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03-02-24 01:58 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Hilarious Yo Moma So Fat Jokes
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Yo mamma's so fat she doesn't need the Internet; she's already worldwide.

Yo mamma's so fat even HOIC can't DDOS her.

Yo mamma was so fat McDonalds sold her as burgers when she died.

Not great, the first one is known anyway, and the third is a pisstake to McDonalds being shite also.
Van Rhanell
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Yo mamma's so fat and stupid, she wears a sign saying "will eat for food".

That's some of the better comedy I've come up with over the years.
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Yea the Don King one is from White Chicks. He said "Your ass is so hairy it looks like don king is popping out of it" Then he looks like hes popping out of something and says in a deep voice "Hey mother fucka" quite funny!!
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I'll have more jokes coming soon on here cause I can't think of anymore.
Posts: 15/15
I havent seen it yet...wait I might have but oh well
Posts: 213/222
Lol...I don't know I went over to his house and we were making up moma jokes and that just came out of his mouth out of nowhere lol.

I don't even think he's seen white chicks but I have seen was hilarious.
Posts: 469/1351
I said no because when you asked: "Thinks it was funny?" I gave my honest answer.

And did that friend of your made it up or did it came from the movie, The White Chick? Because I swore it came from that. Except the butt was the ass.
Posts: 209/222
Yea he said no...I don't know why...Oh well.....

Here is a joke another friend of mine made

Your moma's butt is so hairy it looks like Don King is coming out of it.

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Say what Clathana.......? No?
Posts: 206/222
Yea I see ....

and why did you say no at the begining of ur paragraph?
Posts: 458/1351
Originally posted by Clathana


And as for Desroth's sumo wrestler part, you can change it based on insults like:

Yo momma so gay, she makes lebsians say "daaaammmmmmnnnnn!!!!"
Yo momma so ugly, she makes whore say "daaaammmmmmnnnnn!!!!"

See what I mean?
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Did you get that godzilla one from me and change it a little bit JMD?? is one I just found on a website...its funny

Your mother's so fat, when they used her underwear for bungee jumping, they hit the ground.

Heh....think its funny?


Jedi Master Desroth
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Yo momma so stupid, she thinks wrestling is real!

Yo momma so fat, when she laughs, it looks like the oceans waves

Yo momma so fat and hairy, she uses a riding lawmower as a shaver

One that is to show that someones mom is hot: Yo momma so hot, you could cook on her

Yo momma so fat, when she went swimming, someone thought she was a island

Yo momma so fat and ugly, people scream "Godzilla!!!" when she walks by

Posts: 193/222
I like the sumo wrestler one JMD lmfao
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 134/569
The funniest one ive come up with over all the years:

Yo momma so fat, she has to use a mattres as a panty liner!

Yo momma so fat, she makes sumo wrestlers say "daaaammmmmmnnnnn!!!!"

I know a few more, but they are not coming to mind at the moment...

And only 3 of Shanans joke made sense if you think abou them, but it doesnt matter, they still sound awsome (has to try it on on of his friends later on.)
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Yo mama is so fat, everyone think that they would be endangered species because of her.

Yo mama is so fat, that even on a PC, they need 400 Gigabyte memory.

Yo mama is so ugly, that if she was made of brick, she would be the Great Wall of China. (Yeah, I know, I know...)

Yo mama is so stupid, she thought by switching to Geico, she would get a free lollipop.

Yo mama ass is so hairy, even people would look at her and say: "Oh my god, it's bigfoot taking a dump!!"

Yo mama is so fat, that in order to kill her, they are going to need 5 Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Yo mama is so ugly, that Extreme Makeover decides that she need to look like a clown.

Yo mama is so fat that in a traffic, her body flaps count as a wide load.
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Whoa hdiddy.....lmao....that was funny as crap dude.

That one was hilarious...and as I say to the people that post really funny ones ''that goes good with the thread name'' LOL!
Posts: 13/15
Those are funny Clath ...hahahahaha!

Here is 1 I am only saying 1 that i remember.Lol

Yo moma so poor she hangs her toilet paper out to dry.
Posts: 191/222
Lol...I never run out of them my list of them just keeps going and going lol.

This one is funny...

Yo moma so poor she eats cornflakes with a fork to save milk

Haha pretty funny huh???

Here are a few other ones i remember...

Yo moma so poor they put her photo on food stamps.

Yo moma so fat I saw her kicking a can down the road and i asked her''watcha doing'' and she said''Moving''
Posts: 12/15
Yea it does lol....i'm all out of moma jokes so ...heh...i'm gonna look on websites for some lol!
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Hilarious Yo Moma So Fat Jokes

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