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01-26-21 11:57 PM
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X Marks the Spot
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*Aviary, realizing that the vial has broken, quickly pulls his cloak over his head to shelter him from the water, which soaks his cloak*

*Aviary then throws his cloak to the ground and leaps out of the hole*
Posts: 244/476
*Jexim quickly focuses his energy in his Sapphire Hidachis, then using the power of the hidachis, he quickly excites the molecules of water inside the vial, well past boiling, shattering the glass vial seconds later, raining water downward from where it was held above Aviary's head*
X Marks the Spot
Posts: 258/693
(From the hole) "Why are you watering me?"

*Aviary is hit in the foot by the vial... It probably shattered, except it didn't, it bounced off his foot and skids across the floor of the hole*

*Aviary picks up the vial and begins to attempt to build a shelter out of it*
Posts: 243/476
*Jexim quickly reaches into the depths of his coat, pulling out a small thing what looks like a vial, inside the vial is what appears to be water, he slings it into the hole*

X Marks the Spot
Posts: 257/693
*Aviary sinks through the ground as the beam flys overhead*
Posts: 242/476
*stopping short and continuing the upward slash, he slices neatly through the tree, with almost no visible hesitation, the tree stays there momentarily, then slowly begins to slide off, eventually tipping and falling to the earth with a loud crash, as this is happening, Jexim raises his hand, the tatoo on the back of his right hand begins to glow brightly in the dimely lit clearing, he raises his hand as the tree is tipping, revealing Aviary, his hand, now pointed at Aviary, it glows even brighter*


*As he utters the word a large beam shots forth from his palm, roughly the diameter of a basketball, moving towards Aviary at just a little below the speed of sound*
X Marks the Spot
Posts: 256/693
*Aviary reaches out in front of him with his hand*

*A tree suddenly appears in front of Aviary*

"Where'd that come from...?"
Posts: 241/476
Yes... Yes they do...

*Jexim suddenly goes grim faced and launches forward, swinging his sword downward just before he starts and attempting to bring it up across aviary's chest as he runs*

X Marks the Spot
Posts: 255/693
"Does anybody do anything?"

*Aviary pulls a rubber duck from his cloak and begins fidgeting with it*
Posts: 240/476

*Jexim spins around looking off into the vacant distance, nothing to be seen past the horizon, he turns on aviary, pointing his sword at him*

Did you do this?
X Marks the Spot
Posts: 254/693
*Aviary stands in the clearing nearby Jexim, there is no tree in sight*

"Where did what come from?"
Posts: 239/476
*Continuing the sword swing, it sinks deep into the tree with a solid "THUNK", his sword held solid, jexim looks on in disbelief*

Where the fuck did that come from...
X Marks the Spot
Posts: 253/693
*Aviary dives behind a tree that just appeared to his left*
Posts: 238/476
You tried to bite me... that is a punishable offense...

*Jexim pulls the Onyx Blade from inside his coat and moves as if to cut off Aviary's arm, which is pointing at the sky*
X Marks the Spot
Posts: 252/693
*Aviary points at the sky*

"Bunny cloud..."
Posts: 237/476
*Jexim stands looking at the moaning body of Aviary*

X Marks the Spot
Posts: 251/693
*Aviary is struck squarely in the face and falls back, clutching his head and moaning... Alot*
Posts: 231/476
*Jexim takes a quick step back and, rotating quickly on his left leg, kicks out vicously for Aviary's head with his right foot*

X Marks the Spot
Posts: 250/693
*Avaiary moves towards Jexim and attempts to gnaw on his leg again*
Posts: 228/476
*As aviary's mouth begins to close around Jexim's leg, he feels it and pulls away quickly, leaving aviary biting nothing but air*

What the Hell!?!?!?!
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