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01-24-21 05:07 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - C'mon Cairoi, a Bout between friends...
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At once Xeios hands began glowing a faint blue, as he complied with Cairoi's childish request, catching each fo the stones and crushing the magic from them with a swift movement.

"Are you atually going to try, or will I need to wait all day?"

Xeios' face appeared impatient, yet he still smiled at the thought of his taunting. That which he loved so well.
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Cairoi lifted the ground up form underneath him with Terramorphus to create a makeshift hovering vehicle. He began twriling his blade, staring at Xeios with a focused, yet unemotional expression. He stopped the blade and pointed it at Xeios. At that exact moment, he rose up the small pices of rubble around him. They spun around him, glowing eerily, as Cairoi infused Hyokkko energy into each individual rubble. As he did this, he continued spinning the sword. Once he finished each, he launched them at Xeios. This should be a good enough starting attack to start things out.

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Xeios stopped moving over a short amount of time. He stopped inches from the ceiling. He slowly slid his sword away. And began mock-clapping.

"Stop waiting around, attack me already!"

Xeios smiled as he picked up the electrical energy signature, his body beginning to know all of Cairoi's attacks. Cairoi lacked variety, he did not know how to fight correctly, and did not have the power to destroy him. This battle was one large joke to Xeios.
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With little time to see Xeios' actions, he had a quick reaction. He took the remaining electrical energy left over from his attack and used it to push himself out f the way. He felt Xeios sly by and the shockwave behind him and Cairoi landed on the ground. He watched Xeios in the sky and began focusing on his Cross Scars, ready.
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The blast hit Xeios in the back, but he merely gathered more energy. He strted laughing in an insane way, and drew his sword. A powerful aura enveloped Xeios made entirely from energy Xeios had converted. He fluxuated the heat, light, and kinetic energies surrounding him, and launched himself forward rather quickly. He was able to break the sound barrier, and a large boom resounded through the arena. Xeios' sword was aimed directly for the stomach of Cairoi, and the remaiing energy was supporting Xeios in a stable postition so that the amount of force he moved in would not break his neck or any other bones in his body.
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Noting that Xeios was sitting there with his hands seemingly in the way of the energy that was not hurting him, he pulled off. He looked at Xeios, all the while sending the poles underground. Suddenly, two poles shot out underneath Cairoi's feet, propelling him upwards. He pushed off the poles and spun in the air, gathering energy. When he was positioned at a diagonal angle towards Xeios, he released a powerful blast of lightning down at Xeios. Seeing as lightning moved at the speed of light, it would be impossible to dodge. Inside the blast was enough voltage to permantantly paralyze any victim of it's assualt.

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Xeios' grin was wider than before. He spun in a circle when he saw Cairoi making the poles, He grabbed the one behind him. Xeios robbed the pole of all electricity, which trailed back to Cairoi, thu draining him of all power. It would seem to Cairoi, that Xeios would be taking the damage. But Xeios was taking energy from Cairoi, in such an inconspicuous way that he would not notice...
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Cairoi smiled to see Xeios with a wound. First stone is always the hardest...

"Time for something a little unorthodox."

Cairoi punched his fist into the ground. A second passed, and large groups of metal pole-like objects sprung up. They were nearly indestructable, and were about 1/4 a foot thick. He charged enough electrical energy within himself to accomplish his stratedgy. He touched the pole next to him and pumped electrical energy into the pole, controlling it meticulously with his mind. While Xeios watched his movement, a random pole behind him recieved the electrical energy and gathered it into one magnified orb of it. It then launched out at the impossible speed of lightning at Xeios' back, where he was practically defenseless.
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Xeios laughed. Because Cairoi used that extra energy, a small hole was popped in the near-impenetrable defense of Soul energy. A very miniscule hole was opened up in Xeios' right side. And blood slowly dripped from the wound. Another wall appeared behind Cairoi, with the same qualities of the other. They both were still present And Xeios could keep them there by expelling very little energy. Xeios readied his swords, and ignored the slight amount of pain itching at his nervous system. His mind was stronger than his body. He would not feel the pain unless he wanted to.
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Cairoi had but a millisecond to react, and so he did. Using on call physical life-foce, he amplified the Dragon Hyokko beam just enough to propel him away from Xeios' attack and hit him harder than he prepared for. He flew back and landed hard on his back. He stood, panting heavily, allowing his breath to reuturn. He gazed forward to see how well his attack had hit.

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Xeios swung Shinfu very quickly as he spun in a semi-circle. The weapon had moved fast enough to hit Cairoi at the exact moment he would have unleased the Dragon Hyokko attack.Xeios will take the damage from the Dragon Hyokko, though it will be reduced, due to his second sword, Soulsteel pumping defensive soul magic into his body. But Cairoi would be hit in the shoulder if he chooses to not rethink his move. It would be his right shoulder, and it would disable his entire right arm for the entire fight.
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Cairoi saw Xeios' slash coming with powerful force and had notcied a small output of energy from Xeios, so he was wary. Cairoi smiled and pointed the sword straight down. He then brought it into the ground and did a large backflip over Xeios. The sword dug into the ground and popped up instantly into Cairoi's hand. He then smiled as his attack was fully charged. His sword glew crimson and he released an ultimate Hyokkko beam. Xeios should remember the varaint of Hyokko attacks,, but this was special. Instead of an orb, it was a never ending beam of red energy chasing Xeios. It could go through anything besides Xeios himself, and hitting itself would be impossible because it would be unnafected by itself. IT moved extremely qucikly.

"Dragon Hyokkko!"
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Xeios laughed, as Cairoi lept back a small wall of magic appeared. The wal appeared three feet behind where Cairoi stopped, and it appeared almost instantly. The wall was red with energy. And it stretched from one wall of the cavern to the other. The magic wall was inable to be destroyed by ordinary magical means, and physical means would do nothing as the power of the wall, is to disintegrate all living material upon contact. Cairoi would have no way to know the effects of this wall, and most likely would not notice it at all for it is made of a sort of unsensable energy. Xeios charged forward once more and brought the swords crashing down to Cairoi's sword. With the amount of power put into the slashes, if Cairoi blocked he would be knocked into the wall, and Cairoi could not dodge backwards for he would come in contact with the wall.
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"So, an inverse mode where you sacrife speed to power your attacks..."

As he said this, he leaped back and narrowly dodged the attack, though a bit of his shirt was torn.

"Impressive, Xeios. Though this is not a true transformation, it is enough to change the flow. I shall fight in a different stance to counter your move."

Cairoi flowed the sword through the air until it rested inches from his face It was slanted slightly downwards.

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There was a quick and sudden change in Xeios. He seemed to become the exact opposite of himself. His hair became a straight black. His clothing all turned white where it was once black, and where it was white it was now black. His eyes and skin tone remained the same, however, but he carried himself in a different way.

"This is a secondary transformation of mine. When an enemy becomes too knowlegable in the way I act and react, I change it up on them a bit. So, Its time for you to die!"

Xeios moved at a quick pace, but not nearly as fast as usual. He brought both swords in slashing fashions to his opponents midsection. The weapons sang through the air, as they were going nearly five times faster than they could normally travel, and they had the force of seven titans behind them, which is about five times stronger then Xeios could normally strike at.
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Cairoi made a questioning face as he slowly floated down to the ground about 25ft from Xeios.

"You are crazy."

Cairoi pointed out his hand and the tips of fingers began to glow.
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A milicious grin fell upon Xeios' face. His entire body shook with glee. Xeios tossed Soulsteel into the air, and caught it in his left hand. His right hand rested upon the hilt of Shinfu. He pulled that weapon loose too. Shinfu was held vertically, and Soulsteel was held horizontally, the weapons held the shape of a cross. The two swords shone with an unnatural light in this dim cave.

"Oh I will, It's not like I haven't done it before..."

Xeios' eyes gleamed with a challenge. The sunglasses were low on his nose, revealing the bright yellow of his irises under the somewhat hunched over position he was in.
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Cairoi smiled as Xeios raised his hand with his plan of telekinetickery. He focused the air pressure around him to escalate to a strength that is normally never achevied during the strongest of hurricanes. It blasted forward and took Xeios' blast with a torrent of fire shooting out of thin air due to the tremendous friction. The remaining pressure left was not enough to harm Xeios.

"Kill me? Have fun with that."
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Xeios laughs, the soul separator is released. He lifts his left hand to face Cairoi, and a mighty wave of invisible telekinetic energy is shot at him, at point blank range. With such force that steel would even be shattered should it get in the way of his telekinetic wave.

"A second of peace is useless if death is an end result."

Xeios calmly stated, his voice was malicious and clear. Xeios intended to kill Cairoi, and he could go through many different paths to do so.
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Once again, Cairoi was ready for Xeios' speed. Cairoi threw a boulder up and knocked him completly out of Xeios' reach. he then looked down and smiled, but remained airborne.

"Second's peace is worth more than all the gold on the world."
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