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01-22-21 09:29 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Miracle and Mika vs Sanigen and Jaques
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Jaques was blown back, to land in the water, now four feet high.

"You should know that Holy Weapons are now only effective in brute force, for I am not unholy."

"Your turn."
True Flight
Posts: 734/5243
OOC: the holy light would've either made you blind or blown you off. After all.. It is a holy weapon.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 460/4539
ooc: You didn't respond to my attack. Were I another battler, or in a bad mood, I would assume you just got stabbed. However, I'm feeling nice now, and I'll give you the chance to avoid it.
True Flight
Posts: 724/5243
Originally posted by Vulkar
Jaques sent out and wing, and used it to block this new attack. Suddenly with his armed holding her to the ground, a knife came out of his armour, just above his wrist so that he had no need to hold it.

"You surrender, Or I could kill you."

If she would not surrender, he would quickly attempt to alter the angle he was holding her, so that the knife would stab her.

Mira smirked and began playing a song. It was a gentle song but still a fierce one. She finished. "I'm never going to surrender to the likes of you." A holy light surrounded her as she began to sing the words.

"Light of Heavens give me guidance. Wings for my back and swiftness, and a weapon for myself!" She sang. Wings grew from her back and her flute transformed into a holy weapon. "I sing this Song of the Sword for thine greatnes, and thine's swan's swiftness."

((Song of the Sword - Miracle's song sang to retrieve her weapon, the Angel Sword, and her wings of the swan. The Angel Sword is very thin, but sharp. The thiness also disguises it as air.. {I'm not telling you the weakness, you're going to find this one yourself.} ))
Posts: 446/-3459
((OOC: Okay... since I'd allready basically posted that I dodged since you would have cancelled my attack...))

After sending the shockwave at True's captor, Mika instinctively turns around to face the blast of "boiling ice" which hits her in the right in the face... knocking her on her back. She grabs her face, writhing in pain, rolling about. The didn't cause any real damage seeing as Mika was used to her own attacks messing up on her, and this felt just the same as Antipode... but it still hurt like a muthafuggah. The Carrot Blade sheaths itself at her side.
Posts: 412/1748
(ooc: Sorry for not replying, I kinda forgot to go on any forums in the past few days. And I'm not sure which post I am attacking you from so if I'm doing it from the second to last one - where you attacked me)

*Sanigen steps to the side and thrusts diagonally downwards and to the left, hopefully knocking Mika to the floor.

If Mika is knocked onto the floor: Sanigen dives across at Mika so he just goes over her. He holds his sword just under him so it's pointing towards the ground, so if Sanigen does hit, it would hit somewhere around Mika's stomach area.

If anything else happens: Sanigen draws a Kairu Pyro and Kairu Ice symbol and thrusts his sword through the two of them. He then aims his sword at Mika and fires a beam of Hot Ice (basically boiling ice) at Mika's face*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 454/4539
Jaques sent out and wing, and used it to block this new attack. Suddenly with his armed holding her to the ground, a knife came out of his armour, just above his wrist so that he had no need to hold it.

"You surrender, Or I could kill you."

If she would not surrender, he would quickly attempt to alter the angle he was holding her, so that the knife would stab her.
Posts: 426/-3459
((Doesn't really matter if my hit on Sanigen connected or not...)) Mika slammed her fist into the ground, sending a narrow and very fast shockwave through the floor at Jaques's feet, trying to help out Mira.

--Drive-- Mika sends a shockwave through the ground, tearing apart everything in it's wake, towards her opponet, at roughly the faster it goes, the weaker the attack. This technique hurts like hell, and causes damage to the nervous system as well as the body. This skill is powered up if used by the Vic Viper, so usually it wont be used by any other weapon. (But it CAN be used by any other weapon... infact she could do it with a steak knife, and the blades on her fists and feet as well, so it goes here.)
True Flight
Posts: 680/5243
Mira coughed as she felt the intense pain towards her stomach. I really need armor.... She thought. Mira wiggled around like the kid she is and tried to free herself. If not she would send another kick with her free leg to Jaques's neck.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 453/4539
Jaques quickly attempted to grab the kick, while ducking the punch. If he succeeded in grabbing the leg, he would twist he over, and then deliver a strong puch to the stomach.
True Flight
Posts: 640/5243
Mira's grip on the flute tightened as she suddenly changed stances. From a hit towards the face to a surprise kick towards the nose. If she landed correctly she would be standing on Jaques's face and she would jump off adding more pressure to the injury.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 449/4539
Jaques attempted to frab the flute, and while stopping her from hitting him, he also tried to pull it away with his near unbeatable strength.

EDIT ooc: I'll not be able to post in here until saturday, I'll be off to a religious "youth conference".
True Flight
Posts: 526/5243
OOC: Woops sorry I thought I posted. Turns out I didn't. Her flute's breakable there's just a seal on it making it unbreakable. The seal's broken in our last fight. YOu can look there for how. Other than only she can break it by being sloppy and transforming into her dark part. It's a metal flute that's all I can tell you. =P

BIC: Mira smirked. "It seems that the offensive is not your style Mister." She jumped forward and jumped up sending a hit towards the forehead with her flute.
Posts: 340/-3459
Mika still saw the energy surge coming towards her and quickly shielded her face with her arms. Mika is pushed back 2 feet, digging the spiked tips of her feet into the ground for leverage, then pushed off, spiraling toward Sanigen aiming a slash with the blade on her right arm at his face, calling her Carot Blade back to her with her left. It pulled out of the ground and shot to her hand in a flash.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 444/4539
ooc: True, what is your flute made out of?

ic: Jaques stepped back, and pulled up his sword to a defensive position. "I have taken up the offensive so far, your turn."
Posts: 401/1748
*The pulse is slightly nulified but a weaker pulse still continues towards Mika. Sanigen drops to his knees though on hearing the blast, only as a high pitched squeak. He slams his hands over his ears, and moves away as fast as he can from the sound, drawing the first part of Kajaei Ultimaei on his way*
Posts: 338/-3459
Mika's ears twitch for just a moment, she could see the pulse as though it were solid thanks to her aura/ener sense ability. She held her hands out infront of her, palms out. A blast of sound shot from her hands. She tried to stop the attack with her own.

--Mindrock-- From close range, Mika can deliver a serious blow to the nervous system using a high pitched screach that is inaudible, yet still rattles doors off their hinges and shatters glass and kicks the crap out of doggys ears... The farther away the opponet, the less susceptable they are to the attack. The sound waves are of course invisible and fly out like an expanding beam -<=)))).

EDIT: (I'm not sure if that'd work... so yeah... say so in your next post.)
Posts: 400/1748
*Sanigen thrusts himself upwards, but he gets his left foot caught in the vines. He grabs his sword and hacks away, freeing but harming his leg. Sanigen walks over so he is almost directly underneath mika, and raises his hand up towards her.*

"Jao Caome."

*On saying these words, a huge pulse of energy surged through the air towards Mika.*

Kairu Pulse - Spoken & Action - Sanigen holds his hand in the direction he wants the pulse to go then mutters "jae-caome" under his breath
Affect - A heavy pulse that has the force of a rhino ramming you surges through the air at the speed of sound. Pulses don't create any sound until it hits something and cannot be seen in normal air

EDIT: 400th post!)
Posts: 330/-3459
((OOC: btw... lets throw it out that 1. True's flute is unbreakable... 2. My Vic Viper is unbreakable but not the Carrot Blade... but that can reform...))

"If you can bend all elements to your will then would you mind doing something about this guy attacking meeeeeeeee?!?!!" Mika kicked off the floor backward away from the three attacks and threw her Carrot Blade into the floor. Thick vines instantly shot up all over the place from around Sanigen, and tried to wrap around him. Others shot up around the attacks to try to buffer them somewhat.

--Greenery Manipulation-- Creates agriculture and greenery where-ever it is. Usually used to constrict, or even poison the opponet, while this isn't designed to be an attack, it makes for a pretty damn good one, and can serve as a defence too.
True Flight
Posts: 464/5243
Miracle smiled and played the water song again, this time louder. The water around stopped. Miracle smiled and switched songs. This time the water began to evaporate. She smiled as the oxygen from water began to bend to her will.

"Oh winds of the seas,
Your mistress is me.
Become air and leave return to the seas,
Oh winds of the seas.
" She sang and the water evaporated into the air.

"I'm not just a water bender." Miracle said. "I bend any element as well."
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Miracle and Mika vs Sanigen and Jaques

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