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12-05-21 12:09 PM
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Opps xeo, I just assumbed that everyone really diddnt find the help/suggestions really useful unless they need help with their layout or something, My bad....
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We're not getting rid of the Help / Suggestions forum, Ponterios just posted this to get everyones attention, that he needs ideas and suggestions.

Still more feedback on the Battle Hack would be nice, I'm sure.
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I guess people really dont have any suggestions on the forums, truth be known alot of people who were on MoD or shadows edge still sighn on here, then again, I guess people already know the answers to their questions due to online experience and everything, and then there are the newbies.

I Think the help/suggestions area should stay there, or if your removing the thread, at least people could ask Moderators for questions and such.

I had to say that
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Well its not looking likely. ill post about it soon.
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You really can't argue with that.

If you guys really want a new Battle Hack you need to speak up, Syntax doesn't want to make a Battle Hack out of his own ideas himself, so some feedback would be nice I'm sure.
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Well it seems that people arnt excited about a battle hack any more, if i dont get any positive feedback soon, i probaply just wont make them
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Originally posted by Elara
Well, I just challenged Xeo to a battle, so hopefully that shall garner some feedback for you.

Down with the Empire!!!

Well I think Syntax means the one he plans on working on, a new Battle Hack.
He needs ideas and stuff.

But besides that, you will go down. Hopefully ...

Edit: I killed you.

Yeah, that's a reminder, I should really spend more time on setting up the Item's stats.

Editx2: And now the battle DarkSlaya made with me x4 vs 4 others of myself, is frozen. I can't do anything.
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Well, I just challenged Xeo to a battle, so hopefully that shall garner some feedback for you.

Down with the Empire!!!
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That's the thing here, doesn't seem to be a lot of people interested in giving suggestions or something. Example.

So, I'd say give it some time.
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Probably that first one. *nods* I know I don't make a habit of visiting that forum.
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People arnt visiting the Help / Suggestions forum, or the battle hack is a lost cause...
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