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09-23-23 05:19 PM
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Fooly Cooly Kirby
Posts: 18/112
Im usually on a couple times a week, If anyone wants to play together they can add me

Raven Halfmoon - Lvl 20 Necro/Mesmer

Also have Lvl 20 Monk/Mesmer Luna Amare

Lvl 20 Elementalist/Mesmer Sofia Lockheart

I've played the game since prophicies was released and i have Factions and will be getting nightfall sooner or later and these are the only lvl 20's i felt like i could stick with.

I've also had lvl 20 war, ranger, mesmer. currently working on getting my 20 war back again and I started a Ritualist as well, if you need any help with the game feel free to message me.
Posts: 114/116
I play guild wars very actively.

I also have a guild and an alliance.

We have a teamspeak server @

If you don't get the older games you don't have access to the skills from those games for your PvP characters.

You can also contact me directly via several methods.

AIM: ErkDog / ErkPhone
MSN: erkdog )at( / erkphone )at(
Y! erkdog / erkphone

e-mail same as above MSN addresses.
Posts: 1490/2954
Yar...The only money you EVER have to shell out for this game, is to buy the actual games themselves. The expansion packs are all "Stand-Alone" Meaning they all are playable alone, without getting any of the other games.

Prophecies(Original Guild Wars) is the hardest verson of the game out there. Not necessarily the difficulty of the game, just the amount of time it takes. Going from level 1-20 can take about 50-60 hours for the casual games, and less time if you're hardcore into quest grinding. The classes are good, I like the way this game was set up.

Factions(1st Expansion Pack) Is much easier to get to lvl 20 in. I casually did this with one of my characters and it took me about 20-25 hours of on and off quest grinding. The armor(in my opinion) looks cooler, and Factions has an Asian theme, where Prophecies has an Eastern European theme. The two additional classes are pretty cool, though I actually haven't used either of them for a prolonged amount of time yet.

Nightfall(2nd expansion, due out October 27th) Not sure how the game will be, but the new classes look amazing, and the theme for the land is Northern African with a little bit of the Middle-eastern societies thrown in. (think Egyptian) This promises to be the best expansion yet and I cannot wait until I get it!!!
Posts: 62/128
I seriously have to get around to getting on GW sometime. I haven't played in oh...a month now? Yeah, need to get on sometime.

I have factions, but still not very far(the monastery, can do misson #2). I made a Mesmer/Ritualist to see if I can do fast-cast exploding spirits, but hasn't worked well up to this point. The fast casting for summoning the spirits is really nice, though.

If you feel like adding me, I use Ingrion Jesco (level 20 Elementalist/Mesmer who focuses mainly on Lightning).
Posts: 925/1351
Originally posted by Darkness
Yes it was, Ive been playing a long while and am lv 20 only once because ive only had a little time on it a month but I love the fact of how its all about strategy and barely about lving up at all though that does help.

Try Faction's Undercity, there's barely no good strategy in which keep you alive. Basically, in short...

All of the Henchman: Hi, I'm glad you hired me. I'll make your life a lot easier with several other henchman! Okay! Get ready!

*You run at the nearest enemy where the henchmans take their time relaxing. You quickly die and then they are talking to each other.*

#1 Henchman: Today was a bad day. We chokes on some anthrax and there are nothing we can do about it. Oh yeah, the main character, I think his name was Anthrax Roxors finally fought some monsters and he dies so we just hang around and wait for our own death.

P.S. I commited a suicides.

The End!

Yeah, I played it and I got a level 20 assassin. Still haven't pay any monthly fees yet so learn to stop spreading rumor. Rumor are basically evil.
Posts: 361/365
Originally posted by Clathana
So what Hoboconductor said was false?

Yes it was, Ive been playing a long while and am lv 20 only once because ive only had a little time on it a month but I love the fact of how its all about strategy and barely about lving up at all though that does help.
Posts: 10/116
Hobo that is not true

Guild Wars is 100% free other than buying the game.

I play it and am in a Guild even, although I dion't have much time to play any more, if at all... 3 jobs and all :-D

I'm an officer if anybody wants to join the guild.
High Flyin' Ryan
Posts: 45/93
You need a CD key.
Posts: 328/1858
My friend got it a few weeks ago and now he's obsessed. It seems neat, but I don't really feel like shelling out the money for it.

Because there's no monthly fee.....wouldn't that make it easier to download illegaly?
High Flyin' Ryan
Posts: 44/93
There will never be a monthly fee for Guild Wars. The online part is free. Of course you have to buy the game, and I do not see a point in expansions for the game. The creators can just add to the game as it is. That is why there are "updates".
Posts: 107/121
Its free thats good yah but later one when they come with an expansion you will have to pay, thats the thing. Also with the bright colors...i never knew the dark could glow, did you? thats what i notice, its really bright no matter where you go. Also my friend is an idiot and all he does is go on Guild Wars (DJROC you know Trev) and he goes aorund to people saying "Got to" hes an idiot to poast porn. Anyways thats off the point its just odd to me and the paying will make everyone mad. Also if you dont pay and want to stay free the updates will have new weapons, armor, areas, monsters..ect that will make you want to buy it...
Boondock Saint
Posts: 68/68
i love guild wars, i like how the color is shining like a mystical knight type of world, best thinga bout guild wars is that its free, and the highest you can reach is lvl 20 but you dont have to pay after that, thats just bullshit lol. Lvl 20 so far is the lvl cap until they decide to raise it up you still get skill points though so you can buy new skills once you hit lvl 20. Its a great game to play because its not so much as lvl up for xp but you do more quests and go in the main story, not lif FF where all i ever did was lvl up, and the death penalty is alot better than FF's to.
Posts: 50/121
I hate guild wars, the color,the music, the characters....ehh so anooying i hate it.
Posts: 136/222
lol.I've been playing world of warcraft about 7 months and last month I had to quit because my time ran out becaue you have to buy a 30$ card every 2 months to im hoping to get another card soon.
High Flyin' Ryan
Posts: 40/93
Well if you are willing to pay a monthly fee I would definitly recommend Everquest II over any other online RPG/Adventure game. However, if you want a good no monthly fee RPG, go with Guild Wars, it is worth it.
Posts: 124/222
Oh ok thanks....but i still don't know if im gonna get it yet..
High Flyin' Ryan
Posts: 39/93
Yes, was false. You will not find anyone on the game who is over level 20. The game is completely free after the purchase of the game itself. It states that in the players manual as well .
Posts: 123/222
So what Hoboconductor said was false?
High Flyin' Ryan
Posts: 38/93
That is false information. You do not have to pay after getting level 20. It is NOT possible to go past level 20 though, no matter what. There is NO payment besides buying the game itself.
Posts: 118/222
Whoa ya have done gave me enough information now...I don't think i'm gonna get it now..but thanks for telling me about the having to pay when you reach lvl 20 thing.
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