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11-29-23 11:57 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - My Cords Been Cut!
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Dark Vader
Posts: 322/335
I just duct taped it together.... why are you getting a new one... everyone knows that there is no problem that cannot be fixed by duct tape.
Posts: 271/476
Hey... Kada.. blaga.. whatever the fuck he named his name is... is going to help me out and buy the cord for me off of E-bay... I'll have my new cord by monday... WOOT!!!
Dark Vader
Posts: 304/335
Yeah... thanks to that cord I can't borrow it... (mumbling) stupid cord.

*Duct tapes cord back together.*
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Just because I like to be a bitch like that I'm moving this to Help and Suggestions, because it doesn't seem like a Crazy topic.

No worries.

Sorry about the cord.
Posts: 4/1567
its crap because you cant charge the batterie without the cord either. but $70 thats alot of money for a power cord. well good luck
Posts: 140/222
Well that sux.Hope it will be soon when you get a new one!!

**hands you a hundred dollar bill**
Posts: 260/476
The power cord for my laptop is shot all to hell and gone... so now i can't use my laptop until I get a new one... and I'm not sure when that will be... but I hope it will be soon... it'll cost me between 20 and 70 dollars to replace...
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - My Cords Been Cut!

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