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10-07-22 03:42 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - new forum?
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Kard Ayals
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Could be done, but definitly NOT for roms.

Non-licenced Anime would be fine, thought.

I don't think it's that much of a good idea.
avatar of law
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the legality of anything online is not upon how one finds it, but on how one uses it. roms for example, are legal if you in fact own the produce or if you use it for purposes of evaluation and delete the file within 24 hours. there is nothing wrong with actually providing it. another case would be fansubbed anime. it's not illegal unless the product is licensed in a certain country. a product cannot be illegal if it is not commercially available for that country. some of our members are from different countries, it is not the provider's fault if there are some individuals who do not understand this. mp3 files can also be of help for evaluation of an album.
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No... we do not provide or support illegal files.
avatar of law
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i've got a suggestion.... how about we make a new forum for requests...

like if someone is looking for a particular song, or rom, or pic, or some sort of file and what not. with yousendit: a person can send up to 1gig, post a link back so ppl can dl and all that. it's quite easy.

or even if anyone is looking for a particular torrent link, or w/e


perhaps i could be its mod =/ i loveeeee bootlegging
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - new forum?

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