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01-19-21 03:54 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Title fight: Drizzt vs Desroth
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Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 190/569
*As the darkness enveloped the field, Desroth had begun to move.*

Ill cut you down where you stand before you can hide!! THUNDER BLADE!!!

*As the darkness settled fully, the lightning on his blade crackled to life, lighting the area around him. He leapt forward and swung his sword, as the lightning extended out 30 M. The attack hit something, the lightning revealing that spikes of ice were carved in half*


*He landed, as he crouched to the ground to miss getting hit by the falling ice. The lightning faded, as Desroth peered into the darkness.*

Thinks: Hmmm, this again... Great, I wont be able to get a clear shot to him with my spell... Ungh, he is making this most troublesome... Oh well..

*Desroth stands up, as he stares through the darkness. His silver eyes piercing it, looking for the faintest tinge of power, any form of aura he could sense. He had a faint idea of where Drizzt was, but he wasnt sure.*

Thinks: It would be foolish to make a move here if there are more of those spikes around. This darkness must break his aura up or something, I wont be able to pin point him until he gets close or launches a attack... Hmmm..

OOC: Im standing in a small patch of non spiked land I cleared with the Lightning
Blade on accident.

DesEdit: Drizzt knows about what I took out. He changed the rules on the Orb thingy, making it so that NO light can be seen. I took out a small ball of flame no bigger then a quarter that I was going to use to follow his movment. The orb would float behind him and had absolutley no power to damage him or do anything to him. Please continue the fight.!

This fight is now over due to a 3 day post limit break. The following is the last respects to the opponent and such..

*Desroth stood in the darkness, waiting for Drizzt to attack, but nothing came. As he stood there, the darkness faded away, revealing the ice spikes, but Drizzt was no where to be seen. The dome slowly dis-engaged, as the ice spikes disappeared. A purple haze appeared around his waist as the lightweight belt re-appeared around his waist.*

Hmmmm, where did he go? Hmmm, no matter, he will be back sooner or later to reclaim it...

*And with that, Desroth turned and walked away from the field, and out of site behind a hill.*

OOC:Any mod, please declare the winner and close this, would you?
Posts: 215/1567
Drizzt looked at Desroth and smirked as the whole arena went pitch black. Drizzt had used his Globe of Darkness to completly take out every ounce of ligt in the dome that thery were in. Then Drizzt stabbed Icing Death into the ground and said a quick chant. The ground erupted all around him as spike's of ice came out of the ground. Each spike reached the top of the dome. The spikes came out of the ground about every foot. so now the arena is one big spike pit.

Globe of Darkness: a drows inate abilitie to create a globe any size that is pitch black and no matter what no one can see in it. in this you have to rely souly on your hearing abilities.

Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 189/569
*As Icing slid down the sword, Desroth made it disappear, and quickly leapt back. The blade had barely missed, but a small cut had appeared on his hand.*

Damn, that was good, I didnt expect a slice to the hand, ill have to remeber that next time.

*The ring on his finger glowed to life, refreshing him slightly again with new energy, which is what he needed. It would be only a matter of time before he could create the 2 greatest swords ever created.*

Now then, where were we, oh yes, I was next to attack, right? Hmmm, what should I do? Oh yes, I could do that.

*Desroth threw both of his swords into the air. They spiraled upwards, as he began to chant another spell. The two swords glowed as he chanted, as streams of energy appeared between them. As they reached the peak of their flight, they began to pull together, and as they fell, they kept pulling together. Desroth reached into the air with his right arm/hand, as the swords erupted into a ball of dark void energy. The ball hovered slightly over his reached up hand, as the hilt of a new sword came out of the bottom of the dark ball. He pulled on it hard, the blade sliding out of the energy. It looked almost like Arzul, excepting the fact it was a little bit longer, and was less jagged on the blade. It eminated pure void energy, as Desroth held it at Drizzt*

It may not have been flashy and such, but this is one of my greatest weapons. Back before I came into possesion of 2 of the Sol Swords, their was only 1 mighty sword. Its power was above all, and the whole demon world feared its great power. The one who possesed it ruled with a maniacal rage, and was known to obliterate entire demon cities without a single thought. The demon world revolted, and in the ensueing war, the ruler was destroyed, and the sword was left to be dealt with. It was to unsafe to keep it around, they knew if it fell into the wrong hands, it would destroy all hope of a free demon world. They took the sword, and in a secret ritual, they broke the sword's power into 3 fragments. Each fragment had varying degrees of power, and they were each given a name. The Dark Sol Sword was the weakest of the 3, but by no means was it not strong. Arzul was the second strongest, and the final sword was lost eons ago, the name removed from every piece of scripture and writings. These swords all share one commom bond, they can fuse back with the others, creating a even greater weapon then using the 2 seperatley. This sword happens to be called Arzol, and it has more then the combined power of both the Dark Sol and Arzul swords put together seperatley. This is but 1 of 2 swords I can call forward to use, the other one will take a little more time to bring forward, so youll wait to see that one. Now then, you can make your next move, im waiting.
Posts: 204/1567
As Desroth's Sol Sword came down Drizzt dodged to the left missing his slash. Then taking twinkle and blocking the next attack to his head. When the Dark Sol Sword came at him he perry'd with Icing Death. Using the curved edge of Icing Death Drizzt slid it down the Dark Sol Sword's blade attempting to cut at Desroth's wrist. Second's after Drizzt hops back 2 ft away from Desroth with his blades at the ready.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 185/569
Your right, I can get it back easy, but I wasnt really that concerned with getting it back from you... That would be a simple thing, but I was trying to give you something to counter my newest sword I can create... But eh, doesnt matter to me..

*With a flick of his wrist, the sword disappeared and re-appeared in his hand. As it did, he saw Drizzt was throwing the knife, running straight towards him. He held up his arm, and blocked the knife with his sleeve. It went into the fabric, but somehow not all the way. It fell out and clanked on the ground.*

Now then, for Drizzt

*Desroth brought his Sol Sword down, dashed straight at Drizzt, covering the 6ft gap. He brought his Arzul around as he used his right foot to spin around and slash down at Drizzts head as if he was going to decapitate him. He used his Dark Sol Sword to balance himself in the spin, but while he was spinning, the Dark Sol Sword came around, aiming to slice him in half if it hit.*
Posts: 202/1567
Knowing full well that if Desroth wanted his sword back he could get it really easily Drizzt just left it there, making sure to keep an eye on it just in case. He then started to run twords desroth as he let the dome disapear around him. When he was about 10 ft away from Desroth he sheathed Twinkle and pulled a small throwing knife out of his belt and threw it quick as lightning at desroths face while still running. once the dager was out of his hand he drew Twinkle once again.

(ooc: Drizzt is still about 6 ft away from Desroth.)
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 184/569
*Desroth's ring glowed as he was rejuvantaed slightly again, his power was almost back to 3/4, a little over half.. It was alot, but if he wasted it away, he would be put in a horrible position in the long run.*

Hmmm, it seems you still want to fight even though you are weakened... Fine then, lets go.

*Desroth dashed across the gap, towards Drizzt, his Dark Sol Sword appeared in his other hand. His arm drifted down, so the sword was low to the ground. As he was within 10 feet, the Dark Sol Sword hit the bottom of the dome. It must have snagged onto a abnormality in the bottom of the dome. The sword slipped out of his grasp as he brought his right foot down and forced himself off course and slid acorss the bottom of the dome. He stopped about 50 feet from Drizzt, while his Dark Sol Sword slid to Drizzt's feet.*


*He stood up, and looked over at Drizzt, and the sword at his feet. He wondered what exactly Drizzt would do with it, whatever would happen, it wouldnt be good for Desroth or for both...*

Damnit... I guess this little blunder will make you the one who gets the attack..
Posts: 190/1567
Drizzt saw the disapointment in Desroth's face as he came out of the dust. When Desroth finished talking Drizzt pulled a small vial out from under his belt. He brought it up and pulled the cork out with his teeth then imidiatly he swallowed the contents. The cut on the side of his face slowly started to close and heal.

Drizzt let out a small sigh of releif as he felt part of his strength returning. But sadly not all of it would. The extra little strength would help him in the long run.

Once Drizzt felt that he wasnt going to get anymore energy he tossed the vile away and looked straight at Desroth. By this time half of the cut on his face and most of the scrapes on his body were healed. All of the bleeding had stopped and all that was left were small scabs here and there. There was still a dull ache in his face but he ignored it.

Drizzt started walking slowly toward Desroth with a look of death about him.

"I'll have to be carefull because I'm not at full strength" Drizzt thought with a small ting of sarrow.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 182/569
*Desroth huffed slightly. Drizzt was right, that had drained alot of energy from him, and he was certain it would take some time to reproduce that attack or to do another of that caliber.*

See *huff* your in a worse position then me. I didnt have to stop all of those meteors, and I also wasnt injured by them either. *huff*. But there is one thing you have forgotten, I have this!

*The ring on his finger glowed to life again, as Desroth was slightly refreshed with new energy.*

Now then, it will be only a matter of time before I can achieve enough power to use another one of those attacks, so use it well.

*Desroth glanced at his ring, he knew that Drizzt had many tricks up his sleeve. His mind was racing with new battle strategies*

Thinking: Do I have enough energy to do THAT technique? Ive never used it before, and im not quite sure what it will take out of me to use it. Hmmmm, or I could use that other one and give myself time to rejuvante myself...

*Desroth looks at the ring again, thinking if it would be smart to unleash its full potential, but what would happen if it couldnt reviatlize his energy if he did? He decided to stick with lower techniques until he gathered a litttle bit more energy..*

Seeing as how you are the wounded one, you can attack first, or you could forfeit and save yourself from another cellular (as in cells in your body) obliteration?
Posts: 178/1567
As the meteor's reached the top of the dome Icing Death and Twinkle flare an even brighter blue. If one were to look directly at the blades they would be temperarily blinded from how bright it is. Drizzt's head came up and he opened his eye's. The intensity of of the light from the his blade's made his eys look like a demon's. Drizzt gave off a small scream of defiance. When the meteor's were close enough Drizzt released all of the pent up power in his blades creating a small dome like shield of blue around him. The Meteors hit one after the other with a resounding explosion. From out of the dust a dark form started to move toward Desroth. When Drizzt was totally out of the dust you could see that he hadnt blocked everything. There were small scrapes everywhere that wasnt protected by his mithral chainmail. The most prominant cut was on the right side of his face. It ran from his right temple all the way down his right cheek to end directly below his chin.You could tell that the shield had drained alot of his strength. He walked a little slower than usual and the look on his face spoke volume's

"I would like to see you try that again. But I know you cant because we both drained alot of our energy in that one!" Drizzt called with a smirk.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 181/569
*Desroth stood, chanting the incantaion of sorts, energy flowing freely around him. It burned around him almost like a fire, but nothing else seemed to be happening. His chant abruptly stopped, as the energy around him slowed a bit from its wild wiping... Desroth opened his eyes, and looked across at Drizzt.*

This will be interesting, but you cant stop a force from space that can decimate an entire species with only one hit... Here it comes, are you ready?

*As he said that, the sky began to light up. 10 orange-red flames were streaking through the sky, hurtling towards the dome. As they drew closer, it was revealed that they were meteors, on a direct collision path with the dome. They reached the top of the dome, as it openend openings wide enough to let them. They were massive, each one about the size of a semi trailer and a half. The domes circumferences opened up to allow these new monstrosities fit.*

You only have about 800 ft left before you die... Make it count.

Meteor Swarm: The user chants a spell which calls to the heavens and space. As the spell is spoken, it wills about 10 meteors from the meteor field to come to the place the spell specifies. Once the spell is done, the meteors entere the atmosphere and karreen at the target point. A direct hit is sure to do enourmous damage, and so will getting crushed by one. Almost certain death awaits one who gets a direct hit and gets crushed under one, unless you have the skills or the strength to survive. Only the user is immune from the destruction this attack can cause becuase the spell also specifies the user, making the meteors not hit or damage the user no matter what.
Posts: 166/1567
Seeing his attack countered Drizzt jumps another few feet back wipping out Twinkle at the same moment.Before he touched the ground Drizzt closed his eye's and started concintrating all his mental streangth on Twinkle and Icing Death. Icing Death and Twinkle started glowing an eerie blue light as more and more mental energy went into into it. Drizzt just stood there concentrating on his twin blades ready for anything that would come at him
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 179/569
Actually, it is a brand new ring, the other one I had to give back to Evo because Kaijin would not let me keep it for any longer. This one is better anyway, which I may reveal to you later if I must.

*As he finishes saying that, Drizzt had already begun his attack, and was racing towards Desroth, leaving a groove in the ground. Desroth leaps back, as Arzul appears in his hand instantly from thin air*

Like that? It is a new little trick I cooked up, keeps me lighter and much less restricted.

*He concentrates on the blade for a few moments, as it begins to glow a light yellow. When it does, Desroth swung the sword toward the thin sheet of ice, as suddenly electricity shot out of the sword, extending the swords reach.*


*The electricity part of the sword sliced the sheet in half, sending it flying past Desroth. The thunder disappears from the sword, as Desroth stands back up. He begins to chant the next spell which he was sure to secure victory with...*

Thunder Blade: Hidden Sword Tech.. The user concentrates on his sword until it glows a faint yellow. When it does glow that yellow, the user can swing his sword at the opponent. The glow turns into electricity, which extends out 30m. The Thunder/lightning extension is just as powerful as the sword it used with, but does not share the same properties (such as being demonic made, etc)

OOC: My armor may be demon made, but the imbuments are not. And if you were to destroy one of my swords, lets just say it would not be pretty for either of us...
Posts: 160/1567

"I see you've got anouther one" Drizzt mumble's to himself as he eye's Desroth's ring.

In a blink of an eye Drizzt leaps forward. In the same instant he pulls Icing Death from it's sheath as he is start's running toward Desroth he Lets the tip of Icing Death drag in the ground. The small groove that Icing Death makes in the ground turns a silvery blue. As Drizzt run's forward the groove starts to grow in width. Finally 5 ft away from desroth Drizzt stop's abruptly and swing's Icing Death at Desroth. From the end of Icing Death a razor thin sheet of ice shoot's out in an attempt to cut Desroth in half straight down the middle.

Once Drizzt finish's his attack he jumps back anouther 5 ft away from Desroth watching for the counter that was sure to come.

ICE SLASH: The sheet of ice that is shot from Icing Death holds the same property's as Icing Death. It can Cut through anything that has demonic property's in it. Also it can counter any flame attack so fire will not effect it at all.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 177/569
*Pulls out the 700 page manual for the belt rules and such, and opens it to page 790.*

Quote: "The one who holds the belt must accept any and all fights for it." Unquote.

*He slams it shut and puts it in his pocket, which mysteriously consumes...*

Damn, I lose more damn rule books like that... Good ridance, i was getting tired of lugging it around. This should be just as fun as last time, excepting the fact I have a whole new list of techniques and a new ring to use to defeat you. Shall we make this De Ja Vu and make that dome re-appear??

*Desroth closes his eyes, as he begins to chant the spell. It only took him 10 seconds to resite it, and with that, a pentegram formed under him. It was glowing a bright green, and only extended about a foot and a half around him. His eyes flashes open, as he raised his arm into the air. A green aura formed around his raised hand, as he called out the name of the spell*


*He slamed his arm and hand down into the pentegram as it flashed brighter. It shot out to the same width as before, roughly 700 ft across and 800 ft high, give or take a few 100... The dome was completley sealed like last time, with the winner being able to leave.*

You may make the first real move...

*The ring on his finger glows momentarily, but quickly, the glow vanishes. Desroth looks slightly refreshed.*
Posts: 151/1567
Drizzt just stood there and watched as the pyre spirits formed intio the door. A small grin excaped onto his face as he saw the man who had taken his belt away walk through the door of flame not 20ft away from him

The breeze started picking up as Drizzt stood facing Desroth.

" I was afraid you wouldn't show"

Drizzt slid his right foot back a few inches and started to put all of his weight into it as if he were going to run full force at Desroth. When his all of his weight was on his right leg he chuckled to him self thinking of the fight ahead.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 174/569
* Small pyre spirits flamed to life. For a while, there were only 1 or 2, floating around aimlessley, but more appeared. Soon, about 50 had just mysteriously appeared. They floated in a circle for a minute, before they all stopped. They hung there as if something had hypnotized them. They all converged into a small door way of sorts, their flames linking as one giant errie dark purple flame door. A outline could be seen beyond the door, a person (a male) about 5'7 was walking towards the door. When he exited the door way, the moon light poured onto his face. His shoulder length plantnium silver hair seemed to glow, as his pure silver eyes drifted around the battle field. They seem to be seeing beyond what a normal eye could see. His face held soft, gentle features, almost had a tinge of femine lines in his cheek bones and the shape of his eyes, but not enough to make you think that he had femine features. His usual armor had been replaced. Instead, he had on a white garment, quite like what a X-Law would wear but without their insignia. Although it did not look demon made, it was. It was imbued with special properties that made its protective qualites that of a full suit of 2 inch thick diamond, but without all the weight. It was specially tailored for the ancients tournament, and he was itching to test its defensive power. On his right hand ring finger, there was a strange uknown ring. It looked almost like a diamond, but it was pitch black with hints of purple, and a internal red glow. Desroths swords were no where to be seen on his person, but that did not mean he was defenseless. Around his waist, the lightweight belt was shimmering in the moonlight, as he reached back and unclasped it. He tossed it into the air, as it spiraled upwards and was consumed by the void of which he had control over.*

So, I see you have come back to get the belt right? I musy let you know, I have more tricks then last time we fought, but that is a story for a later time. The belt will appear to the winner like last time, so you will have to defeat me to get it. Lets go.

No god mod, 3 day post limit, standard belt and normal fight rules. Lets get it on!
Posts: 143/1567
From out of the darkness a dark shape appears in the middle of a grassy field. Just beneath the edge of the hood draped over Drizzt's head his lavender eye's glow a menacing shade of red.

"I have come for the title from which you have taken." Drizzt called into the night as he pulled his hood back from his head revealing his semi-long white hair floating in the lite breeze that had come up.

At that Drizzt brought his hand up and unclassped the pin that was holding his forest green cloak into place. As the cloak fell to the ground he let his hand's relax on the hilt's of Icing Death and Twinkle. His Mithral chain mail glowed dully in the night as he wated for his apponent to appear.
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