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12-02-23 01:24 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - im sick and tried of being hated!!
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I don't hate you.And Elara's right, you are still growing emotionally and you will never stop. It's just something that we all have to deal with. I know what it's like having someone act like they care about you only to drop you like a week old bag of easter candy.It hurts, and I got a secret for you, it always will.But don't give up on love. I believe that there is a person out there for everyone, it just takes time to find them. Please don't give up, it makes me sad/annoyed when people give up without a fight
Broken Dreams
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maybe you should be a little more picky on the kind of girls you pick if you want a long relationship, first a girl that not only will be your gf but a good friend always tends to help find a girl with the same intreast you might learn more emotionally.
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You have your whole life to worry about dating, unfortunately, people are pee-pressured into dating someone in high school, it's like a big thing

Maybe the right person for you isn't at your high school, maybe it's another school or someone down the road. You could try meeting new people at parties, if you go to them.
Master Naruto
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try dating older around 17 or 18. Maybe the're looking for a long relationship.
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High School dating is overrated.

What are the girl's reasons for breaking up with you?

Maybe you have an unfavorable idiosyncrasy?
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One, fix your layout.

As for the main dilemma... hmn. Well, there is always girls from other schools, or just enjoying the single life until people grow up and let go of the past. Give it about a year or two and they should mature a bit.

Besides, who says that you need to have a girlfriend all the time?
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maybe i could try but the only problem with that theroy is trying
to go out with someonenew. everyone at my school knows me and hates
me from the past when we were all kids.

there the ones being inmature more then me and they can just decide
whats right for me. makes me sick all to know that they could care less
what the fuck happens to me.
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Well, that is teenage girls for you.

I know that most of the people here are fairly mature, but emotional/relationship maturity seems to be harder to come by until you've hit college (and it took me 4 years almost to get there), thus why I said that.

My own opinion is that perhaps you should try someone different that you are attracted to. Perhaps that type of girl just is not your type.
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yea i really dony know what love is and i probly wony know
for a long time. you do have a point about me being in highschool
and not knowing whats going on.

i can tell you that probly all the girls i dated were just people who
havne really seen what they are doing to people who dont really get
any attenttion from anyone in ther family or in social life.

i do have a little of commen since of maturety and all but i know there
is a cirtain point that ill be fully mature.

i mena im jusr a person they think they can xast away into the shadows and just not even bpther talking to me at all.
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Okay, first off, if you want to say "assholes", you can. We don't censore here, especially not in my forum, and the *** is rather annoying.

Anywho... and I know that you are not going to like me saying this to you... but keep in mind that you are in high school still. The average length of any high school relationship is about a month. Mine tended to last from 4-6 months and still do it seems, with the occational year-long or longer relationship tossed in (longest being 2 years, 6 months, and 13 days).

You are still growing emotionally, so giving up will not help you mature. Not to be mean, but I actually doubt that you've ever really been in love... just thought that you were. Trust me, I went through a lot of relationships where I thought that I was in love, but I wasn't, so I know.

I'd suggest analyzing the types of girls that you are dating, perhaps going for the not-so-shallow ones.
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sup yall

i really dont talk much about my life or problems much
but i think might try it once.

im tired of girls just dating guys just to show that they are dating
someone and just to show that guy off on how he's so great and how
sweet he is.

the reason why i bring this up is becasue everytime i try to get invouled
with a girl they always break up with me within like 2 to 4 weeks.

im starting to get to a point where love is not an opion for me anymore.
im not saying im going gay or anything but i just might not even try
to date anyone anymore.

im tired of being hurt by these A*****E's. i have had friends try to help me
out and all but the way they do it, it meakes me feel like an idiot. makes me feel
like i cant get a girl for my own.

i dont know what to do so i need some advice from someone who this has happened to or has gone thru it and is now having a great time with someone

Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - im sick and tried of being hated!!

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