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01-21-21 10:06 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Which is the better cartoon?
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i chose Samurai Jack because i just never really got into Megas very much so yea
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Megas, I just found it funnier than Samurai Jack... and the robot was cool!
Posts: 297/3807
I vote...Megas. That show was funny, unlike Samurai Jack. I loved Jack, but Megas was cooler. The robot that regenerated, and when he shot a fire pheonix out and destroyed all the enemies without touching a pillar then knocking one over by leaning? That show was much cooler. Hands down. I SAID HANDS DOWN, MONKEY!!
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I've only seen Samurai Jack a few times, so I will say that one. It didn't last long here on tv, I don't think they have it running still on foxtel
Posts: 87/793
Megas man. Samurai Jack is all uptight and has always seemed awkward. I wish the director would pay more attention to Dexters Lab and stuff like that; those ones were always so awesome. Megas is all "Yo. I'm a giant robot, with a story that ties perfectly into the plot, which is just the fact that I like to mess stuff up. And I don't give a crap. I stepped on your mom and I didn't think twice about it. I blew up your apartment and nobody can do a thing because I'm a sweet robot. You're whole family is dead, your crying about it, but crying won't get you a giant robot like me, crybaby.".

Megas is better, hands down. When the pilot came out, the commerical for it had the guy going "I'm just a guy from Jersey, okay?" and for some bizarre reason that was the one phrase that was on my cousins tongue for an entire summer. And it still comes up. I havn't seen this show in so long! I wanna watch it!
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Just to simply have something to put, since you didn't include both...**makes angry face** Teehee...kidding...I clicked Megas

They're both adorable the tie breaker for me was the fact that Megas takes place in Atlantic City, NJ....only about an hour or so from where I live.
Van Rhanell
Posts: 164/337
I really can't decide for now, but these are by far the best recent American cartoons. I liked Megas because of all the great parodies that are on it, but Samurai Jack had the slightly continuing story and some hilarious/awesome episodes like with the apparently Scottish guy.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Which is the better cartoon?

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