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01-23-21 02:40 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Someone I have not already fought please!
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Dark Vader
Posts: 179/335
*The Electricity washes over Anyndir, causing him to scream in agony... a scream that quickly turns to a laugh.*

I am not from this Galaxy. Nor from this reality for that matter. The magics of my armor and weapons protect me from pathetic attacks like that.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 83/569
Jedi arent all pushovers you know. Just because we follow the light doesnt mean we cant touch the darkness. Infact, have a taste of the dark side of the force!

*Desroth whips his hand towards Anyndir, as electricity crackles up his hand. Its bluish color leaps around his fingers, before launching through the air. The electricity seared the air, as all of the air in the path was pushed out of the way. As the electricity neard, the shear voltage and amps could be felt, increaseing with the clossness of the lightning.*

Lets see you weasel out of this one.
Dark Vader
Posts: 163/335
*Anyndir sidesteps the attack.*

You are awfully agressive for a Jedumbass. Does that come naturally, or is that speacial training?
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 78/569
*He smirks at Anyndir and his words.*

What do you think? As a Jedi, it wouldnt be good for me to not use my Lightsabers?

*Desroth motions for the clones to step back, which they do in a uniform fashion.*

It will be me and you, head to head. Lets do this thing.

*desroths lightsabers spin off their holsters and straight into his hands. The right saber acivates, revealing a neon blue blade. The left hand saber activates, revealing a purple lightsaber. They both glow strangely, as if there were other crystals powering it. With the sabers ready, Desroth uses Knight Jedi Speed to close the gap. As soon as he is in Anyndir's face, he uses his force powers to flip over Anyndir, use his blue saber to slash down at Anyndir's head. As Desroth landed, he used his sabers to jab back at Anyndir as if to impale him if it hit*
Dark Vader
Posts: 161/335
OOC: I'm Fucked


*Anyndir looks at the Jedork. He speaks in a very innocent voice.*

I do not know what you are talking about.

*Suddenly serious.*

However, if it a fight you want, I am more than happy to oblige. So, how do you want to do this? Weapons or no?
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 77/569
*Shadows roll across the plains towards Anyndir, a long roar fills the air. The sound spilled fourth from large engines, specificaly interplanetery engines belonging to Rebublic Destroyers crusing above the ground. Around the ships, tons of gunships poor out from the landing bays of the destroyers. They swoop in low over the ground, wiping past Anyndir with exacting precision. Several land several hundered meters from Anyndir, their side doors open as a robed man jumps down, followed by over a hundered clone troopers. He approches Anyndir, his head covered by the brown robe. He slowly looks up, his face revealed. His hair goes down past his shoulders by several inches, pure silver, glowing in the light that has made it unto his face. His eyes glow with a light silvery blue color as he looks Anyndir up and down.*

Your the one causing all the problems in this sector, right? By the orders of the Jedi Council and that of the Galatic Senate, I hereby place you under arrest. Will you go peacfully, or do we have to do this the hard way?

*He unties the robe, as it slides down him. He has no armor on, but a simple padded garment traditionaly worn by the Jedi to provide maximum movement. It does provided simple protection against light laser fire, but that is about all. Some jedi have mastered the ability to project a small barrier of the force around themselves that is unseen to provide a back up defense incase they are caught off guard or are outnumbered. As the cloak slides away, two lightsabers are seen hanging from his belt, as well as two smaller sabers that can be used as a back up (think yodas saber, but bigger).*

So what is your answer Anyndir?
Dark Vader
Posts: 152/335
You can make the battle-field. I will play Anyndir.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Someone I have not already fought please!

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