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01-24-21 05:05 AM
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Modest Revo
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Originally posted by Modest Revo
Now, the debris from the boulders were speeding down, everything was a complete mess in the sky; the sky was falling.

While being unattended from the free-falling debris of boulders in the sky Hayato had previously fired back down upon, the boulders fell down with a shakening force, right upon Cairoi as he was absorbing particles for his attack.

Surely Cairoi had not enough time to escape the plummeting debris from above whilst he was charging for his attack, Hayato thought.

And now, since Cairoi was trapped under the debris of boulders, wounded and barricaded; Hayato quickly activated the shoulder-mounted machine guns to be switched to the 2x cluster missile pod.

As the missile pods were rising, the hull's of Zietgiest gave off sickingly sounds of vibration and metal clad objects being scraped together, arising up, the 2x missile pods located the coordinates of the barricaded Cairoi and quickly launched off 2 sidewinder cluster missiles.

Coming down, the cluster missiles performed aeronautical spiraling motions that left a snake-like smoke residue in the sky, when it hit, 2 mushroom clouds grew, and then finally 1 large mushroom cloud grew from the 2 small ones. Everything was dead; the plant life had burned off from the fire, the debris of boulders were replaced with hot-ashes, creature life seemed to halt, and even the large 50 foot platform of a cliff started to give up. The outcomes of the land were devestating.
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The second Cairoi had seen the energy sniper rifle, he had more than enough time to effectively counter it. His Cross Scars, the ancient scars from the demon who had killed his master, were completly filled with demonic energy of all sorts. His scars glew red with a brightness shockingly encompassing over all his hands. In Red mode, they effectively absorbed all energy unless unabsorbable. It took the charged particles and stopped their inertia and made them encricle his hands, ripe for his usage. He put his hands together and absorbed the powerful blast, the momentum caused him to be pushed back a bit. While being bushed back, he focused his own magical energy to add to the sniper blast's and released a large, incredibly quick blast toward Hayato, threating to destroy his "Carapace".
Modest Revo
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As Hayato saw the energy blast coming up upon Zietgiest, he did nothing more but switch his weapon from the Batallion Caldabolg to the automatic sniper rifle; for he knew that Pilot Protectorate would protect him from any attacks that threatened the pilot.

Suffering from a minor blow of the energy blast, Hayato opened his intercom to give him words of "advice."

Hayato: It's futile to get to my core without destroying my titanium caraprace!

Now with the automatic sniper rifle in place, Hayato used "F-Charge." Then, a small packet exerted out of a slot and Zietgiest put it in the chamber of the automatic sniper rfle, empowering it with 60% weapon charge.

Now, when the giants boulders were about to hit Zietgiest, Hayato pulled the trigger of the automatic sniper rifle, which made Zietgiest fire the composite replacement beam for the rifle.

Streaking through the air, the long beam corroded through the boulders and shot right at the target, Cariroi. Now, cariroi had to be hit somehow. The streaking beam had gone through the bolders with impressive speed and extreme impact, crushing the ground with an immense force and leaving a large crater in place. Never ever allowing Cariroi to escape the beam's fast speed.

Now, the debris from the boulders were speeding down, everything was a complete mess in the sky; the sky was falling.

5 Items remain in Zietgiest's inventory.

1. Pilot Protectorate
2. F-Charge
3. -???-
4. -???-
5. -???-
6. -???-
7. -???-

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Seeing his attack fail, he had instantly begun focusing on his arms and chest. The second Hayato lunged for him, he released a blast of air sending him hurtling upwards farther, out of Hayato's reach. He smiled and focused on the air in a gigantic radius around him. He released a blast of energy that would disable the vision of Hayato's mech and his own. But, Cairoi had one advantage: his Hawkeyes. Cairoi's family line was blessed with magical eyesight that could transend the normal reaches of human sight. He could ignore one form of sight and see another. He activated them so that he could see not light, but heat signals, easily allowing him to see Hayato. During this, he called up a large portion of earth from beneath them into a giant boulder and sent it hurlting at Hayato.
Modest Revo
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As the two warriors were mid-air in the sky, Cairoi performed an odd attack where a gassy form of magic developed from his body pin-pointed itself at Zietgiest and launched itself with a volatile speed.

Immediately knowing that this gas would create some kind of negative status buff to Hayato such as sleep or confuse, Hayato used the item Pilot Protectorate, which of course, blocked out negative stat buffs and spells that tried to target the pilot.

Outside of Hayato's armored core, a golden shield of glory emitted and repelled the gaseous attack away, relieving Hayato of any gassy problems.

Hayato: Heh, like no one has tried to do something like that to me..

Hayato sardonically said as he took out Zietgiest's humongous Batallion Caldabolg which covered a very large radius of the position of where Cairoi and Hayato were between.

Hayato: Get ready for this!

Pulling his control left and right, Hayato commanded Zietgiest to take a number of quick slashes at Cairou. Now, Hayato was pretty confident that some damage was done to Cairou because of his futile air maneuver that left him wide-open.

6 Items are left in the Zietgiest's current inventory:

1: Pilot Protectorate
2. -???-
3. -???-
4. -???-
5. -???-
6. -???-
7. -???-
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As the dust cleared, and earthen wall was torn with bullet holes as Cairoi had launched himself into the air at a break-neck speed by pushing with his legs and manipulating the air currents to push him loft. While Hayato was distracted with Cairoi's previous location, Cairoi flipped and launched through the air to naught but a few feet above Hayato. He smiled as he begun charging his Dio Hyokkko attack. This was a much larger form of his regular attack (which homes in on an opponent by searching for specific life force, DNA, and heat signal of opponent so it is practically impossible to hide from) and quicker too. He pointed his hand down sharply and released the cold grey blast shooting ever closer to Hayato's still form.

OOC: So you know, this attack actually passes through any material that does not have at least two of what it is searching for due to the fact is a gasoues form.
Modest Revo
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As the earth malevolently shaked, Hayato could feel it, even in his metal contraption, Hayato could still feel it.

Hayato: Wha--? The ground.. it's moving!

Just then, a great fissure opened up and out emerged gigantic outcrops that sped fast at Hayato. With little time to respond, Hayato shifted his controls up and anchored Zietgiest forward into the sky, having only the leg portions of it being knicked by the sand that seemed to have life on it's own.

Up in the sky, Zietgiest was in a down-right position with his back facing toward the clouds, and his face facing toward the warrior; looking through the observation screen, Hayato could see the warrior standing on the earth platform, staying solemn and quiet, as if it mustered nothing to control something Hayato has always admired, magic. Now, Hayato focused in on the warrior and made sure of it that he was not about to move. The grey hues focused in more and more, targetting his and getting ready to fire his ammunition.

Hayato: This should keep his composure!

Immediately after Hayato said that, the Zietgietst flew down stead-fast and fired many rounds of bullets from the built in machine gun armaments that were attatched to it's shoulder. Once it had exausted it's limit of going downward in a fast motion, Ziegiest immediately pulled up, creating a swooping-style attack.

From above, nothing but dust appeared.

Hayato: Hmmm.
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"A mechanical device to fight me, eh? All right, then. Nature vs. Industry. Allow Gaia to show you his power."

Through his inner connection to the earth through Gaia's ritual, he could manipulate the earth and any natural part of it. He caused the earth to rise up behind Hayato and strike towards the back of the mech, just to get each other warmed up.
Modest Revo
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Towering above the mountains and soaring across the sky, a minute speck of smoke residue sped throughout the reigon, encompassing and anaylzing the minuscule platform where the rather small warrior, from below, inhabited.

As it was doing more long, circular bouts around the warrior, a more defined human-like mechanized unit appeared -- having already been more close the warrior and more confident with his final examinations and inspections of the area, Hayato turned on the intercom box and spoke to the warrior.

Hayato: Though I am not as accomplished as my other combatnants, I will take you on this test of wits and guts.

After saying that, Hayato pulled his unit down and it landed with an immense force that triggered an up-gust of wind that knocked every paltry-weight debris off the cliff. Now, the mechanized unit, in it's full glory, was face to face with the warrior.

Hayato: However, there is the matter of fact that I am commanding a steel monstrosity, my Zietgiest, to play along in your little test of wits and guts, so if you feel the need to retreat and flee, now would be the time.

OOC: Keep in mind that Hayato is a very different and unique character, since he is devoid of any magical abilities and has little to none fighting skill, he uses an assortment of mechas to do his job.
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OOC: I want to see and observe before I make a rash desicion.

Cairoi smiled as the breeze slid past his face into nothingness. He got a great view of the plains from here atop the mountian. This was his favorite place to feel Gaia's influence. It was a wide cliff with about 50ft area of flat walking space. It was in the prefect spot to see the sun set, and the moon dissapear later. He had named this terrace the Cliff of the Setting Sun. He felt most comterable here, surrounded by rocks, and spots of moss and weeds. Also, the oncoming arrival of the cricket's call was slated for the evening's rise.
But his surroundings were naught but a catalyst for the worst to come. He had a irreverible duel with a member of Shin-ra, and he looked forward to it. He was a Terraknight, a vassal of Gaia, and he would return peace. He would restore order. All in due time, he told himself, with a grin.

"The Sun is setting, as is this conflict. It ends with this."
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