenever your ready, Alex" Her soft voice echoed forth, in a soft beautiful tone.
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