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01-22-21 09:28 PM
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(Oh sure...make me feel bad for SIMing with

Katana smiled, but that smile slowly faded as she too took a fighting stance. Without uttering a word, Katana dashed toward Shaddow, her hair flapping behind her as she moved gracefully, yet quickly. When she was close enough, she ducked down a bit and aimed a dropkick at her ankles.
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Shaddow quickly stopped moving, and blinked twice. "For... what?" said Shaddow, looking around the completely blank arena nervously. Shaddow with eyes half closed gave a disapointed look that just said, God damnit to the world. She sighed, the hairs on her tail bristled like a shiver that the rest of her body didn't seem to show, wished that she didn't go to Katana for directions, checked her gloves, and took a basic stance. "oh... right..."
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Katana looked over at Shaddow and smiled.

"'Bout time huh?" She says, nonchalantly. Gingerly, she brings her hair back to the back of her neck and pulls her long hair back into a ponytail, then allowing it to hang all the way down to the back of her knees.

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Shaddow, resembling Katana vaguely, except with Cat Ears, Black eyes, Whiskers and a tail, which was whipping back and forth angrilly. Shaddow peeved as she allways seemed to be had no idea where the hell she was which just upset her even more. Shaddow out of the corner of her eye far off into the distance spotted Katana, and made her way over to her.
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Okies...this challenge is open for anybody. I suppose this is more like sparring or something rather than an actual battle. So whoever takes the challenge, you've already won, cuz I suck at this...for now. So I guess this is kinda like training too I suppose...**shrugs**

Her boots clicked softly against the stone floor. The room was so vast that the clicks seemed to echo. She paused and stood dead center in the room. No walls could be seen. It appeared to be endless.

Gently, she pushed a long strand of jet black hair behind her ear, and then moved her hand toward her forehead. With a flick of her wrist, a long piece of her bangs was swished away from her eyes, revealing just how green they were. Her pale skin seemed to glow as she stood in the dimly lit room.

Crossing her arms, Katana waited as patiently, yet eagerly, as she could for her challenger.


Okay, I'm not setting any specific rules here or anything, other than the usual no godmodding and stuff. I actually want to learn something from this, so yeah...board rules appy here. Other than that...**shrugs** I'll talk it over with anyone taking up this challenge about any other specifics that may be added. Oh, and I request that you be patient! lol.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Practice

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