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01-23-21 12:06 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Challenge to Spartan
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*On the final swipe Gray thrusts his sword around, charging it with Electro-Magnetic energy. An contact with Chris' sword, a small magnetic explosion will blast in Chris' direction*
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*Chris Frontflips over the blade and Gray and attempts to Stab Gray in the back with his sword*

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*Gray sees the beam coming and he jumps sidewards with mighty force and speed, missing the beam entirely. He thrusts himself forwards towards Chris and attempts to perform Swords Play on him*

Swords Play - Gray Fox takes his sword out and starts swinging it wildly at one spot with almost perfect accuracy, swiping almost 150 times a second. Can be used to block gun shots
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*Chris waves his sword in a horizontal motion across Gray Fox's face*

Hmmmmmm...Say goodbye to the facemask...


*A silver beam flys from chris's sword at Grays mask.*
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The side affects of the pulse are starting to kick in, causing Gray to go temporarily insane. He starts to jump and flail around with his sword, slash any object in the way. He stops after about 20 seconds and crouches on one knee, this time with no electric field. He begins to breath heavily, as if gasping for air. He is open for an attack*
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*Chris face plate suffers static wash*


*Chris backflips away from the bubble*

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*Grey suddenly sands up causing a huge magnetic pulse to surround him in a 10 metres diameter circle, scrambling any electrical devices near him. The pulse also draws close to him any and all signs of metal towards him so he can try and slash it. The effect only lasts until the end of your next post*
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*Chris brings his sword up to a defense position.*

Hmmmm...I wonder...Your exosuit has metal in it...correct?

especially your face mask...

*Chris pulls out a throwing knife glowing silver and slots it into his sword*

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*Gray re-directs his attack so he lands his sword on Chris', blocking Chris' attack too. He jumps backwards using his sword as a jumping point and lands 4 metres back. As soon as he lands he crouches down on one knee and makes a thin electrical field appear around him. He begins storing energy in his exoskeleton to power up his next attack. The electrical field will be able to block most basic attacks and possibly some advanced attacks*
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*Chris rolls to the right drawing his sword and slashs at grey foxs legs*

Hmmmmm...Fiesty and quick to fight we are....
OOC:I like your character...NIce how you brought him from MGS

Name: Grey Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 32, killed in Zanzibar then resurrected 3 months later
Eyes: Sees through red heat sensor in the exoskeleton
Hair: Unseeable
Race: Cyborg Human
Weight: 213 pounds
Height: 6'5"
Right Hand: HF Blade
Left Hand: Nothing
Armour: Exoskeleton Armour, keeps him alive through resurrection and gives him extra strength

Stealth (Becomes invisible but leaves a blurred vision where he is)
Hard Punch (Self Explanatory)
Quick Teleport (Uses stealth then moves quickly to another point around the enemy, then uses hard punch)
Sword Play (Grey Fox takes his sword out and starts swinging it wildly at one spot with almost perfect accuracy, swiping almost 150 times a second. Can be used to block gun shots)
Defend (Useful for blocking fast moving objects e.g. bullets)

1) Excellent fist and sword fighter
2) HF Blade is sharp enough to cut metals and rocks such as titanium, steel or emerald with a few blows
3) Exoskeleton armour gives him extra speed, agility and strength
4) Ability to block ranged weapons with sword
1) Very vulnerable to melee attacks when face mask is blown off
2) Can have electrical spasms through his armour randomly
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*Gray walks across a path with his stealth turned on until he is 2 metres infront of Chris. He deactivates the stealth and his cyborg form appears.*

"So you show up... This is a battle to the death"

*Gray's sword almost instantly appears in his hands. He jumps up about two metres above Chris and stabs downwards at Chris's head*
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I accept your Challenge i will use Chris...My spartan...
I will pick the arena.
You get first move

*Chris looks around at the abandoned town and walks into the city park*

Hmmmmmm...I can feel your presence come out come out wherever you are.

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If you accept, you can choose who makes the arena and the first move. I'll be using Gray Fox.
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