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01-19-21 04:17 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Cairoi vs. Himura
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Zabger hastily jumps back four feet. He holds his katana out horizontal. He places two fingers on the blades end connected to the hilt. He runs his fingers from one end to the other. As his fingers glided across the blade the mirrored metal began to glow a faint green. As Zabger's fingers touch the tip his quickly sheaths his sword and waits for Cairoi's move.

"Flashy... Now lets see what you can do."
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Cairoi brings his sword behind him, deflecting the slash and inching forward some. He turns and sheaths his sword, still chuckling under his breath.

"Not really, just that you've proved yourself..."

Suddenly, Cairoi begins to glow a bright blue for a moment, until the glow extended outward and faded. Cairoi seemed the same, but wind blew his hair up and his eys had changed. The eyes, escept for a very small wihte pupil, were black. His Hawkeyes had been activated and he had released a fraction of his bondment. His speed, power, everything was extremely enchanced.

"You now have my full attention."
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Zabger quickly turns around the katana in his right hand. He slashes straight up at the group of rocks as a swift wind shoots from his sword sending the rocks off in various directions. He jumps out the opening and lands on Cairoi's right.

"I take it something was funny?"

Zabger extends his right arm and spins clockwise sending his katana right at Cairoi's chest.

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Cairoi made a complete backflip and landed mere centimeters behind Himura. He pushed off and released more rocks similar to the last cloud so that he was completly surrounded. He laughed as he flew backwards, then landing softly.
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Using the gravity as a small boost Zabger lands and rolls forward instantly jumping to his feet. He darts towards Cairoi and jumps right over him. The wind picks up and stop Zabger right behind Cairoi then drops him as he now stands back to back with Cairoi. Zabger Hoped that the rocks would have to go through Cairoi fist to get to him. Then he quickly spins his katana in his hand and attempts to stab Cairoi in the back.
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Cairoi kicked his foot out and fell to the ground, only allowing a fraction of his hair to be sliced by the attack. He then pushed his feet all the way out towards Zabger's directions, giving him enough boost to stand. He then pointed his hand at Zbger and hundreds of small, sharp rocks began to fly in a cloud formation behind Zabger. They then flew so fast that Zabger would be torn to bits by the rocks wizzing through him.

"Do they now? I'm a bit more careful then."
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Zabger just raises an eyebrow as he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out another black metal sheath and places it at his side.

"Hehe, nice try. But over time Iíve learned to carry extra sheaths. They tend to break a lot."

Zabger launches himself right over Cairoi's head, about 1 foot away. His sword was in his right hand above his head and his left hand was point at Cairoi open palm. The gravity around the two began to grow stronger and stronger and Zabger came crashing down at Cairoi's head sending a powerful slash at his shoulder leaving him virtually no time to dodge.

*Dragon Hammer Strike : A massive and destructive aerial assault. Allows Zabger to transfer some of his energy into a large strike force. This force increases the gravity around the opponent making it hard for the them to dodge or move. The strike is extremely powerful because it uses the force of the extra gravity pushing down on Zabger's weapon to strike the opponent.*
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Cairoi snaps into notice when he sees Zabger begin to move, and with the added muscle strength from the electrical outtage, Cairoi pulls odwn Zabger's sheath, destroying it. The top half flew hundreds of feet away, Cairoi was pushed back 7 ft and the hlaf in his hands crackd and shattered. He looked down aat his hand and then up at Zabger again.

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Zabger's sheath began to run lightning from the top to the bottom as he promptly pulls out the sheath. Using it as a conductor Zabger was safe from Cairoi's lightning. He hastily pulls back his katana and then swings at Cairoi's chest with extreme force leaving him little time to dodge the attack.
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Cairoi does a smi-backflip, avoiding the oncoming slash narrowly. He then grabs the sides of the sword and begins to pump as much electrical energy as he can in such short time. Either Zabger is to pull back, or he is to be shocked. His choice.
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Zabger quickly drops his swords and makes the seal of the predator with his hands. As he completes the seal four small pockets on his pants begin to glow. Four frost shards shoot out of the pockets and surrounds Zabger and form a protective aura around him. As Cairoiís blasts his mines the aura shatters, and the force of the blast cuts Zabger along the cheek and arms.

As the swords Zabger drops hit the ground a light radiated from them as the gravitate towards each other and combine into one 3 foot katana. Zabger flies down and grabs the katana then gracefully moves straight up then flies over Cairoi's and sends a slash right at his head.

*Elemental Bindings- Consumes 4 of which ever elemental stones Zabger wishes- Allows Zabger to raise a large barrier over himself of any element he uses as the component. This barrier can be penetrated but not easily. Any person that touches the barrier will be harmed according to the element of the barrier.

Mastery Over Wind and Earth : Combines the two swords (Earthcaller and Swiftwind) into one blade. The creation is a three foot long Katana doubled "Forest Stalker". This blade has incredible power, both the abilities of the swiftwind and Earthcaller, and some of its own unique abilities.*
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Cairoi flings his sword behind him, holding it so his right forearm lied near his face. By doing this, he blocked the slash and immobilized the two. He then focused and the Mine Blasts flew up and encircled the. He made a small opening so that he could escpae and flew thorugh, then the orbs made it so that it would be impossible to move and not expanding at least one. Cairoi then turned and shot one single blast towards him, stopping it short enough to ignite all of the Mine Blasts. If sucsessful, Zabger would be completly decimated.
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Zabger glances around at the ground rising and then up at Cairoi's attack. He raises his swords and then slashes a hole in the rising ground creating an exit. He keeps flying away from the attacks to make sure he is safe.

Safe from Cairoi's attacks Zabger flies towards him at incredible speeds. He flies right under Cairoi and stops abruptly, turning sharply, and slashing at Cairoi's back.
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Cairoi simply jumps back and shakes off the elemental powers of lightning, due to his control of it. He then jumps high over Zabger and points his hand down at him. Then, the ground around Zabger rose up and attempted to swallow him. Cairoi then pointed with his index finger and launched 5 Mine Blasts around the area Zabger was.

Mine Blasts- Small 3 in. balls of energy that detect any human-like life within 3 ft and expand towards the opponent up to the area it can detect. Non-Elemental.
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Zabger takes a second to think then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bone chip. He jumps into the air avoiding Cairoi's attack. Then he breaks the bone chip into two pieces and throws one piece at each of his legs. His legs begin to glow gray and begins to levitate.

Zabger's swords begin to glow blue as clouds gather in the sky. The crack of thunder is heard and a bolts of lightning being to shoot from the tip of Zabger's swords down to the guarder. Zabger flies towards Cairoi and slashes at his chest with both his swords. As he slashes towards Cairoi lightning shoots off of the sword and towards Cairoi.

* Dead man floating : Consumes one bone chip when casted- Grants the caster the ability to fly for as long as he or she desires. But one on the ground the effect wears off.*
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Cairoi jumps into the air and flies down extremely fast, landing hard. As he lands, his hand touches the roof and makes it glow for a minute, until a large spike of stone appears. THe light fades and the spike starts homing into Himura's location. Behind it, the wall of the skyscaper is ripping so that if Himura dodges it, the roof will cave in.

Land Shark- The front edge of the spike is extremly sharp and durable, and with trace amounts of Cairoi's energy blessed onto it, it moves towards a target at a speed of 80 mph.
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Zabger slowly stands up and streches. He yawns and turns towards Cairoi.

"Sorry for the delay. I have been out of it lately. If you dont mind I would like you to have the first move."

Zabger assumes a defensive position and waits for Cairoi's move.
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Suddenly, with a gust of wind, Cairoi flew up and landed softly on the skyscaper. He stared at his opponent warmly while drawing his blade and preparing himself.

"I'm ready. Are you?"
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OOC: Sorry it took me a while to put this up. I have been very busy lately.
Rules : Standard sim rules apply. No summons, dopples, clones.
Location : Atop a large skyscraper in miami.
Time of Day : 8pm but there was still light in the sky.

Zabger sits on a bench atop of the building waiting for his opponent. "Only waiting on you pal."
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