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01-26-21 02:11 PM
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*reads the spoiler*

See, I missed parts of that. I need to watch it again.
Jedi Master Desroth
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Please, do not read ANYTHING in the spoiler box unless you wish to know the summary of the movie. I am not responsible for any mental or physcial distress you may have after reading this summary before watching the movie. This is fair warning, this is a indepth spoiler summary of the movie. Read at your own risk.

To answer all you questions and to provide you a summary, here you go.

When the movie starts, you see Reno flying into the Northern Crater in a helicopter. What you dont know is that 2 of Rufus's bodyguards are down there retriving something. Reno escapes, and that is the end of that.

2 Years after the events of FF7, Cloud still hasnt come to terms with his past. He cant forgive himself for Aerith's death at the hands of Sepiroth, and seems depressed and full of greif. Flash to the movie. Cloud lives in 7th Heaven in a ruined church, along with orphans who contracted Geostigma. Geostigma is the result of Jenova's cells entering the life stream and becoming one with it. Children usually are the ones that have Geostigma, but every soldier (and all those who worked on the Jenove project at Shin-Ra) have Geostigma. It is characterized by black markings on the skin, insanity, depression, and it can even kill you. Cloud suffers from it, but he choses to hide it under a arm cloak. One day while heading back to 7th Heaven, 3 mysterious people show up where he planted the rusted Buster Sword in the ground as a reminder of days past. These are the 3 villians of the movie; Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz. Kadaj is the center guy, basically a homocidal maniac out to find "mother" (aka, Jenova if your a retard).

Yazoo is the guy on Kadaj's right. He is a pretty quite kind of guy, but he has one hell of a aim with his gunblade "Velvet Nightmare". Yazoo has the better fight scenes for the most part, but enough of that.

Loz is on Kadaj's left. He is the oldest of the 3 "brothers", but also the most emotional. In short: He is a crybaby... He fights with his fist mostly, but he also has his weapon "Dual Hound" which allows him to move at very incredibly fast speeds, and do incredible anounts of damage with it. It is a split between what people think it does. It either shocks you with electricty, or it can hit you with a shockwave of sound/air (as seen in the Tifa-Loz fight scene).

Back to the desert now. Kadaj spots Cloud on his motorcycle, and believes he has "mother" with him. Loz and Yazoo take off on their motorcycles, and fight it out with Cloud. Yazoo shoots Cloud's googles off, making him have a cut on his face. A clear winner is not determined, for Kadaj calls them back when he finds out "mother" is not with him.

Cloud gets a call from Tifa, and heads to the Healin lodge. As soon as Cloud walks in, Reno attacks him. Cloud blocks his Asp, but Reno isnt done. He attacks again, this time Cloud steps out of his way and slams the door shut, locking him out. Rude comes out (To which Reno says: "Rude, your so cool!!"), but Cloud gets the drop on him before he can even move to attack with his Asp. Rufus rolls his robed butt out, making Cloud confused. Didnt he die back at the Mako Generator? WRONG. He made it out, but it left him slightly crippled and in a wheel chair.

Rufus enlightens Cloud about Kadaj, and what he plans to do if he finds "mother". Kadaj wants to bring about a new Reunion, and basically wipe the all the people on the planet out. Rufus needs a new bodyguard, since Tseng and Elena were "killed" at the Northern Crater. Cloud grudingly agrees, and leaves. Later after that, Kadaj breaks into the lodge and takes Rufus by force, for only he knows "mothers" whereabouts. Meanwhile, back at 7th Heaven, Yazoo gathers all the children with Geostigma into a truck bound for Ajit. Kadaj needs 2 more things now, "mother" and Materia. He sends Loz to get the Materia from Cloud, but Loz finds Tifa there instead of Cloud. Tifa tears Loz a new one, but as Tifa is about to take Marlene and leave, the FF win theme plays. Guess who is still alive? Loz busts up from under a pew, and wips out his cell. He talks for a moment, before getting serious. He opens the Dual Hound, moves so fast he gets behind Tifa, and hits her with it in the process. Afterwards, he slams her into a coloum, and tosses her aside. He takes Marlene and the Materia and leaves.

Cloud finds Tifa in the church, and finds out what happens. They all decide that Cloud should head to Ajit to save the childrens. So he rides out to save them. Meanwhile, Kadaj infuses himself with a Materia before talking to the children he rounded up. He brain washes them into beleiving that he can cure Geostigma, and that the world hates them (thats why it cursed them with Geostigma. They all drink Kadaj's black water, which appears to be a part of himself. It makes them mindless puppets under his control.

Cloud is now nearing the lake in Ajit where Kadaj is. While riding, he flashed to the afterlife, and talks with Aerith. He asks her forgiveness, but she says that she can not do that. Only Cloud himself can forgive himself. He snaps back to reality seconds before Yazoo and Loz start shooting at him. Kadaj calls his smally army of kids in as a shield, making Cloud drop his swords and slide to the ground. Kadaj steps up to him, and begins to confront him, calling him a traitor. Kadaj is about to cut Cloud's head off, when Marlene yells out. Cloud grabs his sword, and the fight is on. Kadaj leaves the engagment, and watches as Loz and Yazoo go against Cloud. They seem almost equal, until Cloud breaks to attack Kadaj. Now its 3 on one. Cloud gets outclassed due to his Geostigma acting up, and is about to bit it hard. Suddenly, a red tatterted cape swoops in, covering Cloud. It fires at Kadaj, making him back away. Yazoo and Loz shoot at it, but their bullets burn up when they hit the cloak. It sweeps Cloud away to another part of Ajit.

If you couldnt guess who it was, it was Vincent. He knows what is happening, as well as knowing that Cloud has Geostigma. He reveals a theory of how Geostigma affects people, and just what Kadaj really wants to do. Marlene somehow tracks them down, and finds them. Cloud wants Vincent to take Marlene back to the Bar, but Vincent refuses. Cloud finally agrees to take Marlene along. Before they part ways, Cloud asks if it was possible to forgive yourself. Vincent says he has never tried to do it, which gives Cloud some hope that you can possibly forgive yourself. They part ways for the time being.

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No. He was one of those plot holes that Square never explained. Along with how the spirits were concieved. Where Geostigma came from. What did Vincent do to revive Tseng and Elena. Amongst other things.

I'm not going to lie. I still love the movie.
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Well, I loved the way it was done, it looked awesome! I am mildly disappointed in the plotline I must admit, though I had to deal with a few extra bits of confusion since I never beat the game. I do agree that it is not a stand alone movie, since you'd need to have at least read the storyline of the game to know who people are or why Cloud is the way he is.

All of that aside, I must admit that I did tear up at the end. Damn emotions!

Who is Denzel anyway? Was he from the game?
True Flight
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Hooray for me I just got it fansubbed on VCD meaning I can watch it in my living room anyway I'll be sure to do that later on in the year... I dunno. I just am stoked I got it before some of my friends.
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Use Spoiler tags. Your whole post had several spoilers in it.

Originally posted by DarkSlaya
The whole Sephiroth thing was too easily seen from the beggining. It was predictible (can't spell shit).

That's because they use foreshadowing in the beginning. Duh.
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Gah I was very disappointed in this movie. I was totally hyped up for greatness and I bet the reason they delayed it was to make it longer and put in omfg awesome action. Because the first 40 min. actually has some story then it just turns into a complete action movie!! Some of the stuff they were doing on their motorcycles was totally chessey and insane and then it would switch over to coolness The cloud and sephiroth fight totally reminded me of Neo vs Smith fight in revolutions the setting, music, and atmosphere just felt like it. I bet they spent about a week on the story because there are so many plot holes. They don't even say what gestoimga does or where it came from. It could of been rash for all we know of I mean Rufus didn't want to be seen!

The movie just makes the game worse and I don't want to think of it as the true ending to VII. I didn't like how they brought back already dead characters like Rufus and Tseng. They also made it seem like Elena died at the beginning of the movie in the northern cave. One of my friends says that you have to watch it two times to get what was going on. Well I've seen it two times and I completely know what is going on and theres still plotholes.

Well I'll probalaby watch this movie one more time because theres a certain fansub group that did a parody of the movie I hear it makes the movie x10 better.
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Cloud actually went through some development in the movie. Despite having a lot of development in the game. Everyone else, save Tifa and Vincent, had to miniscule parts to undergo any character development. The spirits couldn't have gone through any sort of development without it becoming corny. They were created for one purpose and one only. Tseng never died. In the PC version he says something like "Go on without me." And that's the one with the updated translation. The console game changes his dialogue to make him die. I thought the Sephiroth fight was waaaay overrated. The only thing that was cool about it was the very beginning, the very end, and the novelty of the fight. The actual fight itself was boring. All they did was clash swords.
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You know, I completely forgot about that detail. I mean yeah I knew they were friends, but I just thought it was a little out of place that they showed him at the end, but yeah, forgot him and Aeris were lovers. =P

In other words, Cloud got owned at the end, and realized sooner or later Tifa is flying to Japan without him, because he's being a Tenchi and not giving his love back!
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1) first of all, Zack was one of Cloud's best friends back when he was still alive.
2) Aeris and Zack are lovers.
I think that should be reason enough to show him at the end.
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You know, when I first played FFVII I seriously thought Barret and Tifa were married. =P

- The whole white-gray wolf thing was definitely weird. I couldn't think of it symbolizing anything ... ?
- They also never really seemed to explain Geostigma. I'm guessing it was just some kind of plague that happened to spread around the planet, maybe from the meteor?
- What was the purpose of Zack being shown at the end?

This is just the thing that made my enjoyment out of this movie diminish, "too many questions". But just to clear things up, I'm not literally bashing it, just saying it had flaws in my opinion ... and for the record, remember I'm the guy who used to go by 'MasterSephiroth'.
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Rude was so cool. ^.^


Forget what you said Xeo, answer these...
1) What is that white wolf thing that appears every so often in the movie? My guess is that it's Django..but that wouldn't make much sense.
2) When Barret jumps in to protect Denzel from Bahamut, he says "Protect your mother here". But the thing is, the only woman close by is Tifa. When Barret says "mother", does he refer to Tifa?
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I guess, but even after looking at it and trying to peice it back together in with the game (which I've beaten twice, just to mention) this movie almost seems "pointless" to the whole FFVII world.

It was an interesting movie, but yeah.

I will admit, the Turks rocked.


Also, if someone can please explain to me how Tseng survived getting slashed at by Sephiroth and then buried under the great Pyramid in the game, please explain.
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In my opinion, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children should not be considered a stand alone video game movie. Instead, it should be seen sort of like an expansion. Think Final Fantasy X: Another Story (come to think of it, Another Story took place 2 years after the original game as well ). The storyline is pretty mediocre. The action is great but as mentioned before, a bit cheesy. Only by pairing this with the original game will it be actually satisfying because all the character development happened in the game. Most of this was just fanfare anyway.
Kard Ayals
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The whole Sephiroth thing was too easily seen from the beggining. It was predictible (can't spell shit).
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5 out of 10 from me.

Yeah, I'm sure some people will be surprised by that.

I seirously didn't like the lacking-character development. The plot seemed to start off from nothing and go pretty much nowhere. There were (and just like the game) too many plotholes also.

Yeah, you can say this movie "looked" good, but "it" itself wasn't all that great in my opinion. It was definitely worth seeing, and I watched it with an open mind (expecting it to be a lot better than all of the criticism all of my friends have given it), but when I watched it, I seriously had to keep myself up and "try" to hold my interest in it. Basically, I thought it was extremely boring outside of the overdramatic-DBZ fighting (which yeah, it was overall pretty cool, but cheesy).

I just don't know what to say about it ...
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i downloaded it its... really goooood all the chars are in it and new people its really good 9.5/10 for my taste
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It's about time someone posted after me......Now I get to talk more about it.

Well after I thought about it for awhile, i've come to realize the movie has its flaws. Bias aside it really isn't 10 material.......However it does deserve a high 8 or a 9.

The plot was pretty medicore, but many will argue that it was outstanding. There really was no room for character development because all the character developmemt took place in the game. (Cloud does actually change towards the end though.) There were some unexplained things such as how the spirits got there in the first place and other things. And I lied about the Japanese voice overs.....Red XIII's made me laugh.

What really makes this movie is the action. The action is utterly amazing. It really is. If you don't even like final fantasy, I still recommend seeing this for the action alone.

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Originally posted by Shanan
Well, I did hear about this too... Guess what?

They are going to release alot of FF7-based games. Like one where you control Vincent, and the movies, Advert Children... and I think I heard one about the Shinra Co. team where you control the Turks. (Hey, after all, they might have to explain how does the Turks came into the picture.)

But I will be waiting for this movies to come up... Just don't make it seem way worse then just FF:TSW (That kinda suck and slightly similar to FF7.)

That's right, Dirge of Cerberus. And about the Turks... They get a cell phone game and a movie. "Chrisis Core" I think they're called.
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I watched it today.

Breathtaking. Amazing. Outstanding. Beautiful.

They all apply. The movie flowed very well. The Japanese VO's were perfect. (I didn't hear the English ones.) The action gave me goosebumps, literally. The plot was well thought out. Basically i'm in shock. Inarguably the best video game movie ever.

I'll post more on how glorious it is when I can think straight.
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