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01-26-21 07:07 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" pictures out
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Haha, gotta love Draco as a ferrett. That was great. Thank you, Rogue.
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All right, here's to the triple-posting admins out there...

They just put out a scene and new TV spot recently so check 'em out.

Here's the link to the scene:
Mad Eye Moody takes Draco down a peg

TV spot:
Super high res

High res

Medium res

Low res
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A behind the scenes shot that was posted on a humor site:

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Prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite book. I mean, I understand there are some liberties moviemakers should take just to differentiate from the original (otherwise, what's the point of watching the movie if it's just the book repeated?), but that one was massacred in more ways than I would have appreciated.
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True, but it's better to read the books anyway because whoever is in charge likes to cut out or change things. Especially the third movie... I still think some things that were cut out were very important and should have been at least mentioned.
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Usually parts from the former books tie in with parts in the latter, so it'd be a good idea to check out the older ones before you go and see the new ones. Of course, you should read the books before hand, but you don't have to in order to understand the movie.
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Hmm, well should I see all of the others before I see this one? I'm thinking I'll try to see this in theaters.
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Yeah, might as well. Its worth seeing them in theaters, but personally I'd just wait until it comes onto cable a year later. Its not like they have too too much to cut out. I'm not a huge fan myself, but its got its own little thing going on with it. If you feel like renting them, by all means do so. Its got medievil aspects to it, I'm not sure how to explain it really.

Go for it. Promote literature.
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You know ... I should really probably check out these movies.

I mean, I've never had any interest whatsoever in the books, and I've always had the "They're kiddy" kind of attitude, but that's honestly a little ignorant. Why? I've never actually seen one of them.

I hear they're pretty good, and I've heard some themes and music from several of the OST's, and I really liked them.

Well, let's just say I was a huge killer for the LoTR Trilogy, and I love Medievil Fantasy styled stories, you guys think I should check this series out?
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Aw... thats Mad Eye? He was one of my favorite characters... they should've just given him makeup, make one eye enormous. I dunno, thats how the picture looked in the book.

Come to think of it, I haven't even seen some of the Harry Potter movies, let alone read the newest book. Its gonna be hard to make those kids look young later on.
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I have to admit, I am rather disappointed by Mad Eye... he doesn't look like I pictured him at all... I mean, what's with the strap?
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Some new pictures were recently released and scattered out through the fandom forums.

Here's a preview of Mad Eye Moody:

In truth, this is not how I pictured him, but then again they didn't portray Lupin the way I'd have liked him to be either.

The rest can be found by clicking this link
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Well if they want to make them look young, the boys shouldn't have such long hair, to me it makes them look a lot older, I got a shock when I saw the hair of the actors that play Fred and George and they should make Hermione's hair messier just little things like that can make them look younger.
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It's not so much to try to keep the characters young or anything. I get what everybody's saying that yes the charries do age throughout the series. this movie for example, they (Harry's crew) should only be about 14. Daniel and Emma(Harry and Hermione), I think might be able to cut it for the entire series...they still look kinda young, and with the help of stage make-up and all... **shrugs** So yeah...I see what everyone else is saying about having the charries look the ages they're supposed to be.
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Originally posted by Déesse
I just want to know why all the boys are going their hair long? is there a trend going around in england or something?

Take it from t3h crazy British person, long hair is not the fashion (At least where I live it isn't).
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Why do people want to keep the characters young ? Seriously, as Shuyin said, they age with each book, there are 7 books that follow Harry and his friends through years 1 to 7. If they changed the characters to keep them "young" then I can bet you JK Rowling and a lot of the production people who created the movies would loose money and fans. They are supposed to grow up, not stay young forever and it really gets to me how people want them to stay younger

I am looking forward to the 4th movie coming out, though I've been very disappointed in the last 3 films, I've seen the trailer for this one and it looks great. They have left out a lot of things from what I've heard, but I guess they have to or it would be a very very long film
I think they have picked the characters well for Fleur, Cedric and Krum, the guy who plays Cedric is a hottie I'm still upset about the new dumbledore, I don't really like his acting

I just want to know why all the boys are going their hair long? is there a trend going around in england or something?
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For the most part you are right, though there is more than a year gap between each movie... more like a year and a half now, but you are right. I think the main reason that Rupert Grint and Tom Felton look so much older is because they are (Rupert was 15 when they made the first movie, Ron is 11 in the book).

I think that they might as well just keep who they have now though. As old as Draco looks, I don't think that they could find a good enough replacement for Tom that fast.
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I think that its better that they keep the same casting.

Harry Potter is not an immortal character. He ages with every book, growing a year I believe with each one.

A movie has come out each basically it's staying true to the series by keeping the aging actors.

Of course I'm not a die hard I wouldn't be surprised if I'm incorrect.
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I don't really think that Daniel Radcliff looks 19. If Rupert Grint cut his hair he could pull off being 14 again (since some just look older), the only one that really looks too old for the role is Tom Felton, I'm sorry but Draco just doesn't look his age anymore!

Oh yes, and please do watch the bumping of the threads, you've been doing that a lot lately, though something was contributed to the thread in your post here, so it's okay.
Toilet Master
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ok honesty i think it is time to recast the cast come on harry looks like he is 19 and ron looks like he is 20 what the hell look at the front cover of the book and they look incredibly yong but in the movie they look like there in collage.
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