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01-19-21 03:19 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Challenge, I Vulkar thee... again
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 513/4539
ooc: Rocks are cool. For one to deny that, is for one to have me wonder about them.

ic: As Anyndir was drawn forward, other rocks kept attacking him, and he would need to dodge those.

Jaques quickly jumped when Anyndir came aiming at him, and he waited to see how Anyndir would survive the continuous battering of the rocks.
Dark Vader
Posts: 332/335


Oh bloody Hell...

*He leaps forward into a roll, one of the rocks snaging his cloak and dragging him torwards Jaques. He sees an opportunity in that move and thrusts at the creace between Jaques breasplate and calf armor (can't remeber what it is called) from both sides.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 476/4539
ooc: I'm going to get angry if you decide you keep turning the anti-magic field thing on and off.

ic: As soon as the gem is placed back in its coffer, many rocks come up, and all go at Anyndir, all threatening to sticke him with extreme strength.

They would all home into Anyndir, and as usual, avoid all obstacles. They would move at 300 meters per second, and keep coming until either Anyndir was dead, or Jaques gave the command for them to stop.
Dark Vader
Posts: 328/335
OOC: Fire huh....

*Anyndir drops the gem back into its coffer and closes it... and suddenly the flames and ice on his swords reappear. He steps through the flames and looks at Jaques'.*

Your kidding right?
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 474/4539
Jaques quickly breathed in, and let the oxygen work in his stomach as he flew a small distance away from Anyndir

He then quickly exhaled, attempting to send a fifty foot wide circle around Anyndir. If he succeeded, it would slowly shrink, and the burn Anyndir. It would be seventy feet tall, and ten feet thick at the beggining. For every second, the band would increase by one foot, therefor making Anyndir lose two feet of space on either side.

ooc: You can't demagic this one. The fire is unrelated to magic.
Dark Vader
Posts: 327/335
OOC: Yet you, who summoned the lightning, were within the sphere of magic-nullification. The to coax the lightning from the sky is never present, therefore the lightning could not have been summoned.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 465/4539
ooc: Now, that's impossible. The magic came from the sky. That's the only place. That is technically impossible. Don't be cheap.
Dark Vader
Posts: 289/335
OOC:You should also have realized that the gem created an anti magic field with it as its center. The field is now on the surface as opposed to in the cave. And the conjuring is magical, even if the lightning is not.


*The magic bolts never come... the magic that was used to summon them never having been initiated. Anyndir busts out laughing.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 462/4539
"Oh no, you see, moving up here does not have that advantage. What it does is make it so that the area with no magic, is no longer where we are. I also have the usual power with the elements, they just cannot track you."

Twenty bolts of lightning came from the sky, heading to Anyndir. One was right towards him, and the others formed two small rings in case he tried to move faster than light to get struck.

Remember, this is not magical lightning. It is normal, except conjured by Jaques.
Dark Vader
Posts: 272/335

*Anyndir leaps up and jumps off the walls a few times. He lands on the opposite side of the crater from Jaques.*

Try your worthless spell!
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 459/4539
"No magic?" Jaques raised his eyebrow. "What you must learn is the I am all about indirect attacks. Which effectively means this, If I make lightning come to hit you, it's tracing ability will fail, but it can still kill you as the magic comes from the sky."

Jaques unfurled his wings, then jumped up at an amazing speed, breaking the ceiling of the cave, and going through to the outside world, which is in the middle of a large asian city.

"We will fight up here now."
Dark Vader
Posts: 267/335
*Jaques notices that a small coffer has appeared in Anyndir's hand. He opens it and the rocks fall to the ground, their magic having been neutralized by the anti-magic field created by a gem left over from the Times of Troubles when the gods walked the earth. All magic in the area is gone. The ice on Frostbite and the flames on Flamestrike dissipate. The enchantments on ALL weapons, armor and other items is gone unless the item(s) leave the effected area. Spells are useless.*

I picked that up recently. As much fun as it is rolling around your pathetic pebbles, this keeps me from getting to do that.

*Anyndir places the gem in a pouch on his belt and tightly closes it, the anti-magic emenations still flowing into the cave.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 456/4539
just as the shield went down, another round of rocks from behind attempt to get at Anyndir. They would hit two seconds after the shield went down.
Dark Vader
Posts: 253/335
*As the sword passes where Jaques was, it flips in mid air meeting pommel to pommel with his other sword which he had reversed his grip on. The rocks slam into the wall of force that has surrounded Anyndir since the first time Jaques tried this attack, and fall to the ground, the magic that held them up having been completely absorbed by the sheild. The wall of force dissipates a half-second later from the shear amount of damage it took from the impacts.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 452/4539
Jaques jumped into the air, and the sword went toward Anyndir.

Jaques then made fifteen large rocks fly at Anyndir, and would follow him and try to crush him with equal force no matter how man peices they were in.
Dark Vader
Posts: 235/335
*Anyndir throws Frostbite to the side of Jaques' intentionally missing. He then steps to the side, again mumbling under his breath and the blade come flying back point first at Jaques' back.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 440/4539
"Have you even tried to go on the offensive yet?" Jques stepped back, putting himself in fast defensive posture. "Your turn."
Dark Vader
Posts: 230/335
*Anyndir mutters somthing under his breath, and the two blades come apart, he braces Frostbite on his hip and uses Flamestrike to knock Jaques' blade out wide.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 424/4539
"Perhaps I should wait then, until you start to notice my power...

Oh, and you are correct. I would be using a small dart and it would go through one of the holes in the wood."

Jaques suddenly charged toward Anyndir, his sword pointed, attempting to stab Anyndir.
Dark Vader
Posts: 212/335
What killing blow?

*Anyndir flips back onto his feet and looks at Jaques, trying to determine if Jaques had become weaker since their last encounter.*

You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if you were inside it!
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