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01-23-21 02:44 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - And then he says, "Howza 'bout an open challenge?"
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*Knowing Van's style of making diversions for himself, Tai quickly rushes in, hurdling over several vents in the way, then does a no-handed cartwheel over the shockwave, and as Van comes down from his monstrous gravity-defying jump, Tai kicks upwards, as in the finisher for the lotus.*
Van Rhanell
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*As Tai draws his hand across the ground, Van jumps up, about 4 feet off the ground and almost looking suspended. He exhales loudly and throws his staff into the ceiling, causing a shockwave that has more than normal attack power.*

Ground Quake (small ver.): Van's staff can amplify the amount of force it makes, and this is one technique that comes out of this skill. In a 10 foot radius, the surface usually cracks if it can be broken and sometimes collapses. An average human with no sort of armor would have their ankles broken in multiple places from this. It happens very fast, so that the attacker can still be in the air while it takes place.
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*Tai, having split second refelxes, joins his left leg with his right on Van's and is slammed into the ground as a result.*

"Better than being sent flying..."

*Tai lets Van's leg go and backflips up, his shirt over-dramatically responding. He draws his sword Prince of Persia style, draws his hand across the ground and charges at Van, slashing and then trying to trip him, ending up behind him.*
Van Rhanell
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"Hey, this time you're faster at gathering energy"

*Van's staff being in good working order, he holds it vertically in front of him neatly 'splits' the fireballs with it. Then knowing that momentum is very easily thwarted in midair, he bicyle kicks Tai over him to the next building, slightly hoping that a slow-motion camera captured this.*
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"Good choice of music, Van. I guess you want me to start?"

*Tai leaps into the air, now at a 45 degree angle with Van. With his arms crossed in front of his face, he gathers a small amount of energy in his hands and tosses 5 fireballs from each hand at Van, following it up by diving at him and kickinh at his head.*
Van Rhanell
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...back to this forum, since I've taken quite the break from it..

*Van looked up at the building from its bottom, noticing how close the building right next to it is. Propelling himself up with this staff, Van proceeds to wall jump up the building, occasionally stopping on a fire escape. He makes his way up, wearing his red and black mythril t-shirt and light brown pants with assorted bleach stains. A random boombox is in the corner, and will proceed to be there on every building corner they happen to land on. Gorrilaz's album Demon Days starts playing and hence, the fight begins.
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Oh, why not.

Character: Tai
Arena: Something generic... how about the rooftops of some city?
Time of day: Night
Special rules: Think of that old playground game "hot lava". You touch the ground, you lose.

*Tai places his trenchcoat and hat in the locker next to him, and gets into the elevator, taking it to the top. Exiting the elevator, he opens a door that simply says '' roof '', and enters. Walking up that final flight of stairs, he inhales a breath of fresh air, and sits across the top step.*
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - And then he says, "Howza 'bout an open challenge?"

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