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02-28-24 08:37 PM
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I think htey have a national minimum wage, which I think is like $5 something, and then a statewide minimum wage, which gets revised every year... at least here it does...

Kaijin, that sucks. But since you planned your schedule around it, AND you're only taking one class, that means that you can apply for another job. You should check out the temp agencies in town. They can find you office jobs, or labor, or whatever you're interested in doing.

Since i'm planning on quitting my job, we can go togther to look. I should not be sick by next Monday, and we can go after you get off school, or whenever. Gimmie a call and I'll pick you up. It should be less stressfull than job hunting with your mum.

Kaijin Surohm
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... I fucking hate life...

I didn't get the job... They just called, and said they didn't want to hire anyone else...

I even planned my fucking school schedule around this...

what the fuck...
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Hey minimum wage here is only $5.15 an hour.. so yall should feel lucky that you make that much... but yea.. you all suck!! lol j/k
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Well, don't feel so bad, minimum wage here is $6.75/hour... though I thought that the minimum wage was constant nationally, but whatever.
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Congrats Kaijin on the Job that is a really awsome first job. And later jobs will definatly look at that as potential. Well keep up the good work and make me proud.. lol j/k

Sorry to hear about the wages Drizzt that does suck though to know that. Well maybe people will be getting raises or something. Hang in there!! lol
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Well.... I thought we made about 8.00 bucks an hour but today. I was told that we're making minimum wage witch is 7.25 so yea...

What it is is a branch of the school district that send's people around to different schools and such to work on computer problem's and such....

right now we are in on lunch then we have to head back to south medford high school to finish setting up a few more computer's in one of the room's.
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Well congrats for both of you! Sounds like a great job, though what all do you have to do there... and what's the pay?

Just curious.

But yeah, and it is even cooler that you two will be working together. It's always fun to work with friends.
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Yea I started on monday.......

Like I said it's a fun place to work...
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**blinks** NTS...that's that thing that you work for Drizz? **is slightly confused**

Anywho....congrats Kai!! **glompage**
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Hey congrat's on that.... .It will be cool to add you to the team....

you'll like it there.

Kaijin Surohm
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Networks Telecomunications Services!

My first job! Gwahahah! This is awsome. I work my ass off helping my aunt move today, and I find out, when I get home, that NTS called. They want to hire me! I just have to head in to set up any time schedules they want XD

That's a badass thing to have for your first job. I'm pretty sure that any future jobs would be impressed to see that as a previous job =P
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