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01-25-21 02:52 PM
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Dark Vader
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OOC: You do realize that this now means you are flanked right? And how the hell did she get out of his grip???

*Anyndir steps forward, launching a blinding combo at Jenny, at the same time, blade steps forward and attempts to take off Sanigen's head.*
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*Luckily, both Sanigen's and Jenny's 6th Sense warned them of all the dangers. Sanigen managed to jump up and move his sword out of the way, and Jenny wrestled free of Blade's hand and lands right next to Sanigen. As Sanigen lands he notices a large gash across his stomach, with some frozen blood sticking there. He clutches it tightly and falls to his knees. Jenny stands infront of him to defend any on coming attack while he draws a Hiamura Heal symbol*

Hiamura Heal - Symbol - Creates a small triangle with a dot in the middle using his fingers. It activates as soon as the symbol is complete. The symbol is small enough that it can be done without the opponent realising
Affect - Any wounds, burns, poisons or freezes over Sanigens body will be completely removed. This magic does NOT heal/revive his life/HP/stamina etc. just rebuilds his body
Dark Vader
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*Again, Anyndir rolls with Sanigen, this time sweeping Flamestrike up to throw Sanigen's blade harmlessly high, at the same time, he slashes in with Frostbite at Sanigen's stomach. (You have the option to parry the slash or try prove the stronger.)

Blade stops his attampt to slam Jenny into the tree, and instead alters the angle of the spin to put her directly in line with Sanigen's sword. If the blade is not moved, Jenny will be impaled through the stomach.*
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(ooc: well ya couldv'e said... ill edit it)
Dark Vader
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OOC: Uhh... Blade never let go of Jenny. He slammed her into a tree, but is still holding onto her leg.
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*Sanigen still in the air, uses his jumping skills and jumps into a different direction in the air, dodging Anyndir completely, then jumps towards his original target, holding his sword out towards Blade's hand to try and stop him slamming Jenny into the tree*

(ooc: If you do dodge/block the attack she is slammed into the tree)
1st Edit: Clicked post to soon
2nd Edit: Changed the attack
3rd Edit: I forgot to say towards his hand
Dark Vader
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*Anyndir rolls with Sanigen, and stick Frostbite into the stream of water, it instantly freezes. He pulls the blade back out and it drops to the ground and shatters. At the same time, he punches out at Sanigen.

Blade uses his leverage on Jenny to spin her around and bring he up and attempt to slam her into a tree.*
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*Blade manages to grab Jennies leg*

*Sanigen's sense flares through him again and he rolls quickly to Anyndir's left. As soon as he gets back on his feet he jumps over to Blade's position, drawing a Kairu Hydra symbol at Blade's arm with enough force to try and get him to let go of Jenny*
Dark Vader
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*Blade steps to the side, and attempts to grab Jenny's leg as she flies by.

Anyndir uses his levitation to leap over Sanigen, the sword glancing from his chainmail. He thrusts both Frostbite and Flamestrike straight behind him at Sanigen's exposed back.*
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*Jenny is bashed back about 6 feet. Recovering quickly, she sends a flying kick towards Blade's face*

*Sanigen jumps up high in the air, just before Frostbite hit him. He lands a few feet away then jumps straight forwards towards Anyndir with his sword held out, ready to stab at Anyndir's neck*
Dark Vader
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*Blade watches as the Double team effect occurs. He ignores the fake hits, the ones from the daggers send blue electrisity arcing down to the ground over his Adamantine body. He punches out at the one the attack came from.

Anyndir dodges the rihno shaped thing, then leaps forward at Sanigen, slashig with Frostbite.*
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*Jenny dives back, then takes out her two daggers. Sanigen draws the symbol for Kairu Electric and Jenny thrusts her daggers through it, causing them both to become engulfed in jolts and burst of electricity. She then runs at Blade and looks as if she is about to strike, but just before she does she activates double team. Three copies of her appear then charge at Blade. Two attack infront and two attack behind, but which is the real one?*

*Sanigen focuses still on Anyndir, then draws quite a large non-symbol shape. It seemed to look like a rhino. He then drew Kairu Electric again and the rhino sprang to life. It charged through the elctricity and charges striaght at Anyndir. It will dissapear after it does damage*
Dark Vader
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*Blade lifts his arm, the blade slaming into the metal of his skin, and stopping dead. He then lashes the hand straigt out at Jenny's face.

The firey blast washes over Anyndir. After the flames clear, it can be see that his hand is on the hilt of Frostbite. He looks at Sanigen.*

(Anyndir) How many times do we have to go over this?

*Both Frostbite and Flamestrike seem to just appear in Anyndir's hands.*

(Anyndir) You should have just given us your money.
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(ooc: sure do)

Jenny: "Leave us alone creeps" *Jenny holds her sword in an attacking position then charges at sonic speeds towards the armoured figure and takes a good sharp slash at the neck. Sanigen draws the symbol for Kairu Pyro and fires the blast towards the shadowy figure*
Dark Vader
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OOC: So, what do I get two characters?

*A dark figure watches from the trees overhead, another from the tree across from him. He looks up at the other and nods. They both drop to the ground, the first figure not making a sound, but the second making a massive metallic crash.*

(Armored figure) Oops... Sorry Anyndir

(Shadowy figure) Dammit Blade... how many times have I told you? Don't just fall, float!

*They both turn there attention to the two standing with swords drawn.*

(Anyndir) Give us your money and you can live.
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ARENA: Giant forest, with hundreds of different species of tree. There seems to be a large open area though, that seems as if it was purposly placed there for a battle

RULES: Basic sim battling rules, no teleporting or healing, no god modding, no auto hits, no dodging or blocking every attack etc.

*Little brother Sanigen and big sister Jennifer walk close together on the warm summers day through the forest. Jenny is still trying to teach Sanigen proper english and fill him in on all the events that have happened since he left*
Jenny: "Okay tell me a simple sentence saying... what you like to do"
Sanigen: "I like... walking with big sister... in forest" *He looks up to Jennifer in hope*
Jenny: "Oh no no, it's I like walking with my big sister in the forest. Good try though"
*At that point both of them stopped dead in there tracks. Both their senses strike them hard. The slowly creep through the dead leaves and brambles, peering around trees and bushes, looking for the danger they knew was there. Jenny drew her samuri sword as Sanigen drew his adamant sword and they stood back to back in a defencive position, waiting for the danger to show itself*
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