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08-14-22 01:42 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Am I crazy?
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Ashton just from knowing you yes you are insanly crazy

Let me tell you a story if anybody here doesnt know my friend
Everytime I see him, do you know what he does?

He goes in the room with his hood on and walks in the back of the room always circles around everybody and then just sits down, gets referals sometimes for being defiant

The funniest thing Aston has ever done was make a Pizza stane on the window of our english teacher Mr Knox.

I thought it was blood at first but then it was a pizza stain, it was either there or at is house I forgot,

but if you ask me my opinon on whether or not Ashton is crazy I vote he is!!!!!!!!
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 587/4539
*Votes crazy.*

Honestly, I could not do that. I usually don't even listen to music at all, but to go with it for 3 days?!
X Marks the Spot
Posts: 407/693
Originally posted by Evo
Anyone who listens to the same thing over and over is crazy. Yes. And annoying.

W00t! I'm annoying!!!

Although I think Rogue's lesbian neighbor has me beat...

You know what the funny thing is? It's that I'm still not sick of that song, even after having listened to it so much... That's why I voted crazy.
Posts: 1952/9719
I say maybe. However, not because of the music... you're just weird and obessed for that.

Rogue, it seems that everything you or your friends do pisses off that bitch.
Posts: 173/871
Anyone who listens to the same thing over and over is crazy. Yes. And annoying.
Posts: 242/327
Your not crazy... well ok maybe you are, but thats a good thing!! lol

I think rogue gets points just for having a lesbian neighbor, lamo!

I got yall beat on that some more, I listened to the Sailormoon music cd thingy for 3 sraight weeks while i played the first diablo game and used the beats of the songs to help me kill stuff... O_o now thats kinda crazy....
Posts: 38/109
The music doesn't surprise me. I've always known your crazy... YOU'RE ALSO ANNOYING AS ALL HELL!!! That's why I say before what I've said many times before:
I hate you Ashton
Posts: 6/30
I don't think your crazy, a little obsessed lol!
Posts: 379/2999
Listening to a song lots doesn't make you crazy, silly goose. You just like that one song too much. It will pass...hopefully.

*Skips away down a golden road firing off a toy lazer gun at thousands of Sniper Joes wearing party hats and paper ninja masks*
True Flight
Posts: 1044/5243
Nah you don't listen to the Chewbacca song for three weeks straight and TRY to get the voices down.
Posts: 543/11900
I got you beat. I listened to the theme from "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" for 2 weeks straight.

Totally pissed off my lesbian neighbor who finds anything but classical to be a waste of time.
Posts: 211/365
I used to wonder myself but sadly X is not crazy, he's insane!!!

There for I petition to add a Insane button.
Posts: 523/1351
Originally posted by Shaddow Flight
*petitions to add a "Fuck you" option*

He got my vote. And raises your hand if you believed this was a pointlessening votes in probably not-quite-so-good thread. That or shoot him with a AK-70.

And please, notes: Crazy people do stupid thing. That why we have a commerials for it.
Cyro Xero
Posts: 751/1778
Excel Saga, eh? Just acquiring it would already make one crazy. So yeah, I voted for you as crazy. Don't worry, I have the whole series. I'm crazy too.:giggle:
Posts: 350/838
yes you are crazy. But not because of the music thing, just because you are crazy.
Posts: 940/-3459
*petitions to add a "Fuck you" option*
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X Marks the Spot
Posts: 391/693

I've been listening to the opening theme to Excel Saga for 3 days straight now!!!

I have it set on my DVD player to keep looping, it hasn't been off once in the 3 days I've been listening to it, it doesn't even go off when I sleep...

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