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01-22-21 11:48 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - The "Welcome Back" Battle... sure, why not.
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"I use fire, and you send ice at me? You can do better."

*Tai places his hands on the ground and lifts his legs up, spinning twice, and on the second time lifts his legs upward, making a dome of fire appear, and shatters all of the comet things. Shards of the comets still heading towards him, he writes his talisman of protection at his left, right, front and back, making those areas the strongest in the shield. With the shield formed, the shards are absorbed, and with an extra boost of evergy, sends them back at Zabger with twice the force. He then runs at the tree nearest to him and starts jumping off of them at a speed not seeable by the normal eye, making his way to Zab, and slashes at him from the side.*

-Talisman of Protection: A defensive talisman technique derivd from the element of light. So long as the user has enough energy, it is an impenetrable defense.
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Zabger grabs his sword and draws sending a blast of air towards the arrows enough to send them off course. He sheaths his sword again and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out four frost shards and hurls them into the air. Suddenly 4 large objects appeared in the sky heading towards Tai, each 35 feet in diameter. They closed in at an alarming rate. They came from in front of Tai, behind him, to the right of him and to the left of him.

*Ice age : Consumes four Frost shards when casted- Pulls multiple comets of ice to hit in one location. When these comets collide with something other then the caster they explode and shoot out 10 steel piecing ice shards in different direction. This spell damages everything but the caster.*
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OOC: Just so you know, no form of healing or restoration is allowed.

"Wow. More seals."

*Tai lights his finger on fire and reaches back, cauterizing his own wound. With both of his arms back in use, he takes out his bow and ten arrows, all with fire enchanted tips. While firing, he spins his bow, launching them in every direction at Zabger.*
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Zabger drops to the ground and rolls forward after his attack. Mid way in the roll his pulls out four blaze shards which he slams on the ground and is abruptly surrounded by a red barrier. Tai's attack hits the barrier but the elements canceled each other out. Zabger sheaths his sword and clenches his chest from the pain. His wounds were bleeding badly so he pulls out a roll of bandages from his pocket. he rips off his shirt and applies the bandages, slowing the bleeding. He then makes a seal and begins to recover his own energy.

*Edit : forgot this - Elemental Bindings- Consumes 4 of which ever elemental stones Zabger wishes- Allows Zabger to raise a large barrier over himself of any element he uses as the component. This barrier can be penetrated but not easily. Any person that touches the barrier will be harmed according to the element of the barrier.*
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*Tai, a bit light headed from using his Chidori, though still concious of what's going on, attempts moving forward and endsd up only stumbling a few steps forward, Zabger cutting his right shoulderbade area deeply, exposing everything down to the bone. The air around him makes cuts on his arms and legs, though those are very shallow. He again stumbles forward, this time in excruciating pain, and manages to get out of the whirlwind and kneels facing it. His right arm pretty much out of it, he uses his left to draw five Talisman of Fires in the air, one with each finger, and he orders them to raise 100 ft.*

-Talisman of Fire: A talisman drawn in the air with the element of fire, it spreads in a cone shaped area from the point of where it was casted, going to any height the user wants it. The flames dissipate after a 1/3 mile.
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Tai was a bit too quick for Zabger too dodge complete. Zabger dodges but is hit by Tai's attack along the right side of his body. A good chunk was Taken out of him but he forces himself to face Tai's back as he draws his katana and it erupts in a blue light. His eyes turned from emerald green to blood red as he raises his katana above his head and swings down at Tai's back. As he is in mid swing the light from Zabger's sword shoots off and surrounds Tai. The air around the two becomes a wild whirl wind as Zabger strikes.

" Forgotten Art of Hiten Mitsurugi, Dragon's Death Blade!"

*Hiten Mitsurugi Dragon's Death Blade : An attack that has been forgotten by the masters of Hiten Mitsurugi. This attack used the speed of the swordsman to create a massive increase in wind speed to slice the opponent. The attack causes the air around the opponent to speed up and act as if many swords were slashing at the opponent. This attack creates the illusion that the opponent is being struck by the heads of dragons. The attack takes at least three posts to charge and still takes a nice bit of strength from the user.*
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"I was hoping that would at least buy me some time..."

*Tai grabs the root-chuks out of the air, and burns them in his hand. He then looks to the sky and sets his hand by his knee, crouching slightly, and a sound similar to the chirping of birds fills the air as a large ball of lightning forms in Tai's hand. He runs at Zabger the quickest he can and thrust the ball of lightning at Zabger's chest.*

-Chidori: A ball fo lightning with the force to rip through nearly any substance.
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The roots reach Zabger and bind to his arms and spreads them apart. Zabger stares blankly at Tai and sighs.

"I expected a larger attack from you. Well at least you force me to use some of my reserve."

Zabger's arms begin to bulge as his muscles expand a small amount. He begins to pull the roots out from the ground and frees his arms. He throws the roots into the air and grabs them spins them around like nun chucks (Sp). He then throws them at Tai and resumes the same seal and stance that he had before.

*Strength Of Nature : Grants the casters target with the strength of nature increasing their strength, attack speed, and reaction speed.*
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"Right then. I'll try my best."

*Tai spreads his arms as far as they can go, then claps in front of him, the tips pointing at Zabger. With the great sound echoing, roots from directly below Zab shoot up and attempt to spread his arms apart, cancelling the spell.*

-Bind: Roots from any nearby source, trees, bushes, etc.) raise to surface and attempt to spread the target's limbs, making them vulnerable to attack.
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"Blind rage will get you no where." =P

Zabger just smiles at Tai and dashes towards him. He jumps sending his body fling clear over Tai spinning then landing behind him. He then makes the same seal but now begins to chant silently under his breath.

"I suggest thinking of something fast."
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"Dammit... he's got the advantage now."

*Tai, knowing that the mist will do nothing but lead to his own death, takes out the handle and clenches it with his teeth, calling back all of the mist back into it's liquid state on the sword.*

"(In incomprehensible jibberish) How would you like a 3 WEAPON BEATING!!"

*Tai jumps a few times, then, with a burst of wind from his feet, launches himself at Zabger, going with a scissors like slash with his weapons at his midsection.*
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Zabger notices Tai a bit to late and is slashed along the back. He manages to dart away and pulls out a cats eye amulet and holds it near his forehead. The amulet disappears and Zabger's eyes begin to glow vibrantly. Then he places his swords together and they are engulfed in a white light. The light fades as quickly as it came and reveals a katana that Zabger now held in his hand. He places the katana on his belt and then makes a seal, it seemed as he was gathering energy.

*Falcons eye : Consumes one cats eye amulet when casted- This improves the casters sight, allowing them to notice movement in even the worst of conditions.

Mastery Over Wind and Earth : Combines the two swords (Earthcaller and Swiftwind) into one blade. The creation is a three foot long Katana doubled "Forest Stalker". This blade has incredible power, both the abilities of the swiftwind and Earthcaller, and some of its own unique abilities.*
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*Tai quickly puts his arms up, blocking the kick but still feeling the recoil.*

"Wow... you hit hard! But I'm going to try something new..."

*Tai unsheaths his sword, and changes the water on it from a liquid to a thick mist (not a technique, simply an ability of the sword), and puts the handle in his pouch. Walking silently, he spots a blur in the mist and unsheaths his Diamond Cutters. He silently dashes towards the blur and slashes at it, hoping for it to be his opponent.*
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Zabger abruptly drops to the ground and rolls to his left. Avoiding the fireball he lifts his legs up in the air and sends them straight for Tai's lower jaw.
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*Tai puts his right leg up in defense for the kick, blocking it. He then smiles, looking up at Zabger.*

"Yeah, standoff. The basic system of 'block, counter, repeat'."

*Going with the system, Tai created a fireball and thrust it forward at Zabger's chest.*

-Fireball: Tai's basic fire move, a simple 1 ft. ball of flames.
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"Standoff? Im not to sure I would call this a standoff. But yea I think about 2 months."

Zabger pulls back his swords and tilts his body to the left. The he spins his entire body to the left and sends a windmill kick towards Tai's head.
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OOC: Lol... but I'm still in the air!!! Jk.

*Tai immediately drops his sword and whips out his diamond cutters, parrying the swords just in time.*

"So, how long's it been since we had a big standoff like this? A month? Two?"
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Zabger blankly stares at Tai while he approaches. Zabger leaps into the air doing a back flip and ending with a handstand on his swords that were dug into the ground. As Tai reaches him he bends his arms and then sends himself into the air dodging Tai's attack, then while in the air his swords begin to glow rotating his body so his swords were above his head. Then comes down quickly sending both of his blades at Tai's shoulders.
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*Tai, just now remembering about the fire effects he put on the arrows, jumps from tree branch to branch until he is almost at the top, out of his arrows blast radius. The wind, causing the tree to bend backwards, (I'm guessing) eventually subsides, and the tree sends Tai flying forward at Zabger, and Tai pulls out his sword and swings at Zabgers chest like his sword was a baseball bat.*
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OOC : Awww come-on. Iím not that bad. So the air doesnít have a shape in your mind. =P

Zabger spins his swords around and then jams them into the ground behind him. He places himself firmly on the swords and pulls his right hand back open palm towards Tai. His palm glows blue as he thrusts it in Taiís direct. The wind burst from behind Zabger at incredible speeds towards Tai. Knocking his arrows off course as the wind continues to move in on Tai.

*Storms Fury : An extremely strong wind based attack. It increases the wind to incredible speeds and anything not secured to the ground would surely be swept away in the gust.*
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