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01-18-21 08:53 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Kaijin, time for me to give you a try.
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 520/4539
ooc: Okay, but then you never said I continued firing at the same spot, and as no real person would do that, then due to the fact that until my post no one described otherwise, then I say we go from my shot. Or, do you have a counter offer in this situation, as we both never said did or did not Y-35 followed the target?
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 501/1852
Ooc: Acctually, he's quite right Vulkar. When you did yoru "Twenty Shots" your lack of discription assumed you shot all twenty rounds at my first standing position. This means you never originally stated you followed my movements, you just fired at one spot. I took avantage of this, and thus went in for the kill.

Leviathan. Vulkar is right, and this is interfearing, though I'm in an agreeance with you fully right now.

This mainly is all caused to a lack of discription.)
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 519/4539
ooc: he agreed to what would happen, and all I did was fire accuractley at his head. I xhoose the accuracy, not him. He allowed me a shot, and the result of that blast would quiet clearly blow him back. Now, I believe this counts as interference. Go away, and stop critisizing my technique which he quiet clear allowed.
Posts: 86/210
(OOC: I'm not a Judge..but for this post, i will be handing down an unofficial judgement.

Vul. Kai clearly stated that he stabbed "upward" into your torso. This is a diagonal strike. Based on his position, your position, and the average length of a sword, his blade would have entered the center of your body and exited a bit below your neck. This is a large path. You mean to tell him that none of your robots systems exist in this wide area? Rather convenient design to suddenly pop up, wouldn't you say?

He allowed himself to be shot. He did NOT give you permission to do what amounts to a critical strike. There is a difference between a free shot and a kill shot. Most simmers learn this within their first week. A round to the head may or may not kill him..but the fact that you even tried it in this situation, and this early in a is simply beyond me. Look at his movements and his posts. At that range, it would have been next to impossible to get anything but a small handgun between your body and his head before the strike. A shoulder shot would have been far more realistic.

Be glad i'm not a judge...or Kai would be getting a free hit of his own right now in exachange for that blatant mod.)
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 518/4539
ooc: So be it, then you allow yourself to get shot. Tell me if I was incorrect, and I will edit this post to say so.

ic: Y-35 had the sword go through it, and at the same time, and succesfully did a headshot at Kaijin, blowing him back. The shot would have most humans without any head. The damage is for him to explain.

Y-35 examined the hole. It was good that was more of a place to hold weapons, and act as additional armour, than to hold the computer and control the robotic limbs. This damage was light, though only because of its placement.

Y-35 Then sat and waited for Kaijin. If he attempted to run at it, it would prepare to run, in order to stay at a far range.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 497/1852
The blade is by no means short. That, and I can take a few measly shots... I doubt your Electrical system can take a serious hole through your body.)
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 516/4539
ooc: Well, robotic, preprogrammed reactions usually help when comnied with extreme speed.

As Y-35 was still firing, it was Kaijin not concentrating on this that was the failing.

As the target moved, so did where Y-35 was aiming. Therefore, at a range where Y-35 would stand almost chance at missing, Kaijin was in a danger. While the short blade could go up and slightly damage some of Y-35s electronics, it could result in Kaijin getting shot at with both the plasma, and the laser.

Therefore, here is the choice. Kaijin can either still stab in, causing Y-35 to activate the backup systems, and at the same time get shot at by both guns, having no time to either dodge or block.

Or Kaijin could take more time to avoid the bullet. Resulting in Y-35 succesfully moving to a distance farther away from Kaijin Y-35 would stay away this time.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 493/1852
(How the hell does everyone dodge a freaking bullet? I don't even dodge bullets!)

Kaijin stood back up after his smash into the door. He mused when he did....
When he stood up, he saw Y-35's arms split, but that was no concern to him. He leaned forward and blared forth with intents speeds.

He weaved to the side, avoiding the first plasma shot, and cut the distance between him, and Kaijin in half. He blared forth and near blinding speeds, and weaved to the side when the barrel of the laser rifle was aimed at him, successfully dodging the laser.

He dropped his usless gun, and brough his hand up, biting his finger, causing it to bleed. The blood formed into a deadly blade.

He was now under the Laser rifle, and brought his sword up, and stabbed it upward y-35's torso before the third shot was fired over his head.

Sword of Blood - The blade is made from Kaijin's personal blood. By such, it is directly linked to his acidic properties. The blade is also made of DNA, since it's blood, it's blade is sharped to the point where it can cut litturally anything physical like a knife through butter. The blood, with it's acidic properties, with dissolve anything physical it touches. Since the blade was also formed for Kaijin's mental power, the blade also has a layer of magic that makes it able to slice through anything magical, as if there was no magical resistance to begin with. Finally, if the blade makes contact with the opponent's blood, it will absorb the life essense of his opponent, and feed it directly back to Kaijin, giving him a small amount of vitality back.

(And that is why we don't attack for future-tense attacks like 'shoot twenty times'. Thus, I get to practically drill you, since your still in the process of shooting at a point were I'm not. =P)
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 512/4539
While the bullet would not be able to completely destry Y-35, it did not want dented or damaged armour. So, as it rushed at Y-35's head, it quickly moved its head to the side, resulting the the bullet going through an open door, and exploding harmlessly fourty feet behind Y-35.

"Impressive, though I would not expect a vampire to carry a gun."

Y-35 suddenly had its arms split into two, so that it now had four arms. The other two quickly picked up a plasma pistol, and a high powered laser. Both were aimed at Kaijin, the plasma for his chest, and the laser for his head. Y-35 quickly fired twenty rounds from each gun, which was the maximum for these pistols, without a few seconds of charging, which imediatly began.

"Let's see if you can move at the speed or light."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 487/1852
Ooc: By far better.

Kaijin threw on hand over his oppasite shoulder, and his trenchcoat split in half. The coat wraped itself around Kaijin, with a slick shiney look to it's texture. Each of the scrap peices slammed into his new sheild, and bounched armlessly off his durable clothing... His equipment, too, was more then meets the eye.

As the last bullet slammed into his shield, the shield flaired open, reveailing two massive black bat wings, a long wing spand that touched the sides of the corriders, and then it fell like a curtain, back to being his normal coat.

When he did flair his wings, whatever bullets near him where blow away, and into the walls.

"Fun... care to try my toy next?" He mused as he slipped his hand down towards the belts strapped tightly to his right leg, where he pulled out a silver magnum looking handgun. The holder of the gun was nearly invisible when paired up to his trenchcoat and clothing. He also pulled out a pair of black sunglasses from within his trenchcoat with his other hand, and slid them on.

He aimed his cutom toy at his opponent, and grinned as he single handedly aimed, and let loose a devistating round. The shot was strong enough to throw Kaijin backwards, roughly 20 feet, and he slammed into the doors behind him, cracking the stone.

The End of Nights - The bullet is slicked with a magical field, and kinetic mental energy from Kaijin himself. The round is especially dangers due to the fact that it travels nearly 8 times faster then a regular round, litturally ripping apart the air as it flows. The Kinetic, and magical fields prevent this bullet from being altered from it's course. No source of physical, magical, or any other type of power or barrier can stop, alter, slow down, or otherwise, change the course of the bullet.
The magical enchantments also give this bullet a devistating secondary effect. Once the bullet hits somthing, it explodes in a massive 20 foot radius explosion of devistating non elemental power that has the same blinding elements of the sun.

Sunglasses - Special magically enchanced glasses that allow Kaijin to avoid being blinded by the light.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 509/4539
Y-35's copper armour was more than it looked. This armour was compressed at an atomic level, making it so that there was much less space in between the atoms, then there are in ordinary copper. Were this to be normal, it would be over twenty times the current size, except now it is smaller, and much stronger.

So now as the bullets went flying at Y-35, they simply bounced off.

"Observation: It seems as though all of you higher level battlers use telekinesis. I wonder if any of you higher level battlers are not possesed with nonmagic powers involving long range."

Y-35 drew two swords, and activated its magnetic system, which could manipulate metal in almost any way Y-35 desired.

The broken bullets from the ground lifted up, and then broke apart into many almost unseeable parts. These then began to heat, so that in the brightly lit hallway, they would be nearly invisible.

All the small parts then went at kaijin, still with the magnetic grip on them, so that if telekinises was used, it would be still countered by Y-35, resulting in the bullets still going forward, just slowing, as Y-35 also had the advantage of it already going forward.

Also, it would be very hard to grip them all in the telekinitic grip, as they were too many, too small, and too spread out for one mind to handle.

ooc: Is this post long enough and in enough detail for you?
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 484/1852
Kaijin mused as he steped forward. His telekentic power was strengthened over the course of two mellenia, and a simple gun would not be enough to stop him.

Each of the bullets may of screamed acrossed the distance, closing in at him, but they were usless as they were suddenly stopped, mear inches away from his face. His telekinises held the twenty bullets in the air, and each shot followed him, as he moved with them.

He mused to himself as now he was close to five feet away from his opponent...

"Boy, if you think that was enough to stop me, your sadly mistaken..." He looked down at his opponent, and shook his head slowly, and mused.

All twenty bullets moved into a dome around Y-35. And he let loose all the rounds at once.

Due to the fact that every bullet was launced from every angle, there was litturally no way to dodge the attack. The bullet speeds also made it impossible for an average fighter to block.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 508/4539
ooc: Sorry, I was a bit rushed and forgot the location.

Y-35 appeared to be a copper color, with his eyes glowing read, there we several places where small weapons could be stored in its back, but nothing too large.

Y-35 examined this creature. The bulletproof pants would not be very effective, assuming they were the usual kevlar.

"Kaijin, Your life is soon to come to an end."

Y-35 drew two pistols, and fired twenty shots toward Kaijin's head.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 480/1852
( o.O Dude, no offense, but you need seriously need to improve on your challenge posts. Like where the senario is, more discriptions of what your doing, besides looking, what you look like... The basica essentials to help the other person visualize what their doing. If you can't visualize what's going on, you can't fight.)

Kaijin sat utop his throne. He could feel the aura of an intruder invading his castle. Assumably searching for him. He mused to himself with his vampiric smirk, as he tapped his fingers on the armrest of his throne.

He was dressed in a black trenchcoat, with blood red shoulder plates strapped on, giving the apperence that the black trenchcoat is only being held by the plates. His right arm was wrapped in a bloodred metal, with a greusome looking spike jetting backward past the elbow. Under the coat, he has a black bulletproof vest, strapped on tightly. On his neck is a simple black choker, with a matching black earring on his right ear. His pants were thick and black, assumably bulletproof, and his knees down could not be seen, since he wore large blood red plated boots.

His vampiric yellow gaze watched the door for a moment, as he pondered of weather waiting for his victum, or to go to him.

He mused to himself momentairly, as he slicked his jet black hair backwards, and stood up from the throne... He decided to greet his guest...

He waltzed down the fairly large staircase that connected his throne to the massive stone doorway, and raised a hand up, slamming the massive doors open. He breifly walked through, not even paying attention to the massive slam as the doors re-sealed behind him.

He stood at the end of the massive hallway, with Y-35 at the other end, looking for Kaijin.

Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 506/4539
Y-35 stood searching for Kaijin, ready to terminate if neccesary.
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