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01-27-21 09:56 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - F*** SALT!
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Toilet Master
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BALLS that is all i have to say.alex was the one who showed this to me and the first time i saw this i thought i would shit myself.also check the crap art on maddox the (web site is listed below for the people who don't notice). and to back up van's statment i did a report on this and it is true but i still think he is a drunk.
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Well, one of the more "random swearing bouts" was when he couldn't stop coughing, and that seemed pretty credible.
Van Rhanell
Posts: 61/337
somewhere on the site there's a link to a reaserch article on this guy, and the answer is, possibly but not probably. He may have Copralalia, which is a cursing tic sometimes associated with Tourettes. The problem with that though is this guy swears deliberately too, not common with the disorder. Then you add the drunken factor in, and it's not a sure answer at all. But anyway, freakin hilarious site. Some golden quotes are from this.
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Interesting... very interesting. Now the question is does the guy really have Tourette's Syndrom?
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By now, I'm sure that alot of you have already seen this. It's called Tourettes Guy, and it;s pretty damn hilarious. To be entertained for hours, click the link!

Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - F*** SALT!

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