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01-19-21 03:52 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Kevin Katsuyori vs. Jack (Cairoi)
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Jack saw Kevin draw the gun and leaped off the robot, not feeling any pain. When he landed, he realized his ring finger was bleeding.

"Shit! You hit me!"

Jack wrapped up the bleeding and pointed his other hand at the mech.

"Di Reso!"

Suddenly, the pull of gravity in a 6 ft radius around the mech was reversed, which should throw him up into the air and out of Jack's hair.
The Accidental Protege
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Kevin raised his real hand up above the cockpit and fired some bullets. The glass was still 60% there, and it was one way glass, so Kevin could see out, but others not in. The Raptor 22 Magnum was fired right up through the weakened glass at near point-blank range.
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Cairoi dashed extremely quickly under the rock and jumped after passing under it. He landed ontop of the mech and smiled. He placed his hand on the cockpit window, watching it begin to fade away.

The Accidental Protege
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A mountain of debris stood where Kevin's position was. It bagan to crumble soon, though, as the large piece on top began to rise up, and the surrounding debris fell away. The arms of the mech were holding the ceiling piece up. Without warning, he threw it right at Jack with immense strengh...
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OOC: I can hear you cock and aim your gun, can guess trajectory due to direction of blast and direction of sound, and it is magical fire that I enchanted into being anti-matter. It was anti-matter that canceled the lightning.

Cairoi flew out of the way and tried to think of something to do hiding behind this pillar. That's it, he thought to himself.


He shot multiple anti-matter blasts, taking out one parking square's worth of pillars. He smiled and sent a blast of air pressure at the roof, causing the roof to break into boulders and collapse onto Kevin.


The Accidental Protege
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OOC:I find it incredible that you can sense an electrical blast coming at you as near the speed of light when your blinded, and fire can't do shit to electricity...
IC: The machine guns on the shoulder began to chatter away, as the bullets rained down on on the anti-matter. On e bullet would cancel an anti matter charge; that's the problem with them... But the mech didn't stop. The machine guns continued to firse, as the auto lock systems kept a bead on it's target.
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Suddenly, the fire gathered into a small ball in front of the concentrated lighting. The fire turned black and seemed to absorb the lightning, making it twice it's size. Cairoi stood up and smiled as his pupils returned to his empty eye's.


THe ball formed around his hand and made a gauntlet of anti-matter.

"Try me.Jicardor!"

Some anti-matter shot out at Kevin's mech, threating to burn through it.
The Accidental Protege
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"Too little, too late!" Kevin's mecha hand never let go of the rifle the entire time. Using this to his advantage, he pulled it out once more and fired a beam of pure energized, concentrated lightning at Jack. It fires as fast as a rail gun.
OOC: Don't believe me? Check the profile. Reload time sucks, though...
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Jack fell to the ground, grabbing his eyes, landing on one knee. Out of his pocket, he pulled black shades and put them over his eyes so in the case that Kevin tries that again, he could quickly use a darkness spell to counter it. There was no help in doing it now, though, because he was without vision for a few.


Suddenly, a dome of fire about 5ftx5ft burned with magic green fire, that would burn anything but the caster, He used the shield as a scapegoat to allow him to restore his sight.
The Accidental Protege
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As the gun was being pulled back into the holster, the Airo spell hit the arm of the mech, leaving a sizable dent. "Damn, you dented the mech! Now you've done it!" The mech swiveled towards Jack and revved backwards about 20 feet. "Heh heh... " With Kevin's insidious laugh, the headlights on the "chest" of the mech shone on, but grew extrodinarily bright, until only pure white light (which can temporarily blind) filtered through and began to flash wildly at a rate of 500bpm (blinks per minute)... "Magic your way around this!"
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"Heh. Alright then."

Jack jumped into the air, dodging the swing, and pointed his right index finger at the cockpit.


Jack shot out a highly pressured small orb of air that would shatter anything. If it hit, it would shatter the glass and keep going through the mech and into the ground. It moved extremely quickly, so Kevin had little time to react.
The Accidental Protege
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"Fat chance, Jack. The back is covered with adamantium to protect the fuel tanks." Using the force he already had going for him with the swinging of his rifle, he decided to follow through with it full circle to try to nail him again
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Jack launched up into the air, dodging the attack. He flipped in the air until landing on the ground and focused on the inner power of fire. Outside of his body, his hands set aflame as they clapsed together. He then ran up and placed his hand on the back of the mech. He then expelled his concetrated thoughts and a monumentous outburst of flame sprang forth and propelled the mech forward. Also, the extreme heat should burn through the metal, though it is unpredictable.
The Accidental Protege
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"No energy, huh? FIne..." Kevin's mech was putting the rifle back, when as it was almost holstered completely, he swung it back around quickly and forcefully at Jack...
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Jack pointed his hand out quickly and touched his necklace with the other, activiating one of his 3 insant-ready spells. A barrier of energy shot up and blocked the ray, shattering afterwards. THe minimal mana used in the spell flowed back into Jack.

"What else you got?"
The Accidental Protege
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"Alright! Here I go!" The mech pulled out it's gigantic Beam rifle and aimed at Jack. "Don't think I'll take it easy on you cause we're friends!" Kevin fired the beam, as an instantaneous ray of purple electric energy blazed forth.
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"Sure thing."

Jack outstrectched his arms and focused his mana. Been a while since he needed to stretch.

"Right. Ready."
The Accidental Protege
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It was quiet in the wide, expansive garage of the 369 headquarters. Jack came through the door, while Kevin was tuning up his mech. "Hey, Jack; just aded some nice additions to my mech. I need someone to test 'em out on. You game?"
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Kevin Katsuyori vs. Jack (Cairoi)

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