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01-21-21 10:44 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Spiderman Villians
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I heard that they can't put Venom in a movie until after the third one.

Something to do with him being licensed with Sony or something.
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Or they'll do it Spider-Man game style, and have the main villian, most likely Hobgoblin, and just have other villians come in every once in a while during his daily crime solving patrol. Venom is too overrated, but I don't mind him. I just get annoyed when people keep going "omg venom so rockzorz".

Vulture, meh. Sandman is pretty cool. Hobgoblin is good. I would like to see Mysterio in a movie. He may only have illusions, but think about how his illusions would look on screen. He would make the movie even more visually awesome.
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I seriously SERIOUSLY hope that is all true.

Vulture though? Ugh, I hated him. But having Venom in the movie will make up for it.

Here's my assumption:
The Hob Goblin will probably play the biggest role, and him and Spiderman will have their dual. After that, maybe these other villians come in, and then setup for a sequel (Spiderman is supposed to be more than a Trilogy I'm pretty sure).

Just a short guess at things I guess ...
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I just wanna see Venom again. Given stuff I'm doing, I'd like to see a movie version of stuff. I've said too much. I'm stopping now.

Actually, this whole thread has made me uncomfortable. I'm going to work now.
High Flyin' Ryan
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Wow that is great news. Hob Goblin will most defenitly be Harry Osbourne.
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i think that that would be really cool. i hope that they can pull it off though because ive seen some movies that would be great but they sucked on those major components
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Great news that just came out on Spiderman 3. There has been rumors going around that Spiderman 3 will have a total of 4 villians! So who are these villians you ask. They are Hobgoblin, Vulture, Sandman, and Venom! (oh yes venom). Hopefully this is true because I would love to see all of them in the movie plus Venom would make a great villian. I'm betting venom or hobgoblin will be the main villain and the other two will just be pawns, becuase Venom and Hobgoblin played big roles in the show. heres the article.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Spiderman Villians

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