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01-22-21 09:21 PM
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Dark Vader
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*Anyndir has Flamestrike in hand before the gun was drawn and has the flat of the blade lined up perfectly with the barrel when the bullet is fired. The bullet slams into the blade and just stops, the blade not ever vibrating in the slightest. At the same time, he is slashing across at Yuki's neck with Frostbite
Azen Dalin
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Yuki turned his head and looked at the man.

"Ooooh...are you a new play mate?"

The 14 year old stood on his feet and brushed himself off. His eyes were a deep green color, contrasting his pail face perfectly. They were cheerful eyes, but beneath the cheer lied a fearful creature. He did not prepare to fight, nor did he care what the man was there for, the only thing that mattered was that he was a new play mate for him.

"Are you strong sir?? Oh yes, indeed you are! This is a good thing! You will be much harder to defeat than a silly little rabbit."

The threat of death did not reach Yuki's ears. He was curiously looking over his new opponent with a look of amusement.

When he was done looking him over he took out his Strong Gun and fired a single bullet, just to test Anydrin's speed.
Dark Vader
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* A dark figure creeps up behind Yuki. He speaks from right behind him.*

Yes, it is dead. It is a crime punishable by death to kill a rabbit in these lands.
Azen Dalin
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OOC: alrighty then...I guess I'll use Yuki. I'll post his stats up here. *shrugs* I never said that non-humans were worse, just easier to battle with. Its easier to find a way to kill someone when you can shoot fire out of your hand, neh?

Name: Yuki
Age: 14
Weapons of Choice: Katanas, home-made bombs, Strong Gun, maritial arts

home-made bomb: After he was 10, Yuki took up an obsession with explosives. He began making a special bomb which can blow up anywhere from 30 feet to 100 feet. The explosion is 1500 degrees F in the middle and somewhere between 90 to 95 on the outskirts of the explosion. When the bomb explodes, it is like 1500 tons being compressed into a 2 inch x 4 inch square being will kill anything within whatever vacinity he sets it.

Strong Gun: Made to shoot bullets the size of his middle finger. Most bullets tips are poisoned (poison sets in after 4 posts. Depending on what type of poison is on the bullet, depends on the type of effect). Even if the bullet just grazes the skin, the poison will set in, also...if the bullet hits directly the body part, it should explode into a million pieces. Why? Well, these are bullets the size of his middle finger coming at you at about the rate of...200 mph.

Defenses: Electron Shields

Basically the shields are emmitted from specific electrons that were put in his body when he was 5 years old (expiremental). The electrons are like tiny computers in his blood-stream. When he summons a shield, they provide him with one that is nearly indespencable. However, they are imperfect and over heat after the usage of more than 2 hours, so it is rare that he actually uses these shields. It is very painful.


Yuki look about curiously. In the feild he's already set 4 bombs, each one awaiting his opponent. In the field there are a few trees and some scattered brush here and there. In his lap sits a rabbit, dead from a snap to the neck. He stares at it, wondering why it had stopped moving.

"Is it dead...?"

The childish 14-year-old asked. He'd never actually seen death close up before. Its neck hung limply to the side, eyes wide but dead, the rabbit still twitching in his lap. The eyes are lifeless, but fear still crawled within them.
Dark Vader
Posts: 247/335
I will use Anyndir for this fight. We will also see which is better Humans or non-humans, since you think that human characters are better. You can create the battlefield.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Challenge to Yuzukichi Kaze

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