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01-19-21 01:58 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Cat People (honest review)
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Found it in a library... *twitches then bursts out laughing*

But yeah... I now actually want to see it just to see how bad it is. *nod nod* Yes...

True Flight
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No Elara it's not. Just that this movie is not only insulting to cats all over the world. It just happens to be just as insulting to the black leopard. Plus I happened to find this in a library. Strange...
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Murder, soft core porn, and incest... classic 80s!

Seriously, that is just sad... how dare they insult one of my favorite animals like that!

... is it sad that I want to watch it just to see how bad it is?
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After reading the description, your right, it does sound like a bad soft core porn. I'm not quite sure I can get myself to watch this. The Basic story line sounds slightly intriguing, but at the same time it sort of makes me not want to bother with it.
True Flight
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THe biggest flop for me will now and always be Cat People. That movie sucked. I read the summary which it appealed to me.

In this loose adaptation of the 1942 horror classic of the same name, a 2001-style opening montage establishes some sort of sacrificial, mystical union between panthers and an ancient tribe of humans. Flash forward to 1980's New Orleans, where waifish Irina (Natassja Kinski) meets her older brother, Paul (Malcolm McDowell), a minister, for the first time since their animal trainer parents died and she was sent to a series of foster homes. Paul's Creole housekeeper, Female (Ruby Dee), helps Irina settle into her brother's home, but Paul himself disappears. Cut to a fleabag motel where a blasť prostitute finds an angry panther instead of a client; after mauling her, the cat is captured by police and a team of zoologists: Oliver (John Heard), Alice (Annette O'Toole), and Joe (Ed Begley Jr.). The next day Irina finds herself in the zoo where these scientists work; drawn to the newly captured panther, she befriends Oliver and takes a job in the gift shop. Shortly after the panther's violence turns deadly, it escapes, and soon Paul turns up spouting an unbelievable story about his family's were-cat heritage and his inevitable sexual union with little Irina. On the run from her dangerous brother, Irina takes refuge in a sexually frustrated romance with Oliver, afraid of what might happen if she consummates their passion. Astute viewers will notice that the zoologist characters refer to the film's panthers as leopards; "panther" is actually a generic term for any large cat, especially a black one, but Cat People's panthers are in fact leopards whose black color comes from a recessive trait known as melanism. ~ Brian J. Dillard, All Movie Guide

This movie was made in 1982. I give it the bad graphics excuse, but the plot line FLOPPED. To be honest I wouldn't watch this movie again. I could summarize this movie in two sentences.

The Cat People are an incestuous group of people who need to have sex with their brothers or they kill someone. Irina, who happens to reunite with her brother, becomes sexually active and goes the same route of her brother.

In my honest oppinion this movie would have been much better if it wasn't that long. PLUS they could have improved the plot line. All this was, was murder and soft core porn.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Cat People (honest review)

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