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01-21-21 10:20 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - R-111 vs. Mika V2
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*At the point the wave shot from the sword, R-111 jumps up high from the crate, landing just infront of the wave. He looks as the crate behind him slices in half. Using the same method as before, he thrusts upwards onto a higher level, releasing another Timesplitter.

This time it stands, creating an orb of electrical energy. As the Timesplitter does this, R-111 dives down, equipping his electrotool. He fires this at Mika's chest as the Timesplitter release the orb towards her face*
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Mika instintivly moves her head to the right well out of the way of the blast, however in the same motion she puts her shoulder in the way of the shot, which skids right over, cutting and burning the skin a bit. Mika winces from the pain, clutching her shoulder. The shot flies up off the wall, into the ceiling, and then down the the floor on the otherside of the room, and dissolves leaving only a burnt hole in the floor.

Mika swings her sword at R-111 again, with the same arm that was hit, sending another crescent wave... this one horizontal aiming for R-111's waist.
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*The splitter is sliced in half, covering the sword in a green runny liquid. R-111 is hit by the attack but merely has a dent in his armour, although he is thrown back into a large metal crate. A quiet voice emits from somewhere in his chest*

"Sensors indicate you have suffered 9% armour damage. Auto-repair is failing."

*R-111 pulls out his Sci-Fi Handgun and fires a bouncy plasma shot at her head*
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Mika turns around just intime to see the Splitter stabbing at her throat. She holds her sword out behing her, tip pointed down, and backflips up over the bullets, into the air, slashing with the sword under her, hoping to slash the splitter inhalf. In the process she sends a vertical crescent energy wave at R-111 from the sword, hoping to cut him(it?) inhalf as well.
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*R-111 quickly cancels his attack much faster than a human eye could see. He pulls away his arm and kicks at the floor, sliding himself backwards, getting a slight gash across his ankle. He jumps up to one of the higher levels of the Timesplitter pods and releases one of the ready to hatch ones.

The Timespliiter slowly creeps onto the floor, adjusting to it's new surroudings quickly. After maybe 5 seconds it jumps down, holding it's sharp arms towards Mika's throat. R-111 jumps down as the Timesplitter does this and fires 20 rounds from the minigun at Mika's feet*
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Mika ducks down and to the right away from the dagger, ignoring the minigun (since you didn't say you were attacking with it...) pulling her Vic Viper from her back, the flash of white light, followed by her slashing upward to cut off the arm with the knife, and probably get his left ankle in the process.
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*R-111's sensors detect Mika's presence. He turns to face the corner to see the girl looking at him. He jumps up and towards Mika, drawing a small dagger from the side of his right leg. He lands with a loud thud*

"I've been waiting for you Mika..." *His monotone voice echos through the room. R-111 holds his dagger high up* "...This is where you die" *At the very end of the sentence he brings down his dagger at Mika's head, also raising his left hand with the rotating minigun arm, incase he needs it*
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Mika allready knew R-111 was there when she turned the corner, since she had a stratedgy guide sitting in her little pack, hanging from her hip. She walked casually around the corner, her right hand on the hilt of her Vic Viper resting in it's sheath on her back.
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(ooc: Because Alex, Sanigen, Jenny and Ryan are occupied in other battles, R-111 (An upgrade of R-108, R-109 and R-110 from Timesplitters 1,2 and 3) will have to fight. And put it this way, he isn't just equipped with whatever he just happens to find on the floor)

ARENA: A huge room, lined with Time Splitter pods. They're all nearly ready to hatch, but the pods need to be activated (By hitting a button next to the pod) to release them. R-111 can use these but they count as summons. (Meaning you can summon them too and use your own summons if you have them). The room is practically empty besides some small and large empty metal crates, and some SMGs and some Sci-fi Handguns.

BIC: *R-111 steps from his recharge pod, fully ready for his battle. He feels the cells in his body change and move. He spawns right in the middle of the arena, equipped with weapons that were forgotten on the earlier models. He activates his Model 4 Laser, his inbuilt minigun and his speed motors. The lights strewn around the arena make his polished body shine brightly.

The electricity surging around his body also charges the Electro-tool which sprouts out from his back. This is also pretty automattic, as in if R-111 needs it used, it will spring up and fire towards his opponent. At the moment it uses electrical pulses spiralling around R-111 to create a slight shield. Obviously this is made of electricity so quite unstable, yet pretty strong against most attacks.

He clicks on a small button in his arm, causing the minigun's arm to whirl around wildly. He continues to stand, waiting for Mika to arrive.*
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - R-111 vs. Mika V2

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