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08-11-22 02:55 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - You got a lobster and you got a magnet!!
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and guess whatt i did find this thread. All of these images may be used for for purpose of screenprinting i unforntunatlly dont have shirt on me or else id have all these shirts made for me.

yeah i did this all in paint so if theres tiny errors on allignments or gradients its cause i havent installed cs2 yet. I didnt insert test in some of these and some of these pictures could have text with them. but yeah...

random screens that can be made into tshirts form an awesome flash music video for a sweet song. ^mmm^
Van Rhanell
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I raked the internet a while ago and found (guitar + bass)tabs for it, but being I don't have a guitar right now I did it on my keyboard. Pretty crazy that someone would figure it out with that bad of sound quality. Sasuke_87 got a few screenshots of the flash and should post them if he finds this.
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WHAT the **** was that!!!!
I did not expect somthing that random...

And bunnys are NOT made of steel....

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That is extremely random and slightly funny but I think the most random and funny thing I've seen on albino black sheep is this.
Jedi Master Desroth
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Get teh sound to your speaka's fool, its even more weird with the sound on. Its a good thing I dont like Lobster (never tried it before, heard it tastes like a giant shrimp?) Or I would be scared to try and cook one ... I wonder if that is a real song though ?_?
Cyro Xero
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Weird. Good, I guess, but weird. Due to lack of power to speakers I couldn't hear the sound, but it looks zany enough as it is. Lobsters and magnets, huh? Weird.
Jedi Master Desroth
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This... Is... THE MOST RANDOM AWSOME FLASH EVA. You must be careful when cooking a lobster, they got a antenea, but dont grab it... OR IT WILL EAT YOUR EYES!!! *screams and hides* Nice vid,.
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*Headbangs til' the stars cover his vision*

Rockin' song, dude. Left claw north, RIGHT CLAW SOUTH!!!

*Starts giving out T-Shirts*
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I'm never going to put a lobster on a plate ever again... *cries*
Van Rhanell
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I've come to love this song, hopefully you will too.
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - You got a lobster and you got a magnet!!

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