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01-17-21 03:52 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Challenge to Cairoi
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Jity Horo
Posts: 42/155
ooc: Lay off, I haven't done this in awhile.
Posts: 339/3807
OOC: Your posts are ticking me off. You do not describe how you block or dodge my attacks. Especially this one.
Jity Horo
Posts: 41/155
"When in doubt shock'em. HELL SHOCK!"

Hell Shock
Element: Dark/ Lightning
Technique summons bolts of darkness from the ground and sends wave shadow through the air.

Image hosted by

Cairoi, being at point blank range, must suffer the dark lighntnig and the shadow waves.

ooc: Remember this lightning is made of hell energy, so now element controlling.
Posts: 338/3807
"Dark uppercut, huh?"

Cairoi simply spun around the hilt of his sword, allowing Dimitri to uppercut a fistful of air. He smiled and pointed his open hand at Dimitri's back, chanelling an extreme amount of electrical energy into him. Also, at this time, Cairoi had simply callen Druza, the dormat spirit resting in his blade, to jump out of Dimitri's hand and back into Cairoi's. So Dimitri is now distracted, confused, open, and 75% sure of death.
Jity Horo
Posts: 40/155
Dimitri smiled underneath his mask. With the reflexes of a cat Dimitri grabbed Cairoi's sword by the hilt. He held the sowrd and threw and attack of his own at Cairoi

"Heh, heh, heh. Walked right into my trap."

Rising Shadow Fist
Element: Dark
Channels Dark Chi energy into his fist for a brutal uppercut
Posts: 337/3807
Cairoi saw his oppertunity. As Dimirti threw his punch, Cairoi turned to bring himself vertical so Dimitri would continue passing by, and bringing his sword into the air. With the speed of lighting, Cairoi brought his sword downwards, threating to cut his foe clean in two.

Jity Horo
Posts: 39/155
Dimitri falls backward, surprised that his attack didn't hit. He turns around and throw a punch at Cairoi's left shoulder. He seems to be muttering under neath rag masks.
Posts: 332/3807

Cairoi simply jumps to the side and dodges all 3 consecutive fire blasts. He smiled. This man would be easy. Cairoi drew his blade, Diosu, and sidestepped around Dimitri, waiting for the right time to strike. He had a strange look in his eyes.
Jity Horo
Posts: 34/155
Dimitri smiled underneath his hood.
"Cute, he thinks I'm weak. Time to make quick work of him."

"Your the Terra Knight? Your taller then I would have expected. No matter."

The two eye peaking from underneath the hood rolled up into his head. Two pillar of flame erupted from the earth. He put his hands together and launch a tiplet of flaming waves at Cairoi.

Hell Fire
Element: Dark/ Fire
Channels Hell Fire up through the earth, through his body and then through his hands

Image hosted by
Posts: 328/3807
A rippling wave of earth slowly echoed closer and closer to Dimirti's location until finally it stopped. From underneath the earth came the rising figure of Cairoi, unemotional in all aspects and closely inspecting his opponent. Another Hell-borne foe...He had delt with enough to know their tactics.

"Dimitri, is it? Bring it. I have other buisness to attend to."
Jity Horo
Posts: 33/155
Battlefield- Hilly grassland, 40 miles around

Dimitri sat meditating on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere. He had recently challenged the Terra Knight, and was waiting for a reply. Though the Terra Knights power is fierce, Dimitri had a strong feeling he could win. His power drew from hell, the Knight's from the earth.

Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Challenge to Cairoi

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