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01-24-21 05:26 PM
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ooc- I was still attacking you, I said so didn't I? Try the first sentance. And why wouldn't I be able to defend a teammate if I wanted to. Say you had a friend that was being shot at, and you had a bulletproof vest on, and you jumped in the way of your friend so that neither of you would take damage, Wouldn't that be the better more realistic idea, instead of letting your friend get shot in the heart? Edit thine post to accustom my attack too.
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OOC:... no... you don't have to follow my split up idea... but if I attack your team mate you can't block it as though i attacked you... it just doesn't make sense... if anyone else doesn't think that makes sense... just speak up... but personally i think that makes perfect sense... anyway... back to battle... wait... were you still attacking me... i'm going to assume your going after jobes now...

*With a quick twist, Jexim baisically slams his back to the ground, bending at the knees, it hurt, but probably a lot less than the sword would have, the sword passed near over his head, the other flying toward the ceiling, he didn't know what that was gonna do, but as he lay there a red glow began eminating from the back of his hands, he was ready, he wasn't sure what he was ready for, but he was ready for it*
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OOC--There is no rule present where it says I have to follow by your half-wit ideas of splitting up. Its called a team battle so two people can be on a team, and help each other out. We can double team a character since it is not in the rules, so pipe down Jexim....And since you posted without saying that you avoided the move I would normally just assume you were hit by it full force...but I will let you slide just this once.

Xeios continued grabbing at Jexim's lower spine, but he shifted his body weight to the left.. This enabled him to bring his right foot up( the direction Jobes was coming from) and bring it in a sweeping motion to block Jobes' attack. He did this by hitting Jobes at the upper arm, and swinging his foot down to the ground. (no damage, just the most effective way to deflect damage.) Causing the sword to propel itself to the ground along with Jobes' arms.
Leon D. Sagara
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::Leon pulls his leg back in a hurry but not fast enough to avoid the entire slash as the side of his leg was slightly hit::

Very nice MEDLOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::Leon shot both his hands out in a quick and what appeared to be harmless motion, but seconds afterward, both of Leon's swords shot forth, One at Jexim's chest and the other straight at the ceiling::

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Jobes notices Xeios attacking Jexim. He pulls out Soul and charges Xeios and slashes at Xeios' chest.

*If Xeios doesn't let go of Jexim, Xeios will be seriously injured.
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OOC: umm... dude... I was attacking Leon... not you... don't think your taking the hit on this one... edit and attack jobes or something...
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Xeios was standing behind Jexim right after he was hit by the miniscule cut. There weere no weapons in his hands, but they were glowing a red color. Xeios threw the two of his hands at the base of Jexim's spine. They were meaning to grab Jexim's lower spine and crush it.

"Death is quick for weaklings such as you..."

-----One-Thousand Ton Grip-- Xeios' hands recieve a great amount of force. The have the ability to create a pressure equal to 1,000,000 lbs per square inch. This is enough, coupled with heat of course, to crush coal into diamond. This lasts for as long as Xeios keeps it around, and each turn he charges it, it increases by a multiple of two. It drains a large amount of blood energy, and Xeios is not able to weild any type of weapon while this is activated.
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*Leon was fast, but Jexim was to, and this time he was ready, as Leon's kick came at him, still grinning, jexim quickly sidesteped, drawing his sword at the same time, aiming a quick slice at Leon's leg as he moved, enough to give a nasty little cut but not really a major injury*

Strongest? I seem to remember our fight was unfinshed...
Leon D. Sagara
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::Leon landed softly on teh ground and turned to Jexim::

Time changes all people, but you will be surprised how much Importance NEED is when you want to be the strongest

::Leon charged at Jexim not nearly as fast as the first strike, but aimed the same style of kick at his torso again, smileing the whole time::
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OOC: and so it begins... let's show them the power of the Chaos Hunters...

*Jexim had not been expecting the battle to start so suddenly, nor had he expect Leon to move that fast, There was just enough time for Jexim to notice he was behind him, there was no avoiding the attack, all he could do was move with the flow, as the kick landed, rather than resist it, he went with, throwing him foward with the full force of the kick, but minimizing the damage, and with that, it still hurt like a bitch, quickly regaining his composure as he flies through the air, He neatly plants his hand on the ground, using the slight friction as he brushed against the ground, to flip himself right side up, and with a quick shifting of weight, he turns himself to face Leon, landing on two feet and one hand, and sliding quickly to a stop, his tatoos already burning a red tint into the space around them, He was watching Leon carefully now, not willing to be caught off gaurd by his opponent again, due mainly to the kick it self, this had all happened in a very small amount of time, with almost no time for Leon to have moved out of view, esspecially after the kick, a small grin crept across Jexim's face*

Leon... I don't remember you being so fast...
Leon D. Sagara
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((OOC Fine more fun for me))

::In teh time it took Jexim to turn to Jobes and back, Leon's image had vanished and appeared behind him exactly two seconds before attempting to drive his right foot into Jexim's right collar bone::
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Jobes stands up and walks over towards Jexim and pulls Soul off his back. He takes four or five steps to the left of Jexim and points Soul at Xeios. "I will take him." Jobes put soul down and loaded his Colt Walker with S.E.B. and put it back into his holster and picks Soul back up. "Alright Xeios you ready for another bout?"
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OOC:... hey... didn't I already clarify that the turn order was that you post when you can... that way we're not waiting for anybody... if you agree to those terms... then let the battle begin...

*Jexim stands alert*

Finnally... now we can start...

*Turns to Jobes*

Let's split up... who do you want...?
Leon D. Sagara
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::shadows fill the room untill nothing can be seen except a pair of deep green eyes standing across the battleground very near where Xeios was position'd::

I'll show you Chaos

::The darkness lifted quickly, sinking into the ground where the figure stood, with deep green eyes::

I am Leon D. Sagara, and I have been away for Far to Long

::Leon closed his eyes and dropped his arms to his sides::

Come, I ll show you the true meaning of Chaos

((Post in order as Shuyin said, Me, one of Yall, Xeios, the other of yall))
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OOC: I think Shuyin dropped out of this battle... so you can get a partner and fight us...

*Jexim Yawns*

Ok... there's one... now we need another...
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A thin mist rolls through the arena. Xeios materializes from that mist. His arms slowly become crossed, and he grins an evil grin.

"Shuyin, Would you like an ally for this match? I would like it if you would accept my offer. But it is fine if you do not."

Xeios' arms remained crossed, and his black circle sunglasses hid his shining yellow eyes.

OOC--Sorry for not writing some grandiose bit of litereature, I want to know if it is going to be wasted before I put effort into writing something....
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Wait... what... I dissapeared? anyway... whatever... I just assumed no one would try to use two characters and the turn basis has been unnamed in any other battle I've been in and it's always been that you post whenever you can...
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MOD: Hate to break it to you Jexim, but he's got you there...

EDIT: *sprinkles sparkly glitter on Jexim, which disapears*
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Listen hear kiddos:

If you didn't state the rules in the first post, then it is automatically assumed that you are going by the standard rules. Post orders in tag battles keep the battle in check, and they've been around since I can remember.

I can understand where you don't want me to use two characters......I could take you guys down with just one. And that would make your clan look pretty bad. I'm not going to argue. But i'm taking myself out of this.
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OOC: I second that motion.

IC: Jobes sits down and waits for Shuyin's partner.
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