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01-26-21 08:01 PM
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Azen Dalin
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OOC: Lets not make an rp out of this! XD

BIC: Ariya gave a wave of her hand and began to limp off.

"I'm sure we'll run into each other again."

With that she walked off from the forest, heading home.

OOC: closed! XD
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*Smiling, Jexim took ahold of her hand helping her up from the ground, he brushes off her back as soon as she is standing up*

Hey... you were great too... definetely a great return battle... And to your credit... The most fun battle I've ever had before... I definetely hope we fight again... soon...

*Jexim offers his shoulder to Jexim*

Want some help getting out of this forest?
Azen Dalin
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The panicing eyes of a cornered animal looked around the area, searching for him. When he came up behind her, she had no reaction time, and thus was given a direct hit. She fell to the ground with a groan.

Blood covered her body. She rolled over and looked at Jexim, holding up her hand for him to help her up.

"You win. I can't defeat someone who can summon stars and duck into the shadows. It was a learning expiriences, maybe we can do this again."
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*He still had a charge in the onyx blade, not much but enough, so as she threw the blood at him, he was already sinking into the ground, fully dissapearing into the shadow before she started firing, the shadow shot across the ground, stoping behind her, he flew up out of the shadow slashing with the onyx blade at her back, still moving the ministar toward her front, his tatoos making a blazing red flash as he struck at her*
Azen Dalin
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OOC: HAHA! No way...give up?

BIC: Ariya gasped as she saw what he was doing, and figured it better to be bleeding than to be held to the ground and burnt to death, she was Irish after all. She rushed to the side, putting out her hand first and letting the kunai go through it.

The burning sensation in her hand did not fade fast, and would not with her next attack. Because the ball was coming at her at a fast pace, she flipped to the side, using the bleeding hand. This caused the blood to come out faster and harder, she was close enough to her opponent now to do her favorite manuever.

With a simple swish of her wrist, she caused blood to be flung at Jexim's eyes. She knew what blood felt like in the eyes, it was worse than dirt. With her right arm, she fired bullets at him in every possible direction he could go.
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*Jexim watched her fly over him, ready and throwing four kunai's at her as she landed, throwing them in the manor that would force her to duck to avoid them all, one on both sides and two above her, so, planing on her ducking to avoid the attack, Jexim pushes one fourth of his charge into his Onyx Blade, and using the power of manipulation to cast Entrapment, The shadows beneath Ariya's feet jumping up off the ground suddenly, attempting to wrap themselves around her feet and pull her into the ground, holding her there afterwords, at the same time he focuses the other three quarters of the charge into the ruby blades, unfortunately, putting a charge into something that already has a charge doesn't work well so about two of the three quaters is imeadietly lost, resulting in about 15 more seconds with the ministar, now, with his enemy hopefully captured he moves the ministar in a high arc over his head, aiming to bring it down on her head*

OOC: Umm... Ya... I don't really want to kill her so if she gives up I'll stop it...
Azen Dalin
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Ariya saw what he was doing, and decided forward rather than backwards. Attached to her legs were two katana holders. Since she had jeans on, getting them out was going to be a bit of a trick, but she was used to tricks.

She jumped as high as she could, flipped over Jexim, and by the time she'd landed had taken out the katana's by wripping off her jeans. She ran forward, both of them in the white knuckled, clenched fists.
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OOC: Jexim can control it as long as the power lasts, and easily, and yes... he can be burned by it... but he wouldn't be stupid enough to do so...

*As she began running at him, he halted the star just out of range of him not being able to stand it, unsheathing his Onyx Blade he faced her down, Infront of her was Jexim, behind her was the MiniStar, he still had enough energy in the blades for about thirty seconds more, he got in a readied position, his tatoos glowing again, waiting for her to decide her own fate*
Azen Dalin
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OOC: Does Jexim have to concentrate hard to control the ball?...and I hope to god that he isn't immune to a Ministar...

Ariya saw the star coming at her.

"Oh dear god..."

She said as she felt the heat from the ball already, even though it was more than 20 feet away. All she could do was run until the ball either burst, or until Jexim ran out of power to control it. So she hopped onto a tree branch, then shimmied up the tree. The ball was coming closer and closer.

Her skin was beginning to gain a sun burn. She remembered the water, and for a second ran to where the water was, then remembered how hot the mini star was. If Jexim were to put it into the water, it would probably boil her alive.

So, with as much speed as she could get from her legs (which was abnormally high due to some of technology she had, but not godly) she ran to where Jexim stood. I hope he can burn too...
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*Jexim quickly used about half his charge to put up an AT field, not much, but enough to stop the fire and debris of the explosions, he then focused the other half of his charge into the blades on the back of his hands, then before the fire from the explosion had a chance to die down, he caught it, controlled it, and condensed it, resulting in a ball about the size of a softball floating in the middle of the smoke, it could not be seen but it's glow sure could, it took him only seconds to do this, so as he stepped out from behind the smoke to where he could see Ariya, he threw his hand out at her, a grin on his face as he said*


*As he said this the ball shot out from the smoke, making a beeline for Ariya, and it was moving fast*

Ruby Blades: Give Jexim the ability of manipulation of fire...

MiniStar: Jexim uses the power of the Ruby Blades to capture fire in the air, even a tiny spark, he can then make more fire, or just condense, once condenced though, it is baisically a very small star, hot enough to burn the skin by mearly passing nearby, and can easily burn through most armors, he can control it and turn with the power of the blades, making this a homing attack, but not for long...
Azen Dalin
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Ariya gave Jexim a flash of a grin. She happily crouched down, pulling her hand up to reveal that there were bombs in the middle of four of her fingers. With a beautifully manuevered turn, she threw two bombs to the left of Jexim and two of the others to the right of him. As the neared him, she hit the button and watched them explode.

And now...

As she awaited the probably unharmed Jexim, she pulled out three throwing knives. She waited in no particular fighting stance, just standing with a smile on her face.
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*Jexim, having been watching Ariya, had run after her when she took off, putting him farther away from the bomb than before, but still not out of range, the blast caught him heavily in the back, throwing him past Ariya, landing on his chest and sliding a couple of feet before spinging off the ground with his hand, performing a small flip and landing on his feet, slidding a couple more feet before coming to a complete stop, a quick survey of his body revealed little physical damage, his coat, which had taken the blunt of the damage, was singed almost all the way through in the back, he looked back to Ariya, and with a smile whipped off his coat, letting it fall to the side, catching and hanging a branch nearby, as he regripped his lance, all the world could see the weapons that had previously been hidden under his coat, hanging by his left hip was his Onyx Blade, the katana made of the enchanted black stone, strapped to his lower back were his Saphire Hidachis, the pair of transleucent blue hidachis made of solid saphire, the backs of his forearms bore one the Ruby Blades, a pair of transleucent red blades attached to his forearms that can be extended when needed, on both of his wrists he wore his Fossil Bracers, a pair of bracelets covered in the broken fossil shards of the ancient ones, strapped to both of his legs are small pouches that can both hold five kunais each, still in his leather clothes, he was definetely not lacking in defensive, quite to the contrary, he would actually be more manueverable now, with a quick spin of his lance his tatoos begin to glow and he crouches into a fighting position*

That was my good coat...
Azen Dalin
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She kept the green tinted goggles on for a reason, inside of the goggles was a smart chip that only responded to her voice.

"Shields 60%."

The command had been brought on without Jexim's knowledge. She'd said it in a low whisper right after he'd given her his "ginger bread" bit. With a rather large grin, she allowed the beam to hit. Ariya hadn't expected the beam to have as much power as it did, so it threw her off her feet and into a nearby tree. As she hit the tree, she planted a tiny bomb - unnoticable to the human eye.

When she looked up and saw Jexim standing there. There was absolutely no time to hesitate. She stood, running as fast she could. Each step a vital part of her plan. As she reached a spot about 30 feet away, she whispered again.

"Sheilds down to 40%"

When she finished she hit a button on her arm, causing an explosion.

OOC: missles left: 7, throwing knives: 16, microscopic bombs: 44
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*Jexim watched with interest until the missiles were launched at him*

Oh... fuck...

*Jexim turns and begins to run back into the woods, jumping and turning as he enters the woods and throwing three kunais, aiming for the missiles, the explode on contact (I'm guessing) and using the explosions as cover to disappear into the woods*

*His voice seems to come from all around*

You can't catch me...

*Then fromt directly behind her*

I'm the gingerbread man...

*Jexim is standing directly behind Ariya, his hand open, palm facing her back about six inches away, the energy that had been charged into his tatoos was now focused into his palm*


*A beam about the size of a basketball comes out of his hand, heading for Kaze's back*

OOC: Hadoken: a powerful beam attack... nearing the speed of sound, size and power depends on amount of energy being used, uses no elements and is not an instant kill, is more like a really hot battering ram is hitting you... size ranges between that of a baseball and roughly 6 feet...
Azen Dalin
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Ariya watched as the kunias came at her. With a small grunt, she moved to the side avoiding another hit from her opponent. She realized that any small movement she made, her enemy was going to read it, and she was not going to get a hit. With a smirk she put a pair of googles on her face, she hooked the googles up to a small input/output connector in her gun.

"Run, run as fast as you can..."

She said with confidence as the small handgun grew into a massive gun that covered her entire arm. The hefty gun was lifted up as the googles took aim for where Jexim stood. Three large missles were fired from the gun.

OOC: The gun upgrades into a larger gun, which is preloaded with 7 large missiles. How do the missiles fit? Look at it this way, everything is shrunk down so that it can change from a mere handgun to a huge missile launcher. Don't you just adore modern science?

BIC: As the missiles were finished launching she hit a button and the gun shrunk back down into the handgun.
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*with the increased reaction rate still in place, and still balanced on his right hand, he watched his opponent move, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, so the bullets had little to no effect, and as the kick came, he performed a quick little hop off of his right hand, his body flying through the air in a horizontal position, spining as he moved away from his opponent, as he spun there were two lightning fast flashes as Jexim threw two kunais at his Ariya, one aimed at an area somewhere around the hip, and the other aimed a little further up at the small of her back, just after throwing them, Jexim lands on the ground in a fighting stance, hands still aglow, a small distance away, sliding just a little as the world around him returns to normal*
Azen Dalin
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Ariya moved backwards as swiftly as possible, but was still hit fairly hard and crashed into a tree. Damn! If I had taken the full hit...I would've been knocked out for sure... The reflexes of her opponent gave her an idea. Since she obviously wasn't going to be able to catch him on-guard, she'd have to try getting him off guard. This was certainly not going to be easy...

As smoothly as a cat she jumped from one branch to the next, then turned and fired two bullets at her opponent.


Was the only sound Ariya made as she moved onto the next stage. In front of her enemies eyes the bullets exploded into light; however, while she'd bussied him with the fireworks, Ariya had snuck up behind him. Her original movements had looked as if she was running away from him, but when the explosion hit, Ariya had already turned around and was now facing backwards behind her opponent.

A swift, low kick was put into placement, but only to trip him up.
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*The sound of the twig breaking rang through Jexim's ears, He sent the charge from the tatoo's on the back of his hands to the fossil bracers, giving him a huge boost for a short time, using the boost, he quickly ducks under the kick, puting his hand on the ground he twists his upper body, his lower body folowing in a vicious kick aimed at her stomache, as he is doing this his tatoos are burning much brighter than they had been before*

Too slow...

Fossil Bracers: a weapon shaped as a pair of braclets, ingrained in the braclets are small shards of fossils of the ancient ones(Don't ask me which ones), when charged with power, they basically raise the reflexes of the user by many thousands of time, making it so the user sees themselves as moving at a normal rate while every thing else around them seems to be going in slow-mo, to the person not using this attack sees the other person as moving at speed seemingly unhuman, this charge only lasts a couple of turns and requires a turn to charge
Azen Dalin
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He's how does he have a force! She gave a "tch" and then jumped above him. Her eyes glare fiercly as she sits behind him. With ease she slides out of the trees and goes to kick him. However, she'd purposely stepped on a twig to alert her opponent in order for her to scan his reflexes.
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*As the knives come within a few feet of Jexim, an oranje field appears around Jexim, the knives bouncing harmlessly off of the field, Jexim smiles as he stands up on his lance, looking down into the trees where his opponent had just run to, his hands in his pockets he looks on with eager*

Well then... now the battle really begins...
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