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The Accidental Protege
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Arus Blacksword, sits in the pub, drinking his ale. "I hope something interesting happens here. I'm getting bored!"
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human Barbarian
Level: 12
Exp to level up: 10240
Stats: 180 HP, 50 MP. 19 Str, 17 Dex, 17 Con, 12 Chr, 13 Wis, 12 Int
Weapons: +1 Greatsword (3-13 damage) With Strength stat modifier, +3 damage, Longbow (1-6 damage; range: 20 meters) With Dexterity stat modifier, +2 damage
Armor: Half-plate mail (Armor Class: 15), Iron Shield (Armor Class: 9), Leather Boots (AC: 3), Chain Gloves (AC: 6) Total AC: 33
Wealth: 2 gold (100 copper = 1 silver; 100 silver = 1 gold)
Appearance: Arus is a large man, known for killing hoards of orcs with his mighty greatsword. He has long brown hair, deep green eyes and is exorbanantly strong. He enjoys jogging and taking long walks on the beach with that special someone... While slaying a Kraken, of course.

Arus glanced at a help wanted sign; It was to reclaim some treasure from a hoarde of Orcs. "Interesting. I'll have to check this out! But I'll need some more people if I'm gonna come out alive. It says this place is huge..."

Some Basic Rules: Strength affects Melee weapon damage. For every 2 points over 12, +1 damage is added to melee attacks. Dexterity affects ranged attacks. For every 2 points over 12, +1 damage is added to ranged attacks. Intelligence affects potence of Magic Spells. For every 1 point over 12, add 1 damage to attack spells, and 1 second to defensive spells. (10 seconds = 1 turn for spells) Also, don't make your attacks overly powerful. Let's stay within the same level range here. Every 3 levels, you can add one point to a stat of your choice. Experience for level up increases exponentially. 20 -> 40 -> 80 -> 160, etc.

A quick guide:
-Start by declaring your race. Elf, Drow, Human, Orc, whatever. Then define your class. Classes consist of Barbarian, Necromancer, Cleric, Priest, Sorcerer, Rouge and Monk.
Barbarian: Makes use of physical attacks instead of magic. Can have limited spell usage, though; only spells such as Barbarian Rage, and Sunder, and the such.
Necromancer/Sorcerer: Relies heavily on spells. Focus on increasing their Int. and Wis..
Cleric/Rouge: Can use spells as well as some heavy weapons. A balenced class all around.
Priest: Physically the weakest. Suppourt character for parties by casting healing and defensive spells.
Monk: Relies on unarmed combat. Increase your Dex. as much as you can for maximum damage.

Stats: Strength: Affects physical damage, and how much punishment you can recieve. Dexterity. Affects your speed and proficiency with ranged and unarmed attacks. Constitution: Affects how many hit points you receive per level gain. Intelligence: Affects casting time and potency of attack spells. Wisdom: Affects potency and effetivness of defensive spells. Charisma: Affects prices in shops and taverns.
You start at level 10. You have 30 points to distribute equally amongst your stats, which all start at 10. Stats can't go past 40. Every 5 levels you gain, you may add one point to a stat of your choice.
Next, define your appearance: What do you look like? Age? Sex? Wealth?
Weapons are next. Just tell me what weapon you want and I'll give you the info. Too many weapons to list. Armour is the same.
Upgrading weapons: Merchants and blacksmiths will be able to upgrade your weapons for a price. If you have Rune Stones, you can have the trader forge the stone with the weapon to upgrade its damage and increase the AC of armour. Rune stones are 50 silver to attach to an item. The runes you must add increase exponentially to get more damage. Example: 1 runestone = +1 damage. 2 runes equals +2 damage. 4 runes equals +3 damage, etc. Once you forge an item with a rune stone, you can attach up to 2 same or different elemental stones. The stones are: Fire, water, lightning, poison and death. These will give your weapon an elemental edge. Mix and Match em! They cost 1 gold to forge to a sword.
-You can make your own spells, just give the stats before you chant them.
I'll update this when I see fit.
Xeogaming Forums - Role Play - Not Quite World of Warcraft: A Classic RPG Story

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