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01-24-21 05:06 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Benja vs Dark Lord 666
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Dark Lord 666
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Sorry, but I'm laying off all battles until the tournament. Sorry, Benja.
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Benja grinned as he knew a prescence was behind him. He then rotated his left arm to block the on coming elbow with his forearm and he moved his right arm to deliver an elbow of him own. Though benja knew it was time to get it out of the air and onto the ground he threw his elbow in a downward motion.

Oh no you dont!
Dark Lord 666
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Just before the kick could connect, Benja turned his body attempting to block the kick with his leg. Such movement in mid-air was quite odd, but that's probably why he's the champion. Viper's mako green eyes widened as he let his leg tap off of Benja's just to give him momentum to push off of it and spin his body. Viper than let his leg touch the ground as he extended his elbow.

"I think it's time for you to feel real pain."

Viper said with an angered expression on his face. Viper turned his body so that he was now in back of Benja who was still in mid-air. He sent his elbow towards the back of Benja's neck, attempting to cause fatal damage to Benja. Since Benja was still in mid-air, it'd be just as hard a maneuver out of the way of Viper's oncoming elbow, or block the elbow in general.
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When the roundhouse did not deliver to viper, he then turned his head back and saw a foot coming right at him. Benja then immediantly twisted his body and put his leg in the way of the kick.
Dark Lord 666
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OOC: Yes, I'm making my posts a lot shorter. Sorry, but I see no need to make long ones in this type of battle.

Viper could feel his right uppercut being blocked by Benja, but his left hook landed flush on Benja's cheek. Viper quickly brought his left hand back and put both arms in the same boxing position before he threw both punches waiting for Benja's retaliation to the two sudden punches, but the realiation didn't come. Benja merely told Viper that diry tricks will get him no where. He laughed at that statement. It got him somewhere. It got him a punch to Benja's face, that was somewhere.

Benja than jumped into the air. As soon as Benja was high enough, he thew a kick that came directly at Viper's neck. Such an amatuer move for the Heavyweight champion. Viper smirked as he merely slightly ducked. He felt Benja's leg fly past his head and as soon as that happened, Viper stood up straight again and threw a quick side kick of his own at Benja's back. It was aimed at the middle of Benja's spine.

Since Benja was in mid-air, it was near impossible to block the swift kick to the back without taking damage.
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Benja blocked the first uppercut with ease but could not get out in time for the left hook as it connected with his cheek. He turned his head to the right when it connected and he then sneered at his opponent.

Dirty tricks get your nowwhere!

Benja then cocked his stance back and jumped high in the air and went for a kick that would go for the neck of viper
Dark Lord 666
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Benja made his way towards Viper, cigar in his mouth. Viper made no signs of flinching or attacking. They were now face to face. Benja began talking and just as he did, Viper turned his head, a sign of disrespect if anything.


Once that word left his lips, he threw a quick right uppercut towards Benja's jaw, very quickly. Just as quickly as he brought his right hand back his sent a left hook at Benja's cheek area. At speed both those fists went at Benja, they were sure to cause some major, not to mention those two punches probably caught Benja off guard since he was just finished talking and at the very short distance they were from each other, it'd be very hard for Benja to dodge the two punches.
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Benja looked at this fighter and could only laugh as this one reminded him of himself and his past self. He then took a cigar out of his pocket that was imported direct from cuba. He put the cigar in his mouth and took out a lighter that had the word "champ" engraved on it. It was a zippo lighter in which he now used it to light his cuban cigar. After taking a few puffs he started to walk to the other man.

Once benja got to the man they were now standing face to face. His smoke from his cigar started to surround the area between them as benja gave a cocky smile that he usually gave. He then looked the man up and down to size him up, his eyes then went to the other mans eyes looking deep within them to see if anything would be possible.

Well, dont we have another one of me here. Listen here kid, I want a clean battle, this a battle of respect, I want to show these people that these two factions can actually get along. Is this agreed or not?
Dark Lord 666
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The bright lights were shining, gleaming directly in the ring where the young one known as Benja awaited his opponent. This was like a pay-per view event. The crowd was roaring and surrounding the ring, their loud roars and cheers filling the arena in which a battle shall take place. The lights started to blink different colors, from red to green, to blue to yellow. What an event this shall be.

The crowds of people were getting quite impatient, but just as soon as they started to get a bit hostile they stopped and separated. They were making entrance for the deadly, the dangerous, the Viper. His code name was the Viper solely because of his quick yet powerful striking, well thought out maneuvering, and great agility and speed. He'd attack when you'd least expect it, and usually with the power he puts behind his punch or kick, it'd leave the opponent with a broken rib or nose.

He was wearing his usual attire. A black leather jacket, left opened. He was wearing a red sleeveless under T-shirt tucked into his black jeans. His feet were covered by a pair of black shoes to match. Viper had red wraps tied to his hands, it looked as if he was ready for a fist fight, but if Benja thought to pull anything, Viper was more than ready. He felt his side area where his leather jacket covered and gave a small grin to the crowd.

Viper's hair was not too long, but it barely passed his neck. It looked a bit moist as if he just stepped out of a shower. Viper was a bit young to have been in Shin-Ra. Only 19 years young, but his fighting skill made up for his lack of experience. Along with being a great Martial Artist, he was an accomplished gunmen, particularly a 9 mm pistol welder. With both those battle skills, his Shin-Ra reputation rose very quickly.

Viper was making his way to the ring, the spotlight was on him. He flashed smiles arrogantly at the fans. He hopped up and down throwing punches wildly similar to how a boxer would. He stopped at the ring. Within a seconds time, Viper jumped on the side of the ring and hopped over the ropes. He taunted at the fans and felt the roar of the crowd as they became more wild, and frantic. Viper turned to Benja.

"They fucking love this shit, huh? Listen, let me ask you something before we start this little shindig. Are you ready for this? I'll give you one last chance to jump over those ropes and flee with your tail between your legs. I'll tell you this much; this'll be the most important decision of your life. Possibly the last. Remember, I don't make threats. I make promises and I don't break promises, I break....."

Viper let a smile come over his mouth. He reached into his pocket and pulled out Wutai's special brand cigarettes. Opening the box with his thumb, he pulled out a cigarette. He then slipped the box back into his pants after closing it. Reaching in his other pocket, he pulled out a lighter and lighted the cigarette. Slipping cigarette into his mouth, he inhaled. The great feeling of nicotine came throughout his body. That feeling never got old, or lost its touch.

".....I think you see where this is going."

Those words were spoken through his cigarette. He then put both his hands up and signaled for Benja to start this thing. He began to hop up and down yet again, a common stance and pose for a boxing style. Viper was ready for anything that Benja was going to throw. Though he was just sitting there on the turnbuckle. Viper awaited Benja's actions.
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Benja stood in the wrestling ring waiting for the member of the shin-ra group to arrive. He took a seat on the top turnbuckle wearing nothing but black leather pants, combat boots, and a muscle shirt with his heavyweight title around his waist. He had his shades on and waited for his opponent.

Alright, ill prove to these guys things can go right, maybe then we can have some peace. Bring yourself, and lets get this fight going.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Benja vs Dark Lord 666

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