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01-19-21 10:02 PM
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Broken Dreams
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yeah his hair is pretty rad and a very hot sexy voixe, the love song is my favorite song also.
one time I was messing around with my bangs and got his hair style <.<
>.> but I was just messing around and I put my hair back to normal haha ;p
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The Cure is awesome! Love Song is probably my favorite by them, and sadly the only song of theirs that I do posses. His voice is just awesome... and the hair!!
Broken Dreams
Posts: 168/371
does anyone here love the cure?????!! this band has to be like my most favorite band plus with the killers I liked the killers way before they got popular but thats not the point! the point is, I love the cure its great good music.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - The Cure

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