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06-28-22 01:51 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Anime vs Reailty
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It depends.

Visually I really enjoy movies such as Star Wars, Aliens, and the Matrix that give off an awesome and believable world.

And then when you pull off something like Lord of the Rings? Damn. The topography (is that right?) in those movies is just unbelievable and amazing to see.

But, anime surpasses in areas of imagination and fantasy, and basically "Does the impossible".

So, for me it depends.

Anime is an incredible style of art though.
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anime, you cant fly or kill people and have gallons and gallons of blood shoot out*awsome*.
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i like anime better cause u can make up just about anything you want so i choose anime cause its just better than real life but i like real girls betterlol
Posts: 1140/476
ya don't even get me started on "reality tv" I'll watch just about anything on tv but I am 100% anime guy... doesn't matter what it is... i'll usually watch it... hee hee... giant robots and boys that turn into girls(just add water)... i don't think anything on real tv could beat stuff like that... but hey... every one to their own style...
X Marks the Spot
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Simply put, there isn't a third impact in real life...

That's reason enough for me.

Although I can't have super powers outside of anime...

And girls in anime are extremely hot...

But, still, third impact.
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Unfortunatly I don't have cable, and they don't show anime on normal tv over here. I would love to be able to watch all these cool animes you all talk about, they look and sound so cool
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to quote Elara, "Reality Sucks."

Anime is usually a lot more interesting visually than your average real movie with real actors instead of drawings. They can do things visually in anime that can't be done with real film. Like for example DBZ. That is a very cool looking show. No way in hell could they do those attacks and such with regular actors and who would play Goku and Vegeta and the others anyway?

It aint gonna happen. It'd look cheesy and stupid and no one would ever watch it.

Nope. Anime kicks ass. Reality sucks.
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Anime, because there things are usually better and odd cool shit happens. Reality sucks, I'd chose anything over that.
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Pretty much the only things on TV that I watch are anime. Saturday nights is my time for watching TV, everything else thats on any other time is pretty much just crap these days. Its just Saturday and Sunday nights for me (Adult Swim).
Cyro Xero
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The only show I usually watch that's not anime is Stargate SG-1. The rest is usually anime, and that's if I watch TV. Otherwise I watch anime on my computer.
True Flight
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I'm not going to vote on this one. It depends for me. I'd rather watch anime then some of the shows these days. But L&O? OH MAN! I would give anime UP for a six hour marathon XD
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well im not into anime all too much i watch it sometimes like ill watch inuyasha and stuff but most of it is kinda stupid to me becuase i really never got into it. i like real better becuase they take neal issues unlike super powerful pink blobs trying to destroy the earth (dbz) so what do you like better?
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Anime vs Reailty

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