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01-23-21 10:56 PM
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Dark Vader
Posts: 168/335
*Anyndir dodges to the side as Omi hurtles through the opening to the cave. He whispers something, and the two swords slam together and fuse at the pommels. His right hand flashes forward, and two little throwing stars leap from his hands at Omi.*
Posts: 299/1748
*Omi stands not taking any notice of the cold* "That is very foolish, I have been quite happily frozen for 1500 years once before... the cold does not really affect me" *Omi allows the huge box of dense water to dissapear. He follows Anyndir into the cave systems* "TSUNAMI STRIKE!" *Omi suddenly jumps up and spins at a fast speed, then launches himself at super sonic speeds towards Anyndir*
Dark Vader
Posts: 149/335
*The flames on Flamestrike rise even higher, then just before Omi would have hit him, he drops from veiw, the steam hiding where he went.

He lands on the floor of the crater, and cuts a hole through to the cave systems beneath. The differences in pressure cause the scorching heat to blast through the cave and through the tunnel systems. Anyndir steps just inside the opening, the flames around him vanishing, leaving him completely unharmed. The temperature instantly begins to drop. After a few moments, it becomes deathly cold within the cave and the diamond-hard shell of ice.*
Posts: 296/1748
*Omi attempts to control the evaporation, just succeding to increase the strength and thickness of the casing.* "ORB OF TORNAMI ICE!" *He creates a slab of permafrost ice around his foot, and still carries on through the gas still trying to kick Anyndir*
Dark Vader
Posts: 146/335
*The ice around frostbite dissabpears, the flames on Flamestrike become immensly powerful. The water withing the shell is instantly evaporated, the temperature rising to the mid 500's degrees celcius. Anyndir seems colpletely unfased be the heat, but the head and sudden increase in pressure seems to be taking its toll on the diamond-dense shell as cracks begin to appear along the legnth of it. The flames leap even higher, even covering Anyndir completely in the flames, raising the temperature of the steam even more, as well as increasing the pressure within.*
Posts: 294/1748
"That wasn't my master plan... bear in mind i am only 10, just a young monk... WATER!!!" *suddenly the ocean began to rise and the tide came in. Within the space of 4 seconds, the entire beach had been engulfed in 50 feet deep water, with 1 foot of the outsides denser than diamond, and unbreakable or evaporatable. Omi creates a small bubble around him, searches for Anyndir and swims very quickly towards him, ready to send a flurry of kicks and punches*
Dark Vader
Posts: 145/335
*As the fire and ice clear, Anyndir can be seen in the exact same place as before, this time he is floating there. He looks around incredulously.*

THAT was your master plan. I could have come up with something more effective when I was SIX. I mean fire and ice. Those are two of the things that cannot harm me, and add that to natural ability to resist magic. That was among the stupidest moves you could have POSSIBLY made! Are you sure you are not drunk?
Posts: 292/1748
"I'm no warrior, I'm the Dragon Apprentice of Water. STAR HANABI!" *He takes out a small golden star and two twirling beams of fire and ice swirl towards Anyndir. As soon as they become within a few inches of Anyndir, Omi claps his hands together hard, and they beams explode into a sphere of fire and ice 20 feet in diameter. A hole 20 foot deep has also formed under neath where Anyndir is/was*
Dark Vader
Posts: 141/335
*Anyndir flips Frostbite up behind his back, twirling around, Flamestrike, the flames raging, slapping each block of ice. The moment the sword touches, the entire block turns to steam and heads upwards. When the last block has been effectively vaporized, he looks over at Omi.*

Why must you play games? FIGHT ME LIKE A TRUE WARRIOR!
Posts: 289/1748
"Not yet, silly grown up... ORB OF TUNAMI ICE!" *The large glacier begins to shudder then smash into large blocks, each and every one heading for Anyndir at super sonic speeds* "MANTIS FLIP COIN" *Omi flips out of the way far enough so hopefully Anyndir shouldn't be able to hit him until the ice finishes falling
Dark Vader
Posts: 140/335
*Anyndir moves into a crouch like stance, reversing his grip on Frostbite and pointing it at the onrushing water, he drops the levitation, fall to the ground, the blade of the sword hits a half-second before Anyndir... and the entire thing is frozen before Anyndir had even hit the ground. A large glacier now covers the beach. Anyndir pulls the sword out of the water then steps over to the channel around Omi.*

Posts: 284/1748
"SWORD OF THE STORM!" *He takes out a golden looking sword, then slashes away Anyndir's attacks, then quickly floats back to the ground. He deactivates his Jet Bootsu then stads and focuses. A square made from 9 dots appears on his forehead* "WATER!" *An extremely large tidal wave with the power of a stampede of raged rhinos appears from the ground and heads directly for Anyndir, while a small hole was made so it wouldn't hit Omi*
Dark Vader
Posts: 130/335
*Anyndir leaps and twirls, dodging the worst of the lightning blasts. One did get close though, and the side of his face is very blistered. He touches one finger to it and flinches.*

Damn... You will pay for that you bastard!

*He leaps up at Omi, using his innate abilities of levitation to quickly close the distance. He slashes at Omi's neck and waist.*
Posts: 272/1748
"TWO TON TUNIC!" *A huge metal body appears around Omi and the two blades stick into it* "Oooh... that was close" *He takes out a pair of boots which he quickly puts on* "JET BOOTSU" *He begins to float and he soars quite high into the sky* "EYE OF DASHI!" *Several bursts of lightning shoot down directly at Anyndir*
Dark Vader
Posts: 126/335
*Anyndir reverses the grip on his sword, and lifts it up overhead. He drives it straight down through the sash and into the ground. He pulls out a dagger and drves it in behind the sword, the pulls the sword back out.*

This is getting very tiresome.

*While he said this he tossed the two blades up in the air and a pair of shurikens seem to appear in his hands, he flicks his wrist, and the two small blades flash across the distance at Omi. He steps back, holding out his arms, and catches his swords sweeping them around in two circles to his side before bringing them back down in front of him, the points touching as they point to the ground.*
Posts: 270/1748
*Omi's tiger instincts tell him he will be harmed within the next few milliseconds by a large object, so he places his hand out and blocks some of the shock but is sent back about 20 or so metres* "Ouch... THIRD ARM SASH" *A belt on his thigh suddenly sprung to life and streched out directly towards Anyndir, attempting to grab him. If succesful, it will try to lift him up and throw him 50 metres*
Dark Vader
Posts: 122/335
*Anyndir bends back from the knees, Omi flying several inches over his chest. As Omi's head passes in front of him he throws his forehead forward.*
Posts: 268/1748
"Fist of Tebigong!" *A large iron fist forms on Omi's hand, he runs up to Anyndir and has to jump up to try and hit Anyndir's chest*
Dark Vader
Posts: 119/335
*A slight breeze picks up, causing Anyndir's cloak to billow out behind him. He steps to the side and easily slashes through the webs, his piercing gaze never leaving Omi.*

You will have to do better than that.
Posts: 262/1748
"Something tells me you are not a friend... TANGLE WEB COMB!" *Omi pulls out a comb lke object and long thck strands of hair come flying out and attempt to wrap around his opponent. Each thin strand is as strong as a piece of 3 inch thick steel, and wrap around the oppoenent with 3 times the strength of a boa constrictor*
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