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07-01-22 09:49 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Battle Hack Upgraded
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I need to talk to xeo about it, seeing he is the only one with SQL access. Also, i need to make my own status image.
Posts: 75/3807
I have a question about it...

Do you know when you will allow us to use our own sprites? That would be so cool. I can't wait. Other than that, I have no complaints.
Posts: 10/310
i plan to have like a little status thing as well to the right. with pictures. I know a lot more PHP since i coded that so i will be able to improove it and try to increase the security.
Cyro Xero
Posts: 165/1778
Originally posted by SyntaxLegend
NOTE: there are still bugs. dont expect it to work properly.

Well, Syntax wasn't saying that for nothing. But it's good you guys are letting him and whoever else know about the problems.
Posts: 212/2954
*points to sefl*

Is confused...

What is going on with the battle hack. And how in the crap to I run from a battle. Apparantly I can run myself...But I stay in the fight...
X Marks the Spot
Posts: 159/693
Well, once the Battle Arena works (If ever) then all we need is some accesories...

Are you ever going to get around to that, Xeogred?
Posts: 5/310
im gonna update the form a little bit, so there can be no more than the same person battling. Got to figure it out first. Soon. It will be working.

I got to write a new FAQ for it too. ugh. too much work
Posts: 565/11746
Yeah it's different, you just have to get used to it, then you guys will probably enjoy it more.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 169/2915
Guess I'll have to explain everything when I'm back home
Posts: 273/958
From what I've seen of it it looks good, but I am still confused, how are you to start a battle, I know you click on new battle, but what do you put in as colours and the users who are battling Is there an FAQ for this?
Posts: 4/310
Originally posted by X Marks the Spot
The new Battle Arena sucks...

What happened to all my battles?

And how the hell do you challenge people?

I told Xeo to announce that all the battles where being deleted.

And you click the 'New Battle' button.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 117/4539
I think this actually looks better. It allows for teams, and is more advanced.
X Marks the Spot
Posts: 147/693
The new Battle Arena sucks...

What happened to all my battles?

And how the hell do you challenge people?
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NOTE: there are still bugs. dont expect it to work properly.
Posts: 519/11746
Well the new version is in. It's different, but after awhile I'm sure you guys will come to like it more.

Thanks to SyntaxLegend for giving it to us.

Also if you ever find any kind of bug or glitch, report them to this thread.

Be sure to elaberate and explain on them, so SyntaxLegend can understand what you're explaining and possibly fix it.
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just dont get on my bad side
Posts: 184/2954
Cool. that sounds fun. Will we have the same equipment or be compensated with a substantial amount of money?
Posts: 44/1351
*Clear voice* Sorry Politician... but Ogres battle only let you equip one item and you can only attack based on which position you are and how many you can fight.

Actually what I am thinking of Double teaming Fire Emblem. Think about it... Two Paladins, Two Swordmasters, Two Dancers, Two Shaq-Fu, Two... MAMKUTES!

Or any seperate stuff. But Xeogred, will there be custom animation for the battle sprite too? Kinda like where Final Fantasy fight, or Fire Emblem fight animation. Are we going to have that?
Posts: 99/2999
Ah, teaming up, eh? Kinda like how Ogres battle hack was. Sounds good.
Posts: 517/11746
From what I remember, it prevents people from making more than one challenge at once *phew*, and we can do "team battles". Team up with a bunch of people, and take on other members.

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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Battle Hack Upgraded

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