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01-22-21 11:45 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Maybe I should FINISH a fight here (slightly modified rules...)
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: Okay, I didn't so anything about the energy ball. Perhaps you're misinterpreting my post?

I only blocked the daggers, and then informed you the energy was an element.
Posts: 409/2724
The 'energy' part. 'Energy' in this case is simply referring to a ball of magical energy - the attack in question, however, is non-elemental. He just hasn't finished casting it yet because he's a thief, and thieves aren't mages.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 482/4539
That is most likely what happened. What would you say is what I misinterpreted?
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Originally posted by Vulkar
ooc: It's an interesting thing that lightning is electricity, not light.Otherwise it would be bouncing off the water. But then, I'll let you get away with it for now.

You forget that it was a part-Light attack.

It also appears that your character is immune to magic (or you're just misinterpreting my post) and to weapons...
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 478/4539
ooc: It's an interesting thing that lightning is electricity, not light.Otherwise it would be bouncing off the water. But then, I'll let you get away with it for now.


As the blades came close to Jaques, he quickly brought up his sword and shield, and used them to hit all the darts. They all fell to the ground... broken.

"Energy is also an element."
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As the title says.

And bad move... should've checked my character thread, and you'd see why I used a Light attack.

The bolts that did hit Milton simply bounced off his fur. "Don't you know that shiny things reflect light?" he asked, charging up an energy ball. "It is unfortunate that you appear to be immune to my other attacks. I had hoped to avoid this one, kupo." Hoping to distract Jaques while the attack is prepared, Milton threw a few Crystalblades at him.

Crystalblades: A crystalline throwing blade, that looks like a cross between a dart and a throwing knife. Enchanted to not be redirectable, but this enchantment slows them a bit as they fly through the air.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 471/4539
"An elemental attack? Allow me to... inform you of my power."

As the lightining spread all around, it slowly moved away from Jaques, and towards Milton. Suddenly, all the lightning was going towards him.
Posts: 399/2724
"Now there's some arrogance, kupo," Milton said, leaping over the blast. "The Greater Dragons obey none, and the last one who tried to control them was killed. Painfully, I might add. By all eight of them." As he got hit by the fireball, the moogle simply laughed. "You would be surprised at what you cannot do, kupo." He then fished a few marbles out of his pocket and rolled them at Jaques...

Spark Orbs: These roll somewhat irregularly towards the target. After they get two feet from Milton, lightning starts shooting between them - and on cloudy days like today, it comes from above, too. Lightning/Light-elemental, on cloudy days...

OoC: Uh... me no think you understand the Greater Dragons as they exist in my RPs. There are eight, as Milton said. One for each element (as listed in my first post). They obey none, and most of them are either apathetic or just plain hate humans. The only ones that are somewhat nice to people are SIlver (Ice), Green (Wind), and White (Light). Also, you mistakenly called Milton Tamarin. Tamarin's another character entirely... one who is so strong he cannot be used in Simbattles.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 470/4539
Jaques closed all his sweat glands in his body, and anything else that would allow the poison entrance into him.

The ball hit Jaques' mithril armour, and as it exploded, his dragon skin shielded against it, and he did not beath, or allow it in his body until it was completely dispersed.

"I am not weak with any. I can make your very scimtars or daggers split in two and kill you, or I could simply apply spressure until they are shrunk at an atomic level, making them too small for you to even see, much less use.

As for the dragons, I did more than what you think." Jaques took off his helmet, revealing dragon skin all over, alond with eyes like a dargon, ones that went into a vertical slit rather than a large circle. "I am part dragon, and so I have no need to kill the greater ones. They obey me!"

Jaques opened his mouth, and a large blast of fire came out toward Tamarin, and as Jaques used his elemental control on the fire to not kill any of those watching, Milton could not control it. However, it would home in on Milton, and avoid any obstacles between it, and its target.
Posts: 397/2724
"Hah. The last time I fought a self-proclaimed 'master of all the elements', I found that he was rather weak with each individual element. What's next, are you going to claim that you're also a master of all melee weaponry? And that you've slain the eight Greater Dragons? Careful how you reply to that last one, kupo. These people like the dragons..." But Milton wasn't about to give Jaques a chance to answer. The moogle swung as though the dart would be thrown, but instead fired a venomous blast at Jaques.

Poisonbloom: Non-elemental, Poison effect, Physical damage. A small green ball is fired at the target which explodes on contact - with the target or anything/anyone else - into a twenty-foot ball of toxins that do damage upon contact with the skin, and then disperse. If these toxins are breathed in, it does more damage.. Milton fired it in such a way that it will not hit any bystanders, and if Jaques dodges it'll hit the ground about three feet behind his present position. Additionally, this spell cannot affect its caster.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 468/4539
"I am Jaques, dragonslayer, and master of all the elements." Jaques answered. "And it may be best for you not to throw the dart, I'd just catch it and either crush it, or throw it back, fast and stronger."

He didn't pull out his shield yet, but held his sword in both hands, in a strong offensive position.
Posts: 394/2724
But, the moogle quickly rolled backward, exiting the bush and evading his deflected projectile. He was, as always, wearing a black bandana on his head, wrapped in such a way that it covered most of his head yet still allowed the pompom to stick through. He didn't know for sure, but he imagined that crushing it under anything would be rather painful, and he didn't intend to test. He was also wearing a black jacket, black shirt, and black pants, which were all a sharp contrast to his silver fur. At his side was a scimitar, and in his hands were two daggers. "Impressive, kupo. Perhaps we should introduce ourselves, for each other to know and for the audience that appears to have assembled." Indeed, there were a great number of onlookers, some of which appeared to be betting on the outcome. "I am Milton Radley, infamous Nirime thief and hunter of the undead and werebeings." Pulling a dart from inside his jacket, he asks "And you would be..?"

((Nirime: It means something or someone from Nirimar. Nirimar is the southernmost of the three Northern Kingdoms, with Pentonia in the northwest and Estorian in the northeast. People there always have such nice things, so thieves love the place - and will tolerate the religious zealots that live there.))
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 466/4539
Jaques was walking through the city. What a barbari place to allow duels in the middle of the streets. It could hurt many.

He suddenly stiffened Someone said "Kupo"? This was indeed a strange place.

He examined the bushes, and sinced a bit of heat coming from them in a roughly humanoid shape.

A firebomb was suddenly thrown at him, but it stopped in midair, just standing their, burning. It suddenly went back at the bushes, hoping to finally explode towards Milton.
Posts: 388/2724
Alright, first things first, the rule modification:

Autohitting: Go ahead and say you hit. Just remember that it'll be treated as though you added some means of saying it was an attempt. In other words, I won't yell at you for saying "Sparda stabbed Milton", I'll just pretend it said "Sparda tried to stab Milton".

No offense to Sparda; his name was the first one that came to mind.

Personal Element List being moved to bio soon, but until then: Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, Wind, Light, Shadow. Sometimes I use alternate names.

Also a warning: Using a slow character against Milton is suicide. He is extremely fast.

Milton's recent thefts have bored him, nothing being under heavy guard, no one even reporting the items stolen. So he decided to pick a fight with the first serious combatand he saw. He had hoped his accidental muttering of 'kupo' wouldn't reveal his location in the bushes lining the roads of Charybdis, a port city in Pentonia. The people wouldn't mind a battle, they watch them daily in the Red Dome at the center of town. So long as no one is killed and no bystanders are harmed, a battle in the streets is perfectly legal. He hoped to toss a Firebomb out at the first good fighter he saw...

(Pentonia is a somewhat chilly country, but since this is summer in the southernmost city in the country, it's tolerable. Temperatures are around 55 degrees, and skies are overcast - as is the norm in Pentonia...)
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Maybe I should FINISH a fight here (slightly modified rules...)

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