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01-24-21 02:33 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Leviathan vs. Cairoi
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From the dark tunnels of the earth, life was born. But yet, people associated the beginning to those from the hieghts of the earth. And so, there is no better place to host a battle of these proportions than the home of the gods in the sky. On top of Mt. Olympus there is a shining white marble palace. It has long been empty, forgotten by it's majestic owners, but it stayed magically clean and holy. In the throne room, on one of the humongous steps leading to the throne lied Cairoi. He waited, watching the giant doors for his opponent's entrance. He smiled as he heard a sound. He must be close.
Cairoi moved aside his brown hair and listened for another sound. His left hand tapped the hilt of his sword, Diosu, which had the power of his demonic entity of Druza trapped within. He believed the sword would be able to assist him in his fight more than most. The whole time, he used his ancient Terramorphus ability to lift up a small rock of marble near his leg up and down, toying with it. He had a smile on his face that showed his eagerness to fight. He had heard amazing things.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Leviathan vs. Cairoi

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