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02-21-24 05:37 AM
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I'll do it!

*runs off to attempt the 306 member post radar feat!!*
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Oh thank you Xeios I'm on someones list now, I feel so honoured I used to have people on my post radar: Xeo, Kaijin, Katana, Elara, Spyware & Rogue.. are the names I can remember, but I took them all off, i was getting confused to tell you the truth, seeing all of you on, scared me

It would be cool to see all members in the post radar.. maybe someone could to a screen shot.. if that's possible
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Well, she's about 70 above me now. I am posting more often. I have her on there, myself, Elara, Deese, Xeo, and Cairoi. I used to have Sparda up there, but he left so I took him off.

Silence Xeo I'm 980 behind you, I'm catching up. first True, then Elara, and then you are going down!
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Originally posted by True Flight
I'm WAY ahead of you Xeios. XD I have the top five in there. Along with others. =P

Only by like 30 posts though.

When you are up with the big dogs, like me. Yeah that's right, the man number 1 poster! have quite a few posts you'd hardly notice a 30 post gap.
True Flight
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I'm WAY ahead of you Xeios. XD I have the top five in there. Along with others. =P
Posts: 575/2954
I'm putting you in the post radar True, and Xeo, and Elara, and Deese. I'm gonna put the people a place or two behind me on there too.
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The only people i put in my post radar are the people who are above me when im in the top 5 posters.
True Flight
Posts: 562/5243
Uh oh Xeo you better watch out 999 behind you. XD slowly catching up bwhahaha. But yeah thanks for saying there's no limit. I should just go ahead and find some way to put the whole member list on my post radar. bahaha. XD
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I put myself on my Post Radar, and that's it.

Just saves me time from having to go into my profile, or the memberlist to see how many posts I have.

I know, I'm lazy.
True Flight
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OH okay... Just wondering. XD I can see Xeo. He flaunts his post count. He must have every member on there.
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There is no limit, its just the amount of people you want to load on every page.
True Flight
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Is there a limit to how many users you put on your post radar? I was just wondering... *hopes she isn't close to topping out*
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